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Appointments 2.26-3.4

al things pregnancy and not pregnancy apppintment related. 

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  • Regular OB check up tomorrow at 34+1 and the best appointment ever on Wednesday...a prenatal massage, yay! 
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  • No appointments this week, just regular prenatal yoga on Tuesday. Time has been passing slowly lately! 
  • weekly appt 3/2 @ 33w3d.

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  • @mama5181 I worked as an optician's assistant for a year and heard the same thing. So I thought that was interesting too. But maybe they've discovered it's not a big enough difference to be concerned? I for one don't think my eyes have changed during this pregnancy, so I dunno. 
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  • @Mama5181 Oh man. I've never heard that and didn't even think to mention it when I made the appointment. I just called and left a message asking about it. Thanks for the heads up. 
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    Same as @kitkat8387 this is my last week without an OB visit... weird! I do have a dentist appointment Wednesday so it'll be good to get that out of the way. 

    ETA I just scheduled my prenatal massage for Thursday!! I'm so excited
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  • The questions thread just reminded me... My husband and I have our labor and delivery class all day Saturday! I guess that counts as an appointment this week! I'm looking forward to it and feel like it will make things start to feel more real/close! 
  • I had my bi-weekly appt today (34 weeks) , for HB and urine . I didn't gain any weight in the past 2 weeks ( though I've been trying!!) the fundal height was  is only 1 week behind- but they're going to do an ultrasound next week to see how much the baby weighs. Since my appt I have been so hungry! I swear the baby has tugged on the umbilical cord and said "feed me!" I'm eating non stop! 
  • @wagnerw sounds like a good appointment to me! And yes, I was at 3cm from the time I was 34 weeks until I went into actual labor at 38 weeks. 
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  • 34 week appt today went well. I'm having a few weird vision problems. It's not pre-e as my blood pressure is normal and there's no protein in my urine. She wants me to see my eye doctor. Almost there ladies!!
  • Appointment with Endocrinologist Thursday and and Obgyn on Friday.
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  • We have a child birth class tomorrow (class number 4 of 6) then on Friday I have a growth scan (32 weeks) and my midwife wants me to see an OB so i have an appointment with someone I've never met before but then returning to her. That is the first of my bi-weekly appointments
  • @twistsandturnsto2 I'm sorry that you have had a complicated pregnancy with so many tests, but its nice to have a shortened timeline (as long as baby is healthy). 
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  • @twistsandturnsto2 I will definitely be thinking about you and baby. I hope every thing turns out well and that it's stress free for you
  • Boooo my breastfeeding class was postponed due to weather. It's barely snowing and it's like 45 degrees people. It's rescheduled for 3/22 at which point I'll be 38w1d... Hopefully I get to take this class before my little man is here  :#
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  • @kitkat8387 I'm with you there! DH was sick for ours and I really wanted him there so the next one they have is 4/5! 12 days before EDD... does not sound like a fun time. Also, postponing for barely any snow in not freezing temps is ridiculous. 
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  • We're signed up for an infant care class a week before my due date...I waited too long to sign up for the one this weekend and now it's full. 
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  • After another failed NST at our appointment yesterday we spent the whole day in L&D. Because of her not responding perfectly, me having sporadic contractions, and my wonky blood sugar we had to stay overnight. It was a crappy night. They should have just sent me home and let me come back today. I never saw a Dr. They never put me back on a monitor. I barely saw the nurse. When I did DH finally asked why were we even here and she basically agreed it was dumb they didn't just send us home. I finally got some Tylenol at around 11 that I had been asking for since 630. I slept awful between pregnancy, this bed and this insane storm we had all night(I'm dreading going home to a completely flooded basement) And my uterus aches so bad from the hard core contractions of yesterday I want to cry. I'm supposed to see the dietician and my OB at some point this morning then hopefully going home. 
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  • I had an appointment today. I thought it would be two weeks before our next appointment but she wants to see me next week and she's going to do a cervical exam. It kind of freaks me out that we are starting weekly appointments because I'm 6 weeks from my due date.  
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