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  • Lurker here

    I always used an A&A blanket as a nursing cover.  Just tie two ends together, slip the tied part over your head, and voila!
  • I bought one of these...I haven't used it yet (obvi), but it looks pretty promising!

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  • I would be too, but that's money out of my pocket though... I don't get paid those 3 hours either. Rather be paid then have 3 hours free. 
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  • @LinnyAnne10 that's sweet you feel bad, but I'd totally celebrate an unexpected three hours off!

    I would be too, but that's money out of my pocket though... I don't get paid those 3 hours either. Rather be paid then have 3 hours free. 

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  • I think the reason the keekaroo is more than other changing pads is that it is wipeable and doesn't use a fabric cover like most others...so no laundry necessary.
  • @Aussie45 I liked the Bebe au lait. It has that stiff part near the neck so you can see the baby and baby can look up at you. My daughter actually preferred to be uncovered so we usually didn't bother but that is one I would use again. 

    @concreteangell I hope your little one recovers quickly.

    Christmas has been too busy for me, I wish I had two weeks after new years eve to relax. I was seriously considering a maternity belt due to the pain but there were too many to choose. I am going to have a look at what's recommended here. Late last night I fell on the stairs outside a relative's home. The ice is so bad I am surprised I haven't fallen before. I am fine but that fall did not help the back pain. 

  • @ohstars pretty much exactly what @MissMerciBeaucoup said. Being able to wipe the changing pad off instead of ever needing to swap covers in the middle of the night won me over :)
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  • @ohstars pretty much exactly what @MissMerciBeaucoup said. Being able to wipe the changing pad off instead of ever needing to swap covers in the middle of the night won me over :)
    I ended up doing that anyway with my regular changing pad. It wasn't as pretty as the one you're looking at though. But you got it for cheap anyhow so there you go! 
  • I always used the small pads over the cover so if it gets something on it you don't have to change the whole thing.

  • I think the reason the keekaroo is more than other changing pads is that it is wipeable and doesn't use a fabric cover like most others...so no laundry necessary.
    Makes sense. I will say I ended up buying a bunch of hand towels because DS peed on the changer pretty much every MOTN changing the first couple of days. I used the hand towels to swap out rather than changing the whole cover because I'm super lazy.  

  • @ohstars yup what the others said. It's sturdy and they have a high resale value (usually) since they can be sanitized so easily. DH insisted on splurging on one and eh, it's really grown on me
  • @lemieuxk - Hugs your way! Stay strong and I bet your fears will go away as soon as you see the LO

  • @lemieuxk Sending you all the positive vibes that everything goes super smooth for you and LO. You got this!! I would feel the same way though. It's hard not to right before something like that. 
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  • You've totally got this @lemieuxk! You and LO will do great! Big hugs. 

  • Awww @lemieuxk you can do it!! Can you chat with your SO or or doctor about the plan to get some reassurance? 34 weeks is really good!!! You can do it! You can do it! And it will be so wonderful to see and hold your baby girl! You've got this! Hugs, hugs, hugs!
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  • @lemieuxk you got this girl! Good luck on Sunday, we'll be thinking of you!!! 
  • @lemieuxk You are not being a baby. It is a big step going from inside baby to outside baby, but you can do it. All the internet hugs and prayers!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Sending you good vibes @lemieuxk! From one 34 week-er to another, just know that you and LO got this! If you need any advice or encouragement or anything at all please feel free to PM me  :)
  • You are not being a baby @lemieuxk!! You've been dealt a difficult hand and are handling it like a rock star <3 I'm so happy you've made it to 34 weeks, that's a huge accomplishment considering the PPROM. I know shit has definitely gotten real, but in a few short days you'll be swooning over your little one, your own healthy baby and all because you've done what's best for all involved. You've got this, and you've got a whole team of Febuladies pulling for you every step of the way!
  • @lemieuxk you can do it! panic is normal but soon lo will be outside and you can give her all the snuggles!
  • Hugs to you @lemieuxk!!! You're definitely not being a baby! You've got this!
  • @lemieuxk So many good thoughts and hopes coming your way.
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  • Hugs @lemieuxk! You worked so hard to get  her to 34 weeks and you can get through labor too!
  • @lemieuxk you got this! The truth is no one has any idea what they're doing. 
    This is very true! This is my second and I feel just as clueless as the first. Each baby is just so different. You will be great though and so will LO :)
    BFP #1: DD born on 08.25.12 BFP #2: 09/08/15 miscarried at 6w BFP #3: DD2 born on 02.07.17
  • Best wishes @lemieuxk! I'm sure it's scary. You never know for sure what the best thing is to do after pprom. I know from my support groups of women who regret waiting though after reaching great viability, since in retrospect something bad happened like infection or cord prolapse.
    34 weeks is fantastic! Prayers for a healthy little one that can have any potential issues managed easily on the outside at this gestational age.
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  • I feel like haven't been in here in like 10 years and have so much to catch up on, but I've missed you all so much and actually have felt sad I haven't been able to find time to get on here. I'm just going to jump right back in and start trying to read through everything. I was on briefly enough recently to see the 2 new birth announcements with the adorable new little ones. 

    @concreteangell, I am so sorry your little guy hasn't been feeling good and now he gets stuck with crappy old mono. The poor kid. I hope he feels better soon. How's he doing now anyway?

    @lemieuxk, good luck with everything for Sunday! I don't blame you for feeling panicked, but you've done incredible in handling the whole situation. I hope you're able to enjoy some nice cuddle time with your new squish to ring in the new year!

    My family and I were finally placed in a temporary shelter in Boston about a week ago, so just days before Christmas. It all happened so abruptly so just trying to get the kids adjusted and they're doing pretty well considering. H and I, not so much. Lots of stress and fighting. It's nice to actually have a bed to sleep in though instead of a couch or a floor so I've been really liking that. The place they put us in is pretty gross and rundown, but we're just trying to deal with it as best we can. We also have to share it with another family which is awkward as hell, but we're lucky we even have anything, so can't complain. Plus we were lucky to have been placed close enough to our disabled son's school so that he can continue going there which was hugely important to us.

    We've run into a few really messed up issues so far. One being that the toilet doesn't work so we need to line a bucket with those small trash bags and sit on the bucket to go.. and then empty it out afterwards after each time into another thing of trash outside, then clean the bucket after each use etc. SO gross and physically uncomfortable. They said they "might" be able to get someone out here next week to fix it. If we were renting privately and on a lease, I would be calling the board of health. But here it's like they have us by the balls and they know it. The other issue is the staff here have been insisting they have the right to access and open our mail. We told them no and they've been giving us hell about it. I asked to see a law that states that they are entitled to open our mail and they couldn't produce one. Anyway, we're just trying to focus on getting permanent stable housing. Sorry this is so long and crazy sounding, what else is new coming from me? Sounds like a movie on lifetime or something lol
  • Thanks @Gretchypoo. We finally have a good social worker working with us, she's really trying to help us. I also made a few good connections with some people from that legislative advocacy event I spoke at, one being from the mass coalition for the homeless and the other a lawyer from mass law reform institute. We have a housing advocate caseworker from my DD's school as well who works with all the low income families such as ours. He's okay, but not the greatest. I have a few other people from different organizations I can ask for help too, some are just much quicker to respond than others. This whole thing is just weird, but we're just going to have to deal with it as best we can and move forward from here. 

    The baby is doing good and is healthy so it seems, thanks for asking! She's in the head down position, but I still need to get my RCS on feb 7th at 39 weeks because she's my third Csection. She's measuring a little big, but my first two were chubs also so I'm not surprised. I feel so bad though because the amount of stress I'm under just can't be good for her. I'm trying not to waste too much time worrying about that though. It is what it is, doing the best I can and I'm grateful she seems to be okay. DS and DD are so excited she will be here soon! Thank you for asking. 
  • @lemieuxk thats great that youve got a few extra days for your LO to cook, it was supposed to be today originally wasnt it? Youve done amazing so far & will continue to do so! 

    @Jab3 fingers crossed that a better solution can be found for you & your family soon! Just because you are in this situation does not mean that you have to axxept the awful treatment! Opening your mail etc is not acceptable! Sending you love & hugs (albeit creepy internet love & hugs) & prayers for you to have the continued strength that you have shown so far going forward! You are amazing & how youre dealing with everything is simply mind blowing! Xxx

    my random is very trivial by comparison but we went to a comedy gig last night & it was hilarious to the point i had a fear that i was laughing so hard my waters might break! 
  • @lemieuxk you got this! It's totally normal that your head's all over the map right now. I'll be thinking of you and your LO over the next few days, up until we get an update! :)

    @Jab3 thank you for your well wishes about my son. He actually woke up without a fever today, woohoo! As for you, I can't  imagine what you've been going through but I'm thankful you're doing well and you've found a social worker you like and trust. Hoping things go uphill for you and family. ❤

    also, @BumpasaurusRex where are you?! You are missed!!
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  • @Jab3 I'd been wondering how you were doing! I'm glad to hear you found a place but so sorry for how they have been treating you. The mail thing is so infuriating. What if they misplaced something important related to the kids? Ugh. It sounds like baby is doing great, and please be kind to yourself about the stress thing. You are doing so much for your family right now and baby will be just fine being born into a family with so much love, even in hard times. 

    I'm sending prayers your way that your social worker or a connection will get you a more permanent solution very soon!

  • @Jab3 I've been wondering about you too! I can only echo above, that what they're doing sounds completely wrong, and you should have a functioning toilet. But I'm glad you found some housing and I hope things only look up from here!! ❤
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  • @Jab3 I'm so glad baby is doing well! Like PPs have said, be kind to yourself about stress. You are doing everything you can for your 3 kiddos. And definitely PM @lemieuxk ! She may be able to help.

    Sending you all (creepy internet) hugs!
  • I want to get some comfort items for the NICU but I'm totally blanking on things I should bring. With my oldest we obviously didn't have advance notice and the NICU was so small there wasn't much we could do anyway. They had things there so you could make signs for the incubators and people donated clothes and hats, and they had these hand made things that kind of looked like a pregnancy pillow but that was pretty much it. I'm bringing that thing because both of my other kids slept have slept with it. I'd like to get a special blanket, maybe an A&A? Any other blanket type recommendations? 

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