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  • I think I could reach there kneeling or sitting. Standing I'd fall over for sure. 

  • I havent even THOUGHT about perennial massage-- when r u supposed to start that?
  • My birth class instructor lady mentioned sitting on a tennis ball and "rolling" it back and forth. but that sounds just as awkward.
  • My birth class instructor lady mentioned sitting on a tennis ball and "rolling" it back and forth. but that sounds just as awkward.
    Yup, so did mine. I really need to start doing it. That tennis ball is doing a fat lot of good sitting in my pregnant lady supplies box...
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  • @chef'swife thanks so much. That's really helpful to hear. I'm feeling better than I was a few days ago, but I think until I see her and hear she's okay I'll be on edge. Harrison is adorable! I hope you can take him home soon. How long after birth were you able to hold him?
  • Also wanted to thank @lemieuxk, that's very comforting to know that both yourself and a friend of yours have some knowledge, experience and insight into dealing with this exact predicament we're in as well as in this exact state. Thank you for letting me know! I will definitely be sending you a PM and will keep you updated. At the same time, I think you have enough going on right now!! So please don't feel obligated to respond to me until you're good and ready. I just appreciate you offering to try and answer questions or whatnot. And I do have some very specific ones. I have to say I was shocked at your response though, what are the chances? lol

    Anyway, I'm definitely going to be bringing this to the attention of DHCD if they can't get this straightened out. I will also ask to speak to a supervisor here because the housing case manager seems content to not do anything about it. To get everything in writing, I'm also going to email this individual with the director from MCH copied on it (which she instructed me to do today after we spoke on the phone earlier) so they know the pressure is on and don't f'ck with us. And if it becomes absolutely necessary, and it's getting to that point, she will call them and speak on our behalf as will the lawyer we're dealing with. 

    On a lighter and more important note, I wish you the best of luck for tomorrow and I hope everything goes great for you!!! So so exciting, but I can totally see how you would feel like holy shit is this actually about to happen?! I'll be thinking of you all day and will be thrilled to hear how you're doing after all is said and done. Thank you again so much and good luck with your big day tomorrow!!! 

    @chef'swife, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Hope both of you are doing great! How is your DD liking being a big sis so far? 
  • @lemieuxk DH was able to hold him a few minutes after birth to bring him for me to see on the table. I was able to go to the NICU a few hours after the c section, but at that time his breathing was too hard so I couldn't hold him then. This morning I was able to hold him for almost 2 hours because he had gotten his respiration within a good range. Policy here is that he can only be out of the isolete 1 time per shift while he is still on oxygen. It's hard because I just want to cuddle my babe, but I know it's to keep him healthy and progressing. He also has to be under the infrared light to ward off jaundice, so he can't be out too long. 
  • @gretchypoo, I see I didn't copy your name when I thanked everyone and I'm sorry because you're one of the most consistent people who has been there for me to offer words of kindness or some solid advice. Thank you so much for being there to always make me feel heard and like I'm not alone. Even though it's just over the internet, you always seem to know exactly what to say to make me feel a little better about things; you really have, like seriously every time I've posted something. And it hasn't gone unnoticed. Thank you for that!
  • @WinchesterGirl yes! It was the chocolate milk frothed convo lol!! Uhm yes my coffee is on a new level now. ❤️

  • @Jab3 No worries! You have enough on your mind without thanking every single person. You and your family are in my thoughts! *hugs*
  • I still go to prenatal yoga and walk my dog about 1.5 miles a day (3 today!) It's getting way tougher but I just tell myself it'll make labor easier. Plus, doggie guilt faces are very effective. Women tend to stay in the yoga class right up to 40 weeks so I'm trying to continue the pattern. 

  • Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyone stays safe tonight!!
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  • I'm envious of anyone able to exercise! I've been limited to 90 min on my feet this whole pregnancy due to my cerclage. But now I can't make it anywhere near that (my feet start swelling after about 10-15 minutes and BH contractions start shortly after that).

    But yes, happy new year everyone! 
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  • I'm just lazy and tired and feel huge so I, too, count going to Target or the grocery store as cleaning... And cleaning my house ;-)
    And walking up stairs!
  • Please tell me that someone else saw Mariah Carey's NYE performance. I have never been more thankful to be pregnant, because it meant I was home and watching tv and able to see it. That was pure comedy!!!
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  • @krob I saw it! It was hilarious! It made my night. My brother, DH, and I laughed so hard at many of the tweets we read. I enjoyed the whole "performance".
  • @purplewriter We watched it twice over here and I could probably go for a third! That was unreal!!!!

    I also got to watch her TRL meltdown in 2001 live. 
    Me: 36, H: 37
    FTM, 2 Furbabies
    married 03/17/07
    lived in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and NYC
    due: 2/15/17
  • @krob we almost missed the ball drop because we were laughing so much!  
  • It's so bad, when I'm not at work I don't bump! 
    Oh absolutely this. I took the week between Christmas and NYs off, as well as this coming week. And my Bump game has suffered something terrible. Should be back to old form on the 9th ;)

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  • @krob definitely saw it and may have rewatched it a few times! You would think a performer would be able to improvise even a little bit! 

    If you want to see another terrible Mariah performance, her Hallmark Christmas movie starts in 2 minutes  :)
  • @concreteangell how is your little man feeling? Is he doing any better yet?
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  • kswiger06 said:
    @concreteangell how is your little man feeling? Is he doing any better yet?
    Thanks for thinking about us :) 

    the fever broke about 3 days ago so that's good... we are now dealing with the aftermath. His lymph nodes, adenoids and tonsils have all remained swollen giving him canker sores in his mouth and lots of difficulty to breathe through his nose so we've been dealing with sleepless nights, lack of appetite and irritability. Doctor says he should start to feel better within the next week. Mono is honestly such a bitch, ugh ugh ugh. 
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