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  • @Louise_Belcher that seems reasonable. He doesn't drink when it's just us at home. But our circle of friends are all pretty big social drinkers still. I just sometimes feel like he over indulges knowing I'm a built in DD and he doesn't have to worry. Which is true but then I get cranky and tired and salty and feel taken advantage of. But if the tables were turned I might do the exact same thing? I'm so wishy-washy on this today.  
  • @ShadeofGreen816 Maybe I'm in the minority on this, but I don't actually mind if my H drinks at home or when we're out. He's not a heavy drinker, but he does often have one drink after dinner, or a couple if we go out with other people who are drinking. He did drink quite a bit last night (only time he's done so while I've been pregnant), but it didn't bother me at all because we were at the neighbors' and could just walk home.
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    @SKZW MH did February (and a few days on either end) and was pretty proud of himself. Hah! I was like come over to my side of the world - 6 months in!! (At the time). I have a late May EDD so it has already been discussed that starting mid-late April, alcohol will be kept at a minimum in case I were to go into labor in the middle of the night etc. I should probably go a little easier on him. We have always struggled with the fact that when around his HS/college friends none of them are very good at drinking in moderation and it gets irritating. So I'm probably just overreacting because I'm sober enough to notice all the annoying habits they have! Oh well, once baby's here, that will end for a while at least and he knows it. We've discussed heavily how awful it would be to be hungover with a screaming child in the house. I'll let his hangover today be punishment enough. :)

    ETA: Thanks for listening/reading me basically working things out in my own head. I've been cranky/hormonal this weekend and it's been a little difficult in our house.
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    @ShadeofGreen816: That's a good point about the needing to drive at any hour during labor. 
  • @CherryBananas Oh yeah! DH would be dead if that happened and if I didn't kill him I think my father would. My friend laughed about it. She is obviously more forgiving than me. Her water had broke 2.5 weeks early right about the time he arrived home that night. 
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  • DH isn't a heavy drinker but with a DD (me) he has been living it up a little more than his norm.  I'm happy for him to do it and I always tell him to try the good drinks for me!  But if he was drinking all the time I could see how that would be annoying!  It's so nice that some of your DHs are not drinking in solidarity.  My DH did make me jealous yesterday as we were at a fetal sex reveal party for a friend of mine and he jokingly offered me a beer.  I wish I could live it up :)

    Also so I don't remember if it was the weekday randoms
    or the weekend randoms but whoever suggested the bag of foil wrapped Reese eggs: you are my hero!  Those things are sooooo amazing!
  • It doesnt bother me when DH has a beer every now and then. He very rarely has more than one. It probably help that I'm not a big fan of beer to begin with (ffsc?). His go to choice is guiness stout; I'll usually have a sip or two. Wine on the other hand, I do miss but he only drinks it when I do, so not an issue here.

  • @ShadeofGreen816 I'd be annoyed if my DH was drunk around me. He'll have a beer after a hard day or if we go out, but I've given permission. He only has one, and he's never drunk. I think if my DH did what yours did, I'd be hormonally irate. :) Have you tried talking to him? I like @SKZW 's suggestion of no drinking the last three months.
  • Currently timing contractions, so that's fun. I have csections so I don't have to deal with this garbage lol
  • @ShadeofGreen816 Sounds like I'm the only one on this side of the spectrum but my DH has a problem with alcohol. He can admit that, and at times recognizes that he should  be sober, but cannot commit to it. It has been rough at times during this pregnancy as my stress level obviously impacts the baby. Maybe have a conversation with your husband about it, How you are more sensitive to it currently. 

    Im glad some of you brought up not drinking the last month or so, as that is something I definitely need to talk to him about. 

  • @luckywife10 Sorry you're going through that with all of your family. That's a lot to process all at once.
  • @SparkySunDevil Are you having contractions? BH or labor??

    @luckywife10 Sorry to hear you're dealing with all of that!! Thinking about you!

    @Jkp7749 Glad the contractions subsided. Don't push yourself too hard!
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    @luckywife10: Sorry to hear about your sisters' relationships going south, and your feeling helpless on the sidelines. I will say, though, that a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen can be such a balm in tough times. You're offering them help in the best way possible, just to be there and be present for them. 

    We had a death in the family last week and I totally get what you're saying. Every new passing reminds me of everyone else who passed before, and it brings up every pain all over again. I'm sorry you have to deal with that at all but especially pregnant. <hugs>
  • @luckywife10, sorry to hear about your sisters. It's so hard seeing someone make a wrong choice and then watching them go through the inevitable fallout. I'm going through the exact same thing with a close friend - she was going to break up with the guy, but then he proposed and it became "too complicated" to break up; then she was thinking they shouldn't go through with the wedding, but it was too complicated to call off; now they have a house and are married and it's too complicated to leave because of the house... what's she going to do when babies come? Sorry, mini rant, but it's really hard to watch and listen to, especially when you just want the person to be happy.

    Re: drinking. It's interesting to hear where everyone is with their partners' drinking. DH and I are in a bit of a different boat because I quit drinking 2 years ago due to issues. He offered to quit at the time and periodically offers, but I don't want him to. I have asked that he not get too drunk around me, though, and he always complies. He's not a problem drinker. 

    Good point about being sober to get to the hospital. I'll make sure he keeps that in mind. 
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  • @Kipperoo Hugs re wanting a little more consideration from your H and feeling down about anticipating the not-so-fun parts of 3rd and 4th tri. Hang in there! 

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  •  @Kipperoo I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm becoming fatigued with being the only one in charge of this little life and feeling pretty irrational about it. It hit home today when I almost asked MH to eat more quietly because his chewing was annoying me.... not exactly rational! 
    I know we will both make it through. If for no other reason than we have no other choice. I'm a little jealous that you only have 3 weeks of pregnancy left although I know that doesn't come without its own troubles! I'm staring down the barrel of 10 more weeks and THEN becoming a milk factory. 
    I'm thankful that we all have each other and someone can figure out what I'm thinking/feeling when I'm too clouded by PMS-esque hormones to identify it myself! <3 
  • @chailife34 ugh I hate my pregnancy hair! It's dry and frizzy but still straight and limp if that's even possible. And it seems to have stopped growing. I know it's growing a little but seems so slow! I thought it was supposed to be full and thick and pretty!  :( :D
  • @chailife34 My hair has definitely been dry, but I don't know if it's the pregnancy or winter. I have noticed that I'm losing less in the shower. I went the opposite of you; I've been growing mine out in prep for the baby, so I can go easy no maintenance ponytail.
  • @SparkySunDevil Are you having contractions? BH or labor??

    @luckywife10 Sorry to hear you're dealing with all of that!! Thinking about you!

    @Jkp7749 Glad the contractions subsided. Don't push yourself too hard!
    Contractions, menstrual-like cramps...both of which radiate through my hips and lower back. I called and talked the doctor on call, and he was a [email protected] I'm attempting to take it easy and rest. Trying to decide if I want to go in and be checked out. I was just there on Friday and checked. Was dilated only about a fingertip. The doctor made me feel like I was overreacting though. Now I don't know what to do. 
  • @chailife34 My hair has been fine, like @starphish18 said I'm losing a lot less. It's less greasy, but otherwise not prettier or anything.
  • Are any of you ladies noticing a change in your hair? Fuller? Drier? Curlier?
    Definitely fuller. I will miss that. I have fine hair normally.
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    @SparkySunDevil: I think rest/hydration and maybe heat/ice sounds reasonable. Try not to stress (I know, easier said than done). If that doc didn't advise you to go in again, then maybe try waiting. You could call again tonight and see if a diff doc on call has another approach/suggestion. 

    That said, if he made you feel like you were overreacting, and you disagree, then sometimes you have to follow your gut and do what you think is best. It's been my experience this week (in l&d) that things take awhile to happen, meaning, if you went in, it'd be a solid 2 hrs or more for them to check you out. So weigh that against spending that time at home, in a more comfy environment, and letting things settle, vs. being there in a more clinical setting (with a professional giving you direct feedback). It's a tough call. (I don't intend this to add to your confusion!)
  • livin541 said:

    @WombThereItIs reading your post about the "yikes" and delivery becomeing more near I'm getting a little scared.  It's not all you, I've been getting progressively more nervous as the weeks are counting down about how good or bad it might be in the beginning.  It's not all bad right?  All pregnancy I've felt like I'm not allowed to worry about those things because we have wanted and prayed for this baby for a long time through IF and it doesn't feel right that I'm afraid I'll hate maternity leave or that I won't be good at handling the lack of sleep.  Hopefully it will all be ok.  
    I know everyone has had different experiences, and while I'm not one who loathes the newborn stage I will say that as a FTM I don't think I was mentally prepared. I knew I wouldn't sleep much and my body figured out a way to survive, but the hardest part for me was feeling like I had lost "who I used to be" and struggling with my identity outside of being a mom/milk factory, if that makes sense. Eventually I felt a lot more like myself, but for those first few months it was equal parts very special and super challenging. 
    Thanks @livin541 you for your insight.  I've been preparing myself for it to be rough but of course I'm a worrier so I'm worried it's going to be way worse than I expected.  I will try not to stress too much! 

    Omg @Jens_Hoes I can't believe that happened too.  You guys really need a break!
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