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  • OmSweetOmOmSweetOm
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    Doubling down on the post to ask- how many of you got 3d peeks at your a/s? It's been 9.5 years since my last a/s and I could have sworn they did it as part of the scan but, I'm going to a new MFM this time around and for some reason I just don't see them doing it. They seem to be a pretty to the point no extras kinda place... which I mean, it's  a high risk doctors office so ya can't hate on them for it but, I am hoping to get a extra special peek. 


  • @Dmurphy10 I would like that... He smushed his face into the side of my uterus during the A/S so the only 3D pictures we got were of the side of his face. 

    @bassoondiva and @lilpoots Thank you for the reassurance and the information. I'm feeling a lot better about it today. I was talking with some friends and two of them said the same thing happened to them at 20 weeks where something just wasn't clear enough and both of them were referred to the same doctor for follow up scans.

    @OmSweetOm I got a 3D peek at the A/S (to the extent that he'd cooperate lol) and at the 8 week scan which I was not expecting at all. The tech doing the A/S said they like to it because it gives them a different look too. I hope they do! If you don't want to be disappointed in the scan you could probably find out if it's a usual thing from the front desk... Fingers crossed!
  • I'm getting anxious for my A/S on Monday. It's seems to be taking forever to get here. 
  • Scan is in 15 minutes and I'm officially super anxious over it.  I always get worried something crazy will show up!  Fingers crossed
  • I had mine yesterday, and the baby was moving around a lot but all seems ok. We tried to get a cute profile picture to show people, but he refused anything but a face-forward shot--which my husband and I agreed was super creepy looking. Haha. 
  • @HollyGolightly09 yeah I'm 5'7 and DH is 6'1 having a shortie would be odd here too. 

  • wyomama0427wyomama0427
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    klcarr19 said:
    @HollyGolightly09 and @labby18 I'm 6'0 and DH is 6'7... DD came out 21.5 inches and now is 38 inches at 2yrs old... we love trying to find pants for this kid so much we moved to florida so it wouldn't be an issue anymore  :D
    What the WHAT?! That's insane!!!!! I'm 5'4" lol DS came out at 19.75 inches I believe 
  • @wyomama0427 I had DD at 38 weeks... the OB said she would have gotten a bit longer too! We are just going to be a tall family! At my AS with her the leg measurements alone moved due date to almost two weeks prior haha! 
  • @klcarr19 that's crazy! DS measured a week ahead at our first ultrasound, so they moved up my due date and he still came a few days early! I can't imagine how uncomfortable you would have been if she had been any longer! I've got a super short torso so DS completely ran out of room at the end! That was miserable, my poor ribs were very abused!
  • @wyomama0427 luckily I have a long torso so while it was uncomfortable it could have been worse... the worst was between 24-30 weeks where she could still move a bit freely and would stretch out sideways and my bell would look like a sideways oval... major ouch!
  • Had our A/S today at 19+6, it seemed like it went really well, but of course I still go into panic mode because they want us to come back in two weeks to "see a couple things a little better". The doctor said she's not worried and that everything looks fine, there's just a "part of the brain" and "part of the heart" that are still kinda hard to see? Anyone else have to go back for a follow up?
    Trying not to read too much into it. Anyways, he was confirmed to be a boy and is still measuring a week ahead! 
  • winerenwineren
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    @angeladowns1 We're going back in for a follow up on Thursday to see his heart better. Only they referred me to a different doctor who is the high risk one in town because he has the best equipment. You can see my freak out earlier this post. I since talked to my good friend's sister who went to school to be an ultrasound tech and is now a L&D nurse who said they have to tell you right away and that it's very common to have to go back. She was positive they just needed a better look. And found out two of my friends (one with a 6yo and one with a 2yo) both had to do the same thing.

    But I totally understand being concerned. I hope everything turns out perfectly. 
  • I am jealous of all these tall moms with long torsos! Our son is also measuring long, but I'm only 5'2"! They even said he already has big feet. I can't imagine where all this length will go in a month or two. (It's not odd for our child to be long- DH is 6'1", both his parents are tall, and my dad is 6'4". Even most of the great-grandparents were tall. It's just my mom and me who are short.)
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  • @klcarr19 I thought you had your a/s yesterday! Was waiting to hear!! Hooray for team pink! Why do you have to wait a week for the full report?
  • lilpootslilpoots
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    @mrs_tacos I'm 5'2 as well and H is 6'2. I get uncomfortable pretty early and baby ends up in your ribs. I also carry really high in general. It was more of an issue while driving than anything and i have a long commute. If you can stretch out, not too bad.
  • @wyomama0427 mine was done at the hospital and they send results to the doctor. Basically the tech makes sure she gets the great pictures said she saw nothing alarming or abnormal that she needed to call in high risk, so now the radiologist reads it and sends everything to the doctor. My 20 wk Appt is Monday so they will give me size dimensions and all that jazz. But it was clear... she is def. a she! ( got a picture of the goods and it circled  :D ) yours is tomorrow right?? 
  • @wyomama0427 I was anxious too b/c we didn't have any testing done other than the 12 week NT scan. I just kept telling myself to stop thinking of those things whenever they came into my head. Then the A/S came, everything was great, and I'm calm again. Hope everything looks good tomorrow for you and the LO. 
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  • winerenwineren
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    @wyomama0427 I hope everything goes great! My ultrasounds have always been with techs. I hope you get more info having it with the doctor!
  • wineren said:
    @wyomama0427 I hope everything goes great! My ultrasounds have always been with techs. I hope you get more info having it with the doctor!
    I'm seeing a different OB this time and they're doing the a/s right in office! I'm very excited and I can't wait. I'll update with every detail! Lol.
  • @mrstacos we're in the same boat. I'm pretty short, but my torso is proportionally really short on top of that. Right now baby boy is measuring a little over a week ahead, and they definitely think he'll be long like how DS1 was. DS1 was 21.75 inches at birth. I remember with DS1 it definitely got a little tight feeling in there towards the end, but it wasn't too bad!
  • k8ywagsk8ywags
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    I'm also short  (5'2"). Bub measured perfectly to correspond with my due date at the scan but the dr said my fundal height is measuring 2 weeks ahead. Desperately hoping that I'm not going to have a big baby! I'm scared enough about giving birth to a small baby  :D
  • Also posted in ultrasounds but I can't help it! This is from our A/S on 04/21. Confirmed she's for sure a girl! She's got her daddy's little piggy nose! :love: & was weighing at 11oz. We got a clip of her yawning too! Which I wish I could show you all! Guys!! Look what we made!! Lol. :blush: :smiley:

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