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  • @sarahbethbr ok, so this is my absolute favorite announcement yet! I love how it reflects your personalities!!!!! So dang cute!
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  • How did you share the news with your kids?  Looking for creative ways to tell my 8 year old and 4.5 year old.
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  • How did you share the news with your kids?  Looking for creative ways to tell my 8 year old and 4.5 year old.
    My 6 year old saw the ultrasound and asked what it was ... so I showed him his sonogram photos and we led him to figuring out the new ones were taken today, so there is a baby in my belly. He jumped up and down and almost cried. It was awesome. 
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    A lot of people had really cute ideas for announcing their pregnancies.  I was boring.  I told my parents and siblings over FaceTime the day that I found out that I was pregnant.  I then told several people at work when I was 5 weeks because I needed to protect myself from certain occupational exposures.  (I work at a hospital.)  I soon realized that people are terrible at keeping secrets, so almost all of my family, friends, and coworkers knew that I was pregnant by the time that I was 8 weeks.  I don't regret not having a cute pregnancy announcement or waiting to tell people, but I do like seeing the cute announcements that other people have had. Having my coworkers know that I'm pregnant made getting through my first trimester a little easier.  And I'm also terrible at keeping secrets, so everyone knew that I was having a boy within a week of when I found out.  I just can't keep good news to myself!
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  • I didn't do anything exciting.  Just told people in person or over the phone.  My sister who suspected got told, "she was right."
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  • @SarahBethBR I love it so much that I want to do something similar!
  • @mamaof2hopefully That's really sweet.  Thanks for sharing!
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    We finally announced!
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    @aehogan90 congrats! we just did too! How far along are you?
  • @Vickers224 I am 14 weeks now 
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    I forgot to share the announcement we made for Valentine's Day...
    Married to a pharmacist
    Mother of two boys, three girls, and one more little boy on the way!
    Two time miscarriage survivor.
    So happy to be expecting our sixth child in August 2017!

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  • We just got our genetic screening results back and we are having another healthy baby BOY. We will use these pictures to announce tonight. We had a friend take gender reveal pictures for us last week, but since we didn't know what we were having we actually took pictures for both
  • I love allllllllllll of these! This is baby #2 for us, and was quasi-unexpected. On Christmas Eve, I still hadn't gotten my period, so DH and I snagged a pregnancy test and wanted to take it quickly before church just to verify that my body was simply stressed from the pneumonia I had just gotten over. I left the digital stick with DH as we waited and I went to grab a glass of water. Results came in while I was away from him, and he's actually the one who told me we were 2-3 weeks along :).

    We've just been telling people in person as we see them! I don't put much on Facebook, so I'm sure there will be lots of surprised people I see within the next 5 months :).
  • @kristenk727 what a cutie! And we totally have that damn Costco bear too! Thank you in laws for filling my house with giant shit! Lol
  • We finally announced the day of our anatomy scan. Being in Korea is been easy to keep it quiet for anyone other than close family and friends. 
  • We finally decided to announce on social media today... We posted these pictures with the caption, Keat has some pretty BIG news =) 
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