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  • @SawyerRichardson, I'm so glad to hear that about your dad! What a relief that must be! 
  • Those are so cute @Janefelicity! Love it!

  • @Janefelicity I was just telling spicyween that my feet seem wider so I have little triangles at the bottom of my legs 
  • @PerraSucia i just had sausage feet from the night before my work christmas party & could just about squeeze my feet into uggs & a pair of flats that are quite wide, even with compression socks. Not fun! But theres hope at the end of the tunnel!
  • yogadevil said:
    I thought my feet were swollen while pregnant, but what a joke! They ballooned up something fierce after I gave birth- like not even able to wear socks. Apparent post partum edema is a thing I should've known about? Gah! They're starting to go down now, if I poke hard enough I can feel my ankle bone :P
    Same here! I need to keep reminding myself to drink more water and walk around. Easier said than done after a major surgery. 
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  • leslie1331leslie1331
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    So does anyone know where the baby's HB would be if they were breech? Yesterday she was moving all over the place and I definitely haven't dropped.  Normally they find her HB below my belly button. Well today as I was cleaning I found my Doppler and it's definitely 2-3 inches above my belly button! I feel movement by the ribs and also down low too, so that's no help. 
  • I'm not sure I'd be much help @leslie1331 but my baby is head down and they always find the strongest heartbeat just below and to the side of my belly button.
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  • kswiger06 said:
    I'm not sure I'd be much help @leslie1331 but my baby is head down and they always find the strongest heartbeat just below and to the side of my belly button.
    It looks like from google it could be either way, I'll just wait until my appointment. Not much I can do before then anyways!! Thanks  :)
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    *long whiny rant about in-laws ahead (wow, real surprise there) feel free to ignore* 

    So H and I are getting really tired of all of my inlaws contacting us because they just want to know baby info. My SIL, whom I've only met in person once, started texting me out of the blue asking me the baby's name and the exact due date. I was able to kind of avoid the questions with roundabout answers like "oh it could be any time now" and "we haven't decided yet" but then H's aunt (who kind of raised him) texts him saying his nieces miss him and really want to talk to him. So he calls and the nieces aren't even there. She just wants to ask questions about the baby. She was annoyed he didn't visit this month and he told her I went to the hospital with contractions and she was so condescending "LivingLaVidaGinger does realize what false labor is right, so-and-so was in labor four days. You had time to visit." As if H was gonna drive four hours to visit her while I was in the hospital with false labor or otherwise? Hell no. She then proceeded to tell him to "call when baby's coming" a good four times before she hung up. H has no real intention of calling them at all. But it's so frustrating that they don't call him because they miss him or love him, they just want to know information about his baby. That's the only reason they ever call. And they've all had the flu in the last week so if they think they're all coming to touch my baby with the grubby flu hands, they have another thing coming. 
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger I completely understand your frustrations. We've had similar things going on especially as time is about up. Mostly my mil does it. She randomly texts me and my husband something stupid, but always turns it into what's going on with the baby. She is grandma (pizza) so I give her general answers but I don't understand why she suddenly needs to know every little detail... this is our third after all why is she not asking about the other two?

    I'm sorry your getting frustrated, on the upside it sounds like you and your husband see things with it the same way. Hopefully they will get busy and back off for a while, although that aunt sounds pretty demanding.  :/
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  • Aww how sweet @chef'swife so glad to hear you are all finally home together!! Your daughter looks absolutely thrilled and excited!!!
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  • Brilliant news "@chef'swife"! 
  • Congrats @chef'swife!  Great news and look how happy they look!
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger yea that would definitely be annoying. I also agree with PP to not call anyone you don't want to be hanging around.. they can find out later. The main concern is you and your new family so everyone else can get over it!

    @chef'swife that's great!! So glad to see him home and with such a proud big sis! 

  • @chef'swife Yayyy!!! I've been looking for this update from you. So glad Harrison is finally home!
  • @chef'swife Congratulations! That picture really is worth a thousand words!!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @chef'swife so glad to hear he's home now!! Congratulations! That picture is so sweet.
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  •  @chef'swife Congrats!! That's so great everyone is home.

    This is completely random but I've had this commercial in my head for days:

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  • @chef'swife I'm so glad you got to take him home! Your DD is so cute, that's the best picture. She looks beyond thrilled to be holding her new brother
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