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Weekly Randoms (1/30)


Re: Weekly Randoms (1/30)

  • MommaBean said:
    Just got a bridal shower invite that says they just bought a home and are "not registered anywhere and are requesting cash."  :|
    Yikes that's bad. 
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  • @Xstatic3333 are you in labor now?! 
  • homemake said:
    @Xstatic3333 are you in labor now?! 
    Nope! Not so much as a BH to be found. Extremely happy however:) @kswiger06 any luck?

  • kswiger06kswiger06
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    @Xstatic3333 Last night my BH picked up sky-high and I thought I had some cramping... turns out I needed to poo  :| I was pretty happy with the win though, because since I didn't get to watch for real, I just did updates on my phone and it said in 3rd quarter game was 7 - 21 (falcons) so I was pleasantly surprised at the turnaround. :) 
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