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Weekly Randoms (12/26)


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  • kswiger06 said:
    @concreteangell how is your little man feeling? Is he doing any better yet?
    Thanks for thinking about us :) 

    the fever broke about 3 days ago so that's good... we are now dealing with the aftermath. His lymph nodes, adenoids and tonsils have all remained swollen giving him canker sores in his mouth and lots of difficulty to breathe through his nose so we've been dealing with sleepless nights, lack of appetite and irritability. Doctor says he should start to feel better within the next week. Mono is honestly such a bitch, ugh ugh ugh. 
    That sounds very miserable still, despite the fever break. I hope everything starts clearing up quickly!! :)
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  • @concreteangell I'm glad that his fever broke and he's feeling a little better (I hope!). Hopefully he'll really feel better soon! My best friend had mono when we were little and she was sick for a while. It really does suck :(
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  • @Jab3  I feel ya, and thank you! Everyone just needs a little compassion and sometimes seeing life from a different POV.

    @concreteangell your little guy is such a trooper, and so are you! Still sending hugs that he'll feel better asap! 

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