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  • @smallbutmighty77 it's totally normal to not get much at all until your milk comes in. Right now, it should just be your colostrum. 

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  • I agree with @bumpybump.  Their stomachs are so small the first few days that colostrum should hopefully be enough.  If not, though, I'd continue BFing/pumping if you have to supplement in order to build up your supply.  I had to use a hospital grade pump at the beginning with DS1 and I wasn't getting much until my milk came in.  I was BFing for 45-60 minutes, pumping for 15 minutes after that and then BFing while giving DS1 a combination of pumped colostrum and formula through a supplemental nursing system.  I had to do this for several days while he was in the NICU and then until my milk came in.  It was exhausting, but within a day of my milk coming in, I stopped supplementing and pumping.

    The more you feed/pump, the more it will signal your body to produce milk.  It can take several days for your milk to come in especially with a c-section.  BFing is really tough.  Hang in there everyone.  
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  • Tomorrow DD is a week and I am still only getting 15ml at a pump...we got a late start due to some issues at the hospital. Im ordering lactation cookies, and my amount has been increasing, but when my milk really comes in how much should I be seeing? Also, Spectra moms,  what settings have worked best for you (cycle/vacuum)? I need some encouragement that I'm not past my window to produce:-/
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  • @smallbutmighty77 my girl is 10 days old. I pump 2-4 oz at a time. She bfs every 2-3 hours around the clock and I pump once or twice a day (so Dad can bottle feed, and to help build stash for work). The more you demand, the more you make. Good idea for lactation cookies. I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast and have a cup of mother's milk tea a day. Box says 3-5 a day but I can't stomach that. Drink lots of water too! Also, look up power pumping. Fortunately, baby gets out more than the pump! Your supply should increase soon! 
  • I had mastitis develop when baby was 5 days old. God, I felt awful but the antibiotics worked and so did feeding like crazy. I am prone to clogs, so I started taking lecithin. 2 1200mg tabs twice a day. It has helped SO much. My breasts actually are draining well now! Just a tip for those prone to clogs as well. 
  • Hey, for those pumping to build supply for going back to work- what time of day is best to pump? My ped said AM because supply decreases at night, but curious what others have heard or done. 
  • I do middle of night or am because my breasts are so full then. Baby sleeps 4-5 hr stretches 
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