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Hey everyone! How/When do you plan to announce to family, friends, coworker, etc? Are you going to announce at Christmas or wait until after the 1st tri? If anyone has any cute ideas for announcing #2 please share!
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Re: Announcing

  • @EmyB30 that's SO sweet! I love the stocking idea. We'll be visiting my husband's family in France for Christmas, so I feel like we will share the news since we'll all be together, even though it's super early. Like you, I know they will be supportive if anything negative were to happen. I can't wait to see their reaction!! We'll all have to share some pics of our Christmas announcement ideas. 

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  • What do we think about having this thread (or one similar for announcements) pinned to the top? Then people can post pics and stories about their announcements to family and friends in the upcoming weeks. 
  •  this is the shirt we are doing to tell the rest of the family  
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  • @BumpAdmin Please pin

    @mokay19 great idea! We can use this thread for our announce pics, ideas and stories
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  • My first u/s is 12/28 so we won't tell my family or close friends until then.  Which sucks because my parents will be staying with us from 12/17-1/1... how I'm going to hide it for a week and a half is beyond me.   But, we'll hold off on social media announcements until 12 weeks.   I have already told my very best friends because well...  I was freaking out. lol
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  • We're going to announce to our parents this weekend.  I just ordered a shirt from Vistaprint  figure she can wear this with her red/white striped leggings and a red cardigan.

    im nervous because it's early, but I want family support if something were to happen.  So we don't plan on waiting.

    i texted two friends this morning who knew I was testing this morning...  everyone else can find out after my U/S on 1/9
  • @Peedy Adorable shirt! I'm with you on not planning to wait.. maybe if Christmas weren't around the corner I'd consider waiting, but it's such a special time with family that it feels impossible not to share the news.

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  • I was thinking Christmas too, but it does seem early.. especially before an ultrasound. But it's such an easy time! I'd only want to wait another week or so anyway...

    Idk still about social media.. I have some family and friends who are horrible at keeping secrets, so we'lll probably do it soon after Christmas.. hm.

    My ideas so far: gifts for the new grandparents, like a mug that says "grandma, est 2017." And something similar for my brother. And for my BIL & SIL something for their kids about being cousins. Kind of easy ideas since it'll be the first grandkid in my family and first cousins on the other side.

    We won't be together but we'll open it on Skype :)

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  • @secicc12 I totally agree!
  • @EmyB30, @Peedy and @littlebug2010 those shirts are so cute!

    My parents are flying in on the 22nd to spend Christmas with us so I'm going to get a Big Brother shirt for DS to wear when we pick them up from the airport. I have a U/S on the 20th so as long as that's good I feel comfortable announcing to my parents on the 22nd. We will wait until around 14-15 weeks to announce to everyone else.
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  • We live near my husband's family and I told his sister first because she's due in July and I was the first person she told.  DH'S parents know because his mom will most likely be taking care of our son when I have appointments.  I also can't drive due to a knee injury so I'm super reliant on other people right now.  DH told his grandma and I told DH'S aunt because she is staying with me today to help with DS since I am on crutches.  I texted my twin sister the day I found out.  I'm going to tell my parents tomorrow in person.  I work with vinyl and want to make DS a shirt if I can.  
  • We are going to tell family around Christmas. My parents already know, and some close friends, but we are holding off for the rest of the family. It is just so convenient to tell folks when you see them in person and with it being the holidays, it'll be a nice Christmas surprise. I really like the idea of giving parents 'grandparents-to-be" items & siblings "future aunt/uncle" gifts.
    Like @bumpybump we are not doing a social media post. We both feel like if people don't talk to us in person, then we don't care about telling them. 

  • Because we have been dealing with fertility treatments for the past 2.5 years and were very open about our struggles, our moms knew we were going through this round of IUI. So in turn they already know even though it's early and were sworn to secrecy until Christmas. Since we are working with an RE we have a sono this Thursday and than another one a week later. I would like to tell our extended family on Christmas but have to wait to see how these next 2 weeks go. 
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  • My parents already know, it was so fun to tell them! We're announcing to the rest of the family on Christmas as well. I'll be almost 8 weeks which is early but we just can't pass up the Christmas announcement! We'll have had our first ultrasound by then as well. 
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  • We will be waiting until the end of the first trimester because of a loss earlier this year.  We are a blended family with both my husband and I having a daughter from previous marriages.  We are planning to take a picture of each girls shoes plus an extra pair for baby, with the caption "yours, mine, ours" with the caption changing depending on which side of the family it is for.
    @rachelfozo How old is your DD and SD? I have a DD4 and SS6 and don't personally know anyone with a blended family. It's nice to see another one on here and would love to connect more about successes/challenges/etc.!
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  • I think for our announcement I will probably get one of those "being promoted to big brother" shirts for my son on Etsy and take a really cute picture of him wearing it.

    we have a previous loss so I'll definitely be waiting until the first tri is over.    With our previous loss I announced it to everyone as soon as we got our BFP,  And it was absolutely horrible to then have to tell everyone we had a loss just a few weeks later
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  • I told my previous mom group because we have a spin off for girls who are actively trying and newly pregnant. Otherwise just the husband. We like to get into the 14 week range before we share with anyone else. Online support was a life saver the first time but having the secret with just your husband or spouse is amazing bonding. 
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    I reallllly want to wait till after Christmas to announce! I announced my pregnancy with DS 2 Christmases ago, and for some reason I feel like that is his holiday. I'm feeling guilty about being pregnant for his sake, so I don't want to make him share his announcement time. (probably so silly of me! ) So I'm going to announce this one at Mardi Gras. That is, if I can get away with no alcohol around all of my family. But truthfully, I want to have seen the baby and heard the heartbeat before I tell any of my family (1st appt Jan 3rd)
  • I'm not really sure what we'll do. All I know is I want is for somewhere in writing, to say "Oops we did it again".
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  • I told my Oct12 group already. Family won't be until after our first appt, which I have yet to make. New insurance, yay. I'll probably put a shirt on her or something. My sister is actually due in February so I might get cute tiny cousin shirts for them. 
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  • Planning to tell our families on Christmas. Gonna hide a present in the back of the tree and save it for last. It will have a big brother shirt and a big brother book for my son. I won't announce on social media until after my 20 week scan.

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  • @LifeAtMyOwnPace My DD is 10 and SD is 8...hopefully they will be huge helps with this baby!
  • Oh, I'd love to hear how you all told your SO!!! 

    Mine is less romatic than I had imagined. We had bought wine for our Netflix date later and I started to tell him that I didn't think I'd be having wine that night. I could barely finish without just bawling my eyes out. Poor guy did not see all that emotion coming. So he just hugged me awhile while I got myself together haha.

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  • We're going to try to wait until 1st trimester is over, but we'll see. Since this is baby #3 I just don't know how long we can hide it. Although, eating all the food during the holidays could be a good excuse for extra belly pudge, lol. Our first u/s isn't until Jan 9 so I'd like to at least wait until then. We're still throwing ideas around on how to do it for family and then social media. With this being DH first, I want him to get a major say in how it's done and for it to feel just as special as the other two felt for me. 
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    Overjoyed and thankful.

  • akwr said:
    Oh, I'd love to hear how you all told your SO!!! 
    I came into the kitchen where he was working on something and said, "Hey dear, can you help me with something." He said, "Sure," and then looked up as I put the test down on the table. His eyes got wide. "How many lines are there?" I asked. And then he got all serious and examined it. "I think I see two," he said, and then I giggled. 

    With our first, I greeted him when he came home from work with, "Hi, I'm pregnant." He just about passed out. :-P
  • @je5sc0 So cute!  My daughter is totally in the stranger danger phase and would not get anywhere near Santa!
  • We already told my parents and inlaws, just in person (my parents at Thanksgiving) and on the phone (DH's parents). 

    Because of a loss a year ago, we are waiting to tell the rest of the family.  For DH's family, his little brother is getting married in June (I'll be like 33 weeks) so we were thinking we might send them a picture of a maternity dress and say "What do you think of this dress for Adam's wedding? I'll need something to show off my big belly!"

    For friends on Facebook, we'll probably take a picture or a video of my daughter with a sign saying "I'm going to be a big sister!"  

  • We told my parents and inlaws two days after finding out. We live 6 hours away so took a picture of our daughter with a sign that said "I'm going to be a big sister but I don't know because I can't read yet!" I then sent 3 random pictures of her via text, then the announcement one, and then 3 more. As for everyone else, they will find out near the end of the 1st trimester probably. 
  • I made a Shutterfly book with a bunch of pics of our 9mo DD and at the end of the book I have a pic of her in front of a notebook that says "I wished for a best friend for Christmas and it came true!" And the next page is her in front of a Christmas tree and it says "I'm going to be a BIG SISTER! August 2017". I dont really like announcing before the initial ultrasound. Last time my first ultrasound was 6 weeks and this time it will be 9 weeks. BUT, my family is huge and that will be the only time they are all together probably til next year when my baby is already here. So it's either early, or a group text lol. We have about 5 books headed all over the country to my family and DH's family. We will see who actually waits to open them until Christmas lol
  • We've already told our parents. We're announcing to family on several different days the 18, 22, 24, and 27th of this month. I'm just going to wear a shirt that either says "bun in the oven" or "baby love" to the family get togethers. I'm just a bit nervous because we wont have had an ultrasound before we announce but its the only time everyone will be together. To announce on Facebook after the ultrasound on January 6th I'm going to take picture of our stockings and say something along the lines of Christmas actually came a little early at our house.
  • I told my family as soon as I found out. I'll wait until after I go to the doctor before announcing to the public.
  • For DH, ihad told him the week before that there was anon zero chance of being pregnant as I was already experiencing symptoms,  so we bought the test together. I just walked in from the bathroom and handed him the stick. He grinned ear  to ear and said "well then! Non zero it is".

     I've told my two best friends so i have support just in case, but no family yet. I'm waiting to break the 8 week mark as my mother took it extremely hard last April when we had a loss. Since it's the first grandbaby on both sides, and my family has a tradition of opening PJs on Xmas eve,  we're sending both sets of parents pjs that say "Grandma/Grandpa Bear" on them and a picture of my DH and I in matching "Momma/Papa Bear" pjs and possibly an ultrasound picture. Sadly it won't be in person for either as we all live in different states, but I'm hoping it will be fun and memorable. 
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    We will be waiting until the end of the first trimester because of a loss earlier this year.  We are a blended family with both my husband and I having a daughter from previous marriages.  We are planning to take a picture of each girls shoes plus an extra pair for baby, with the caption "yours, mine, ours" with the caption changing depending on which side of the family it is for.
    @rachelfozo How old is your DD and SD? I have a DD4 and SS6 and don't personally know anyone with a blended family. It's nice to see another one on here and would love to connect more about successes/challenges/etc.!
    We are sort of a blended fam as I have two boys (7, 5) from previous marriage and this will be his first
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