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  • LOL @Gretchypoo that's so bonkers! Men has the dumbs. They can start off at our place but sending them to the bar down the street is a good idea if I get too sleepy.

  • @PerraSucia My skin is going to look fantastic. 

  • @poetryandoceans Apparently breast milk fixes everything so I would say partially digested or not your good! Here's to projectile vomiting. It happened to me a few weeks ago, except it wasn't my kid. I kinda freaked out. Not in a this gross way, but a what the heck do I do now way. It's been so long since I've been around babies. 
  • @Xstatic3333 & @Gretchypoo men are so stupid sometimes!
  • @Xstatic3333 et al - yes! Men have the dumbs. I don't think H (or I, really) realized how tired, grumpy and uncomfortable I would be at this point. And I don't think they have the same expectations of "hosting" that a lot of women have. 
  • @scifichick09 is she aware you can't just have a csection because you want one?! And I've never had any type of birth yet, but that hardly seems like an easier option!! 
  • @scifichick09 I would be so angry! I don't get why people feel the need to try and shove their opinions down other's throats. You are absolutely right, it's your body and your choice!
  • @scifichick09 wtaf is wrong with that lady?!? For one, nose out of my business! Second of all, she is outside her mind to be one of those "c-sections are the easy way out" type of bish! 

    +1 to team no sex! H is all about it right now, but I can't even! I can't lay on my back, my nipples are extra sensitive, and rolling over is a chore. No... just no! 
  • @scifichick09 i simply dont understand some people! So rude & to keep going when youve been clear that you arent going down that route would make me super stabby!
  • @scifichick09 lol she sounds like a gem. 

  • @SawyerRichardson I'm so happy for you and your family! That's great news :) 
    First BFP: 12/16/13
    EDD: 08/23/14
    Baby BOY born: 08/29/14
  • Great news @SawyerRichardson!
    Married - 7/29/06
    Ben and Maggie - 4/10/09 
    Mia - 6/16/11
    Surprise! due 2/23/17

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  • That's amazing news! @SawyerRichardson
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  • That's great!! I'm so happy for you and your family! @sawyerRichardson

    ME: 25, DH: 27

    TTC #1 since 09/2015

    Miscarriage @ 10 wks 02/28/2016

    BFP 05/28/2016!

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  • Aw @SawyerRichardson thats fantastic news! It must be such a relief for you & your family! Xxx
  • @SawyerRichardson That is fantastic news!!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @SawyerRichardson thats so amazing! So happy for you and your family. 
  • @SawyerRichardson that's amazing news!!!
    BFP #1: DD born on 08.25.12 BFP #2: 09/08/15 miscarried at 6w BFP #3: DD2 born on 02.07.17
  • Just catching up, great news @SawyerRichardson!!

    @LivingLaVidaGinger the birth class I took before my 1st son was born recommended bringing pictures to help visualize a happier calmer place than the hospital, and also suggested bringing music or a sound machine.

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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger I second @FreshBakedBrownies advice about bringing in images to help you visualize a calmer place. I'd also suggest working on that visualization before the labour itself. There are a lot of guided meditations out there that might help, but I found it really calming to just invent my ideal home in my head. I started doing it about a month or two before the birth, during those long sleepless nights. I figured out where I would want the house to be, what layout I wanted, what colour the exterior would be, what the landscaping would be like, etc, etc, etc. Tons of detail to focus on. I told my husband about it, and so he used it to coach and encourage me when I was in labour. Between contractions, he asked me questions about how I would set up the kitchen, what would the door look like, things like that. For me, it was a way to labour unmedicated, but I think it would also be a great way to distract yourself from being in a place you find stressful.

  • @SawyerRichardson That is amazing news!!! Yay for dad!
  • i am sure this is psychosomatic, but every time i drink RRL I feel like my BH kicks in. or maybe it's working and strengthening my uterus. 
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  • leslie1331leslie1331
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    I always love the symptoms threads when they go up, does that make me bitchy?! Oh, if only they knew what was coming....

    And the fact that September 2017 doesn't have "Moms" after the title is really bothering my OCD tendencies! 
  • @leslie1331 they fixed it! Haha it bothered me too.
    First BFP: 12/16/13
    EDD: 08/23/14
    Baby BOY born: 08/29/14
  • @SawyerRichardson I'm so happy to hear your dad is cancer free! What wonderful news!

    H and I have gone into obsessive nesting mode this weekend... I'm currently taking a break from cleaning baseboards, dusting EVERYTHING, washing sheets and blankets, and ironing curtains while H is shampooing the carpets in the entire house. The dirt coming out of the carpets is disgusting. 

    Next up: IKEA run for a new coffee table (one without sharp corners or a glass top), new bedside tables, and a trash can for dirty cloth diapers for the nursery. Then off to the grocery store to pick up a few more things for freezer meals that I plan to make tomorrow (which will go into the chest freezer we bought yesterday). Then more laundry - need to start washing all the cloth diapers. THEN kitchen cleaning and organizing... 

    Hopefully we have time for fun stuff at some point. We're supposed go to dinner and bowling with friends tonight, and maybe see a movie tomorrow. But all of a sudden, with all the February babies being born, I'm feeling like we need to get everything done, NOW - just in case!
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  • kswiger06 said:
    yogadevil said:
    @kswiger06 Bowling an hour away? Pfffft. I bet you're going to deliver on the 1st just for spite you ungrateful DIL you :wink: :naughty:
    Lol you know a lot about my mil... I don't know who would be more upset if he was born on her bday... her or me.  :o   :p
    Order her a pizza and call it a day lol
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