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  • I echo everything already said. Please continue to reach out to us, we are here for you! Hugs  <3
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  • Hang in there @Janefelicity! The early days are a mind eff. You are doing the best you can and that's awesome. It does and will get better. Continue to come here to unload! If you need, I'm a PM away. Hugs!!!
  • i actually have a fun random instead of the constant bitching that seems to be the only thing i am capable of these days. 

    i know a lot of you are bachelor fans. I went to college with Rachel, the girl who got the first impression rose. I am watching for the first time tonight, so I have no idea if she's even still on.
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  • @krob I don't watch the show but the girl a couple seasons ago that had two little girls is friends with one of my best friends. She's made so much money from being there
  • Oh that's cool I like Rachel!
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  • Oh that's cool I like Rachel!
    Me too! She actually seems normal 
  • Nick is the worst. That's my thoughts on this season so far. 

  • Girls even just writing that was tough, im not usually the type to ask for help & i think that not being in charge and control has been most difficult for me. And your respsonses have genuinely made me tear up, youse are all great & i really appreciate it!
    I'm the same exact way. It's not like I think "Oh I don't need to ask for help", it's just kind of a mentality that makes it to where I need to go, go, go. It's hard to slow down and give ourselves the grace we need (or ask for things we need). You are doing an amazing job though and Cora is so lucky to have you and your spouse for parents. You've been given quite a handful, but you've taken it all in stride. I really hope things look up for you soon and you start to feel better. Hugs mama, it's rough!
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    The bachelor is my guilty pleasure! I hate myself whenever I watch it because it's such trash but I still love it!!

    eta - I also like Rachel and think she seems pretty normal 
  • @janefelicity, I hope you're doing okay, I'll be thinking of you! I'm here anytime you need to talk

    I have a really random question.. anyone have any good tips or tricks for getting a splinter out of a child's foot who has a complete meltdown every time you try to go near it?
  • @jab3 did you do the baking soda warm water soak thing?
  • @Janefelicity hugs! The constipation, not feeling like eating and milk not coming in could be all related. I've had awful constipation this whole pregnancy. I can barely eat when it feels like anything that goes in just sits there! :(
    Anyhow, I remember in the early days of breastfeeding my son, if I didn't eat a ton of calories, my body didn't make any milk.
    My constipation has been better with drinking tons of water, eating kiwis, celery (with peanut butter & raisins), raisin bran, Kashi chocolate chip chia bars, Kind raspberry chia bars, dried apricots (but I don't like them) and pea pods. Also I take Colace 3 times a day.
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  • @Janefelicity I just saw somewhere else that your kiddo is a week old today. Somehow I missed that we both went into labour AND gave birth on the same day. Theo and Cora are birthday twins! 

    the menu @FreshBakedBrownies suggests sounds great for your milk. I also tried a Guinness last night to see if there was anything to it. First day pumping, and I got enough for a feed in two hours. No proof, but I feel like it helped. And we don't even have "real" Guinness here, and you've got it practically in your own backyard. Lucky lady!

    that suggestion is half joke, because I'm sure the last thing you feel like is sitting down for a pint...

    please check in in with us again soon. Don't feel pressure to pretend that you're feeling better if you're not. If you still feel awful, tell us that! But I'm sure I'm not the only one over here on this 'side of the pond' thinking of you and wishing you well.

  • Oh my @Janefelicity of course there's nothing wrong with formula feeding if that's what you want to do! I hope your husband supports you better in whatever you decide!
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  • @NiceyMeany I just got to the point in my Parks and Rec rewatch where your SN is coined. I thought you'd created it to describe yourself! Though this is my third PAR rewatch of the pregnancy it's the first one where I've kept going to the last season because of the amount of crying that'll happen when I hit the finale. Now I'm too grouchy to cry. 

  • @Janefelicity everyone else has covered it so I'm just going to send you and Cora some hugs! I know you are exhausted and feel rubbish right now. But try to talk to your H. Can u say to him "I cant have a conversation or argument because I just don't have the emotional energy. But I feel...." and just tell him how you're feeling?
  • ohstars said:
    @janefelicity - for DS1, I quit pumping after not producing much. I felt like a failure, but within a few days, I was a much happier momma and that is what my family needed most. DS1 went from a 5lb preemie to a happy, healthy, 50th percentile 2yo. Fed is best! 
    This @Janefelicity Fed is best! I was in the same situation with my DS1 and it bothered me for a few weeks, but it was the best decision for us. I hope things start looking up! We are all here for you. 
  • More creepy Internet hugs for you @Janefelicity
  • @Janefelicity, I am so sorry you are feeling so down. Fed is best,  and a happy mommy is best.   If YOU want to continue,  reach out to any available resources.   It can get better. 

    With my twins,  feeling like a failure should have been a huge red flag for PPD.  Please continuing reaching out,  and if things don't feel better,  talk to your doctor about how you feel.   Creepy hugs heading your way. 
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  • @poetryandoceans this has really cheered me up whilst sitting in the hospital. Few little detail changes about cora, her hair is dark but looks like its had fancy highlights and is getting blonder & her daddy says that she isnt allowed anywhere near boys ever and that him and her granda are the only men allowed in her life! Lol
    im always encouraging everyone to visit & come live in ireland, whilst were in the north & atm with the whole brexit thing its a little uncertain but generally its a really great place to live & bring up children. Although dublin is ridiculously expensive. Without being creepy, do it & come be my friend! 
    I'll def look up the poems, they sound lovely!
  • @Janefelicity good!! Then my mission was accomplished. I always forget how geographically small Europe is. When you said you were 2 hours from the Dublin Guinness factory, I figured, oh you know outer suburbs of the city. Forgot that would put you pretty far north! A friend of mine who lives in France says 'in Europe 100 km is a long way, while in North America 100 years is a long time...'

    and I will update my mental picture of Cora appropriately! ;)

  • Thinking good thoughts for you @chef'swife! You're on a 3-day count?

    My niece was in the NICU for 103 days, and the hospital's protocol was a 5-day count to get released. My sister was convinced she would have at least one Brady episode that would reset the clock, since she had a rough go in the NICU and was still on oxygen, but she made it on her first try! Try not to think about it too much (I know that is SO not easy) - one more day and you'll be home!
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  • I've been experiencing a lot of WTF did I get myself into anxiety. I met with a daycare center I think I'll go with today. I'd prefer in home, but several don't have openings and the hours just don't work for my new job schedule. My little guy has really been testing my patience and I worry if it's because he can sense the changes happening. I'm just so overwhelmed with physical and mental feelings!
  • Oooo @NiceyMeany we LOVE The Good Place! Everybody please watch it. I am very nervous it won't get renewed, which would be extremely disappointing with how they left things.  

  • + 1 on the Good Place!! H and I watched it every week and we're so disappointed that if renewed it'll only come back in September :cry:  
    the finale was phenomenal!
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