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Weekly Randoms (1/30)

Posting early because I anticipate forgetting tomorrow! We have our first follow up pedi appointment in the morning! 

Re: Weekly Randoms (1/30)

  • Oh no! I'm so sorry @PerraSucia! I hope he gets better soon!
  • Aw no @PerraSucia, fingers crossed he'll be ok & get through without needing any medical attention! Xxx
  • @PerraSucia hope it will resolve itself soon! Booo to toddler colds.
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  • So scary @PerraSucia. I'm really sorry. Get better little dude!

  • Aww poor little guy! Hope he gets better soon @PerraSucia
  • @PerraSucia Ugh, that is my nightmare. I've been the wellness/flu shot/handwashing freak for all visitors. Hope he feels better soon!
  • @fourPsinapod im sorry its been tough for you & your little ones. Its a massive adjustment & being a big sister will take a lot of getting used to after being the centre of everyones world for so long. I hope that things get better for you all! Xxx
  • @fourPsinapod sorry you're having a hard time with toddler adjustment. That's my biggest concern for if I ever end up actually giving birth (maybe he's going to stay in here forever?)... but I already have noticed she's gotten really clingy in the past couple of weeks with all of the prep I've been doing for the new one. I think it's great you're giving her alone time and one on one and I'm sure it will get better as the days go on. I feel like their worlds are going to be so rocked by this even more so than us, especially when it's the first sibling. My daughter met our nephew and spent a bunch of time with him in his early days and was way more interested when we kind of just let her be and didn't talk about the baby to her too much. She'll come around to her little sibling , hang in there!!  <3
  • @kirstynikole I tested positive with my first and my new practice considers me a carrier this time so they don't even bother testing. You'll get antibiotics and you might have to stay 2 nights instead of 1. The biggest pain for me is the extra night in the hospital. Don't worry! 
  • @fourPsinapod ugh! I hope returning to a more normal schedule helps! I've got this fear too. DS1 is so used to being the center of everything, and even just with all the baby prep he's been out of sorts (more prone to undesirable behavior when usually he's such a good boy).

    @kirstynikole sorry about all the complications thrown your way! I was told it's very common to be gbs+ and finding out beforehand just helps your doctors be prepared to help baby stay healthy. Maybe all the stress will be just during pregnancy and your baby will be an easy super healthy kid?
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  • @fourPsinapod that sounds really good! I hope you have more ups than downs getting them settled together.    

  • @kirstynikole I'm GBS+ also. My doctor said it's really no biggie, just a bag or two of antibiotics while I'm in labor. I was initially pissed because I want to be very mobile and didn't want to be strapped to an IV. But she said they can cap off the IV between doses so it shouldn't be too intrusive, I hope.
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    Yes definitely do NOT google. That's what freaked me out as I was laying in bed this morning. lol. I should've just called my doctor, but she said we'd discuss it at our appointment this week so I just googled for basics. Nope. No, just don't. 

    @Xstatic3333 thanks. Honestly though, I know others deal with so much more so I'll count myself lucky as far as my complications have gone. It's always humbling to remember someone else has been in your situation or worse, and just to remember you can get through it.

    Mindset is everything, and I need to remember that when I feel out of control of a situation. 

    ETA: My mom and stepmom are the worst ones about hounding me for a third already. I get it, you'd love a girl, but tough luck. 

  • I also tested GBS positive and I'm most worried about the antibiotics during labor. I've heard that the penicillin through the IV hurts/burns? I'm like, great the last thing I need during labor is even more pain. 
  • I was GBS+ with my youngest daughter,  and she is just fine.   I was already needing the IV for other stuff during labor. 

    This time I actually tested negative.   Not that it should influence anyone's plans for having another, but you might not be positive next time!   

    My family is a mess right now,  my parents are taking my Grandma to the hospital where they will likely admit her,  we are expecting a lot of snow tonight and the snow day predictor I use says 99% chance for tomorrow.  My doctor thinks anytime now.   If this baby wants to come at the absolute worst time,  tonight or tomorrow might be it.
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    @PerraSucia I hope all the bugs clear up quickly and you are all back to healthy and well soon!! 

    @fourPsinapod I'm glad your tot went to daycare easily today. Hopefully getting back in routine will help.

    @kirstynikole it definitely isn't fair that you've been hit with one thing after another. I just wanted to say that although I am not GBS+ this time, I was with our first. Honestly I never noticed a thing. Everything turned out fine and there were no complications or concern for our son. And @LC12261012 I'm not a fan of needles or IVs anyway, but when I got to the hospital I was already having very painful contractions and the IV and antibiotics were the last thing on my mind due to all the commotion in the room, so it might not burn too badly.

    ETA like @partyof6? Said. I tested positive with our first and negative with number 2 and now number 3 so I think it's just a hit or miss.

    I feel like I'm missed someone so I'll get back to you if I did. :)
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    I hope your grandma is ok @Partyof6? And it's nothing serious!! :( 

    Also I didnt know we had snow coming, I sure hope if it snows it's enough for a snow day. I want to sleeeeeep!! But my husband said the baby told him he's coming tomorrow so that could be problematic for people coming to visit... or maybe it could be a good thing for me HAHAHAHA!!!

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    @Partyof6? Yea I definitely feel better about it after I took a minute to breathe. It was just one of those "now this?" Moments, and the uncertainty if cholestasis would make complications more likely or not..? I hope your grandma is doing ok and it's nothing too serious. Also hoping baby decides to stay put until it's better timing. Or unless you like chaos, whenever baby would like! Haha  

    @kswiger06 thanks! I seriously feel much better after hearing how common it's been with others. :) 

  • @kirstynikole I was GBS+ and was given one dose of antibiotics when I was first admitted in labor. It took about 30mins for the IV to empty into me, then they put a block in so I wasn't connected to the IV pole and I labored and delivered with zero issues. They talked about us staying 2 nights after instead of one, but ended up discharging us after 24 hours since DD showed zero signs of infection. We then had a follow up appointment with our pedi just to make sure everything was ok.

    I'm so sorry you've been hit with one thing after another, you've been under so much stress from the get go and now as the finish line is in sight it probably feels like you haven't gotten a single break! I hope things can ease up for you <3 (((hugs)))
  • Throwback to last week's randoms, H just texted me that The Good Place got renewed for Season 2. Hooray!
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    I'm stupid excited about that.
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