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  • @PerraSucia, I'm so sorry your little guy is sick and that people have done a shit job in helping to prevent that. I hope he's feeling better soon.

    @fourPsinapod, it's so tough trying to get the older kid(s) adjusted to their new sibling. I'm glad she was happy to get back into her routine at daycare though, that's awesome.

    @Partyof6? I hope your grandmother ends up just fine. I'm sure that's super stressful to have happen in the midst of everything especially since you're so close to her. 

    @kirstynikole, I'm so sorry you've had to experience so much anxiety through this pregnancy. Really does seem true when people say "when it rains, it pours." As far as the positive GBS, I just had antibiotics while in labor with my first and it didn't bother me or him at all. With my second, I don't remember getting tested for it, but with this one I tested negative like @kswiger06 and @partyof6? mentioned so you're not doomed to test positive for subsequent pregnancies. The fact that your mom, MIL and others are pressuring you for a 3rd just to try for a girl is so annoying especially considering you haven't had your second yet! People are insane when it comes to stuff like this, never ceases to amaze me.
  • @Partyof6? Glad to hear it's hopefully something simple for your grandma! 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Yeah I was allowed to walk around the hospital too! 
  • kirstynikolekirstynikole
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    @Xstatic3333 googling it is the WORST lol. It makes it sound way worse! 

  • @kswiger06 don't feel too bad... I have pretty terrible allergies, and I have definitely peed a little when sneezing a number of times. Ah, the joys of pregnancy.
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  • +1 to peeing a little when sneezing or coughing. Also at night when I wake up to pee sometimes I pee a little when my feet hit the ground as I stand up from all the pressure being added to my bladder I'm guessing... It is a sad/embarrassing club to be in but at least we're not alone! 

    Also I suck at remembering to do kegels and I feel like when I do them I'm not doing them right...
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    @MissMerciBeaucoup I was also nervous about being on maternity leave! Especially since my DD came early and unexpected! I still had open cases at work and was literally in the hospital on the phone talking to my coworker (before contractions started to really kick in) about my cases to get her caught up so she could take over. We have state-mandated timelines and can be fined by the state if we go over our timelines so I was very nervous! Luckily my coworker is amazing and everything worked out! 

    As as far as being home with DD, I am loving being with her and snuggling all day, but I am also looking forward to going back to work in a month. I tend to be more productive when I have a routine. Although we are starting to get a routine at home, I feel like I need more of a routine by getting up, getting us ready, and going to work/day care. It's definitely  bittersweet.

    I should also mention that I'm off during the summers since I work in public schools, so I'm used to being home - at least during the summer. However, it's been too cold here to really go anywhere so we can't go on walks and I try not to take her out to avoid her getting sick. So being pretty much always at home is definitely different, since I'm used to being out and about (going on walks, to the pool, etc.) during the summer.

    ETA: I've already been to work twice since I've been on leave lol, but one visit was for my surprise baby shower and the other was to drop off thank-you notes. Both times my boss has said don't worry about work! But it's hard not to!
  • @MissMerciBeaucoup today was my first day of maternity leave. Leading up to yesterday I was going overboard at work trying to get stuff sorted. I also have a lot of feelings about having someone at my desk for 8 months: will the judge my work, will they be better at my job than me? Today I felt so flat. I checked my work email a few times, but am trying to shut off. I imagine that once the baby makes his or her appearance, all thoughts of work will disappear. But I have two weeks to go before my due date, so... yeah... trying to distract myself will be my new work. 
  • I'm excited for 12 weeks off, but worried about what I'll be coming back to. I'm nervous about whether relationships I've worked hard for with partners will be maintained, and also worried about what could change with our federal grants and agreements while I'm gone. 

  • Thanks everyone!  So much of what all of you said resonates with me, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one thinking these things!  I love my job and it is such a part of my identity that I'm just a little thrown off by having months off and worrying that I'll still be as vital as I am now to my firm, that I'll be able to pick up where I left off, etc.  Like @Lafreeman21 I do have a few projects in mind, and it'll be spring so I'll get my garden and some other house projects in full swing while I'm out. I think I just love planning and can't really shut off that part of my brain, and the unknown of maternity leave is somehow daunting to me.
  • @MissMerciBeaucoup i was the same leaving work to go on maternity leave, and its still weird not getting up and going to the office every day despite my days passing very quickly and being filled with baby related stuff. My husband is still off at the minute but returning to work next week & i think once its just me & Cora we can get into a better routine & once im allowed to drive again will make a massive difference too. 

  • +1 to feeling weird about going on maternity leave. I'm in the middle of handover and have the same fears others have mentioned ("what if they're better at the job than me?" is a big one!) and I also have a little bit of possessiveness and FOMO with giving up my projects! 
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    So if baby's hiccups are like an inch below my ribs, do you think she's breech? She is a maniac in there, 37w3 days and in the past week she moved from head down, to transverse for a few days, to head down last night and now hiccups are up high. My OB won't flip her because of my placenta position, so now I need to know if I should try other methods to get her to move on her own! 

    Also, I do realize she can still move a few more times. But wondering if I should try out some ball exercises if she flips again to try to get her to drop! 
  • @leslie1331 I am obviously not a doctor, but my baby gets hiccups pretty often. I know he is head-down, but sometimes I feel them higher in my abdomen. I think what's happening is they are kind of jerking his whole torso and making his butt move, if that makes sense... Hard to say for sure, but feeling them up high doesn't necessarily mean breech. 

    When I feel the hiccups up high, usually if I place a hand on my lower abdomen and stay really still, I can feel them there too - but they are more noticeable higher up for some reason.
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  • @leslie1331 I've never had hiccups that high up. Mine tend to be lower down... way lower to where I can feel them in my butt sometimes lol.
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  • That's how I am! When she was down they were in my butt! I feel nothing down low at all and I can physically see them moving up high. And I just got a strong kick to the bladder. Ugh. Oh well! 
  • kswiger06 said:
    @leslie1331 I've never had hiccups that high up. Mine tend to be lower down... way lower to where I can feel them in my butt sometimes lol.
    This is the same for me, they're always down low.

  • @leslie1331 I feel hiccups very low but I do feel practice breathing where you are describing, and the rhythm is very similar. 

  • Thanks ladies! I have a heartbeat monitor at home, so maybe I'll whip it out when I get back tonight and see if I can pinpoint her. I am am feeling strong kicks in my lower half and the little tiny movements by my ribs though, so I think she flipped again. Guess the good thing is she can flip back! I'll ask the OB if she has any ways to try and keep her down if she flips again! 
  • My LO is head down but I feel her hiccups higher up. When they are really crazy I can feel them all over bc I think she jerks like PP said and for sure in my rear!
  • DS was transverse and I felt hiccups down low and up high. My OB said I was just feeling him bump around when he hiccuped. 
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