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    @mharper0614 - my father still gets mad to this day when people say "oh 3 girls...kept trying for that boy eh". He just wanted 3 children with my mother, didn't matter the sex. 
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  • Eugh, ive had 3 people so far this week tell me i look tired, and remind me it only gets worse. 1) thanks for telling me i look like crap, 2) i know it gets worse, this is our second baby and 3) didnt your mother ever teach you that if you dont have something nice to say then dont say anything?
  • I keep posting on this thread because people at work are stupid so I like sharing the stupidity that goes around here for your enjoyment haha.

    I had our nurse case mgr (consultant) in this morning for a tour of our manufacturing facility (we make medical products). So while walking her on the tour and giving an expansive overview about who we are, we pass through the Cafeteria and there were some employees on their 15 min break. Some randDUMB temp chick who I've never MET/KNEW/or SEEN says out loud to me while passing with our Nurse & my Manager, "you look like you're going to POP!" Oh I gave her that NASTY LOOK of WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! and rolled my eyes at her.

    What a Rude @$$ MOFO! Don't know you, never seen you, never talked to you....keep your ignorant comment to yourself. She was lucky I wasn't giving the tour, I would've stopped to say something. I wish it was August already, I need to get out of this workplace with these ignorant commenting people!
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  • @dma0389 I get random parent volunteers at the school I work at commenting about my pregnancy. I kind of recognize you, but I don't know you, please stop telling me how my body looks, thx!
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  • Five times now. FIVE. "I can tell believe you're getting so close to your due date! You're still SO happy!"

    ...thanks? Am I supposed to be bitchy and miserable? 
  • I had a guy a work today tell me I looked like I got bigger from the time he first saw me in the morning until he saw me again about an hour later.  Thanks.
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    My coworker told me today that a rep we both work with (he is not based out of Dallas so we only see him every 2-3 months) asked her if I had popped yet! 
  • You don't need 95% of what's on your registry, let me go through it and clear it out for you. -my mom
    uh as first time parents and were only really registering for the absolute basics, I think maybe we do lol
    specifically, we don't need the expensive car seat, we can get a super cheap one or even a used one and be fine. 
  • @mrsashworth522 I hate that attitude. We went to a shower once and DHs grandma went with us. They had displayed all the gifts on the table as they were opened and she kept making comments about how they didn't need all that stuff. I was also pregnant at the time and having a hard time not rolling my eyes. I love her, but she hasn't had kids in 37 years, things have changed. If I can get something to make my life more convenient and work smarter, not harder, why wouldn't I?
  • @SouthernMama15 they are the worst comments to receive! DHs parents aren't involved and weren't too excited we were having a kid anyways, so luckily we don't get comments from them. At least my grandma tells my mom things like "oh that would have been so much easier to have when I had kids" rather than the I didn't have it so you don't need it attitude. 
  • DH last night... 'Wow, your getting big. and why do your ribs look like they are like at your boobs. You should sit your feet are potatoes' Yes- I am still getting bigger, my ribs are up there b/c I am growing a child who is pushing them up there and my feet are swollen b/c it was 90 out, and I was at work for 10hrs- in and out of meetings with no break to put my feet up' UGH!!
     Meanwhile, he is currently job hunting, so he slept til 3-ran to the store for a few things, took the dog out, made dinner and that is all b4 I came home. I told him today he needs to move the nightstands etc to make space on my side for the PNP and prep the nursery wall for the decals we just got! 
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  • I'm honestly not sure what provokes people to ask this, but I often seem to get "Are you happy?".. lol of course, I'm ecstatic! Not to mention I've had a very smooth, sick free, easy pregnancy. This just goes to show that we just have to let ignorant comments roll off the shoulder and laugh about it.
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    I wore a black v-neck maxi dress to work today and got multiple comments from people that they couldn't tell I was pregnant (either figured it out when I turned sideways or while talking to someone else). Lady at the grocery store said the same thing. I eventually just started saying "apparently black is very slimming." I'm not sure how else to respond to that at 7 months pregnant but by the 5th person I was getting pretty peeved. No insensitivity meant to those getting the opposite comments - that would definitely piss me off more - at least these people weren't being rude with how they were saying it but I almost felt like I had to defend myself or something.
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  • @kvh22 I always get comments on how small I am. They are annoying, especially when followed up with, are you sure you're progressing along the way you should be? Or maybe you should eat more. I just look at them and say, I didn't know you were a doctor. Usually they back pedal and have can't apologize quick enough. As someone who struggled with always being underweight, no matter what I tried, I get on the defensive when people assume I'm not doing all I can. My doc is happy with my weight gain and progression so that's all that matters!
  • Went to eat at a restaurant I used to wait tables at, and one of the guys I used to work with said, "Hey! How are you? You've gotten bigger than the last time I saw you! Are you not working out anymore?" 

    :flushed: Uh...what? 

    He said it in such an upbeat conversational way that I was totally thrown off guard! 
  • @AdvoCyndi30 I love thise type of comments. Like, yes this is the result of my missing a zumba class. 
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  • Woo hoo, I just got one of those "you get bigger every time I see you" comments yesterday. 

    Oh well. People mean well. The oddball comments get balanced out by fun comments, like the waiter who served me a flatbread pizza and said, "You two enjoy!" We will, thanks! 


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  • A clueless co-worker asked me if I had any problems fitting through doors yet!  
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