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Weekly Randoms (12/19)

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Re: Weekly Randoms (12/19)

  • I went to say hi to my old coworkers upstairs on Friday, and one of them told me, "Yeah, you're definitely carrying a boy!" First, yes, it IS a boy, that has been confirmed by medical professionals. Second, what? I know there are old wives tales about carrying low and out front = boy, but I think I am actually carrying pretty high. Though it IS all out front, so maybe that's what she's referring it?
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  • It's the out front thing @madamerwin. I get that a lot too. So silly (if accurate in my case)!

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    @Xstatic3333 yep, I have two pairs of maternity pants that don't fit, and if a shirt/dress doesn't stretch, it's too tight now. Also a few shirts that are too short. It's mostly leggings and stretchy body con dresses with an open sweater that covers my butt at this point.

  • die frau said:
    @Xstatic3333 tank tops are the way to go! I wear them under almost all my shirts -- they're long enough and there's the added bonus of an extra layer, given the current worldwide freeze that seems to be happening... 
    Yeah I'm going to need to suck it up and buy some in XL to wear under all my other clothes I think. It's too late to salvage the wardrobe any other way.

  • @Xstatic3333 I also do like @die frau and wear the tank tops under most my shirts. I'm not sure if all maternity tanks are the same way or not, but mine are a one size only and they have fit well from barely showing to currently popped wayyyy out and they are still plenty long.
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  • I also wear tank tops under most shirts and have for a long time, even before pregnancy. I have a number of maternity tanks that are like @kswiger06's - one size, stretchy, and long, and they seem like they'll fit through to the end.
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  • @grapeskittles4lyfe thinking of you and hope you and your family and friends are safe!

  • Yup, also surprising people that the baby isn't due until February.  Ha, thanks,  I carry big and out front!   

    I am completely overbooked this week and I hate it.  Work picking up,  check,  holiday events and festivities,  check,  exhausted Mommy who has all kids home starting Wednesday?   Check.   
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  • ...whaddya mean, we're back in November @fourPsinapod ;)

    Good morning! Cannot wait until Christmas. It's the first one where DD is consciously experiencing the build-up (advent calendar, Nikolaus, etc) and I am so excited about the look on her face when she walks in the living room and sees her presents. I mean, she liked the presents last year, too, but now she's asking about the meaning of Christmas and what songs to sing and all sorts of cool stuff.

    *wriggles in anticipation*

    I fail! Fixed ;)
  • Should we ask to unpin another thread? 
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  • Should we ask to unpin another thread? 
    I vote the sex thread.
    It took me a moment to realize you meant sex of the baby. I was like we have a SEX THREAD?? 
    Haha!! We've had sooo many talks of sex and BJ's that we probably could have used a thread dedicated to it!
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  • +1 for certain maternity clothes not fitting. Last pregnancy I had my 1st/2nd tri jeans and then 3rd tri jeans. Lol thankfully this go around I also have leggings! How's everyone in the shoe department? The last two weeks I've noticed I'm having to move up to my larger shoes now.. sigh, goodbye cute winter boots. 

  • A couple pair of maternity pants are getting harder to put on, but I'm gonna push through it. Plus I just recently embraced leggings and those will be brought out here and there. But I really need a new maternity/nursing bra. I guess that's where some of my Christmas money is going! 
  • @grapeskittles4lyfe thinking of you and hope you and your family and friends are safe!
    thank you! fortunately we live in the old capital city, not the new one. But last night was sobering. I was wondering why friend after friend was marking themselves safe on FB....well.
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  • Who wants to start our birth announcement thread?

    @jbuck909 after getting out of the shower, I got stuck when trying to put my maternity jeans on. I had to ask my husband to help me. That's why I'm generally in sweats and leggings all day, every day. 

    Also, I have 2 nursing bras. Should I be buying more? 
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  • @comcreteangell I had two last time and I definitely want more . I just got a medela one from target and it's so comfy I might get some more. I'm also getting more nursing tanks because I had two that I rotated pretty much every day.
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