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    Had a BPP done today - baby girl looked good and had lots of fluid.  She was pretty chill and I could tell the ultrasound tech wasn't a fan.  The little nugget would move every now and then but she wasn't super duper active. They wanted to send me to do another NST until my OB overheard and basically told them that was a waste of time.  The NST I did on Monday I passed with flying colors and baby was obviously moving around. So glad she stepped in! Here's to another week of avoiding L&D. Ultrasound said baby was 5lbs 11 oz - but has around an lb error rate possibility. She's still measuring on the large side but nothing too concerning just yet. 
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  • @super_sam03 I'm so happy to hear you're doing well and the boys are still cooking! 

    Nothing interesting for me this week. I'm going to the chiropractor weekly to prep for labor, but other than that, it's a quiet week.
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  • @catem07 haha! No doubt. At the time, in stirrups, it definitely wasn't sexy.  :D
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