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  • Saw a thing that On Pinterest that we're totally going to do. Husband is going to have a full glass of beer and sitting beside it will be an empty glass of wine with a sticky saying "do not refill till August".
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  • My parents are visiting and we're getting both side over tomorrow and putting DD in a big sister shirt. We'll see if they notice. 
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  • We hand have only told the kids so far. My 11 year old essentially said we were liars since we said my now 14 month old was our last (which we thought was the case.) He also asked if there were ways to prevent pregnancy. Lol. He's actually a sweet kid who will get over it. I told him sometimes things happen you don't plan on and he should be glad for that since he was one of them. I think we will let everyone else know at the end of the month when I get a big sister shirt in the mail for my youngest. Thinking of lining the kids down the stairs with her at the bottom and seeing how long it takes people to notice it.
  • A bit late to this group as well. :) I found out I was pregnant the 19th of December and wanted to surprise DH on Christmas morning, but his parents were coming over and I didn't think he could keep it a secret from them. ;) I already have a 4 year old and wanted to make a valentines announcement or a 'player one, player two loading' photo for Facebook friends and family and work. I didn't want to tell family (as they are dramatic!) until after an ultrasound, which is this week. My two best friends know and husband's best friend knows. 

    Also, I had my son walk up to daddy randomly and tell him that "mommy has a baby growing in her belly" 

    hahaha my husband was in shock that our little knew first! ;) 
  • We are far too fearful to announce this one anytime soon. So just my BF knows as of now. I've already been put on bedrest so I assume my friends and family members will be able to figure it out soon. 
  • @pinnerk oh wow bed rest so soon... hope everything goes well for you and baby.

    I probably won't announce on social media until after we know the sex of the baby
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  • We put a big sister shirt on DD for both set of grandparents this weekend. My mother just didn't get it. 
    We have a friend living with us right now until his friends get a bigger place. He doesn't know so we're putting an inviction notice on his door for when he come homes lol.
  • dinofreak Love!! So adorable!
    Me: 37 DH: 32 TTGP Since 2014 INFERTILITY INFO (Medicated, IUI's, IVF/FET) IN SPOILER
    October 2014-April 2015: Without Medication or Doctor Guidance No Periods/No O BFN 
    Medicated April-December 2015: Clomid (didn't work) and so we tried Femera/Letrozole. Progesterone Met 1000 Not diagnosed PCOS but treating the same. Anovulatory. TI No US No O BFN 

    - TW - 
    January 2016-October 2016: Letrozole 2.5mg-7.5 mg, Pregyl or Ovideral Trigger Shot.
    9 cycles of IUI
    (7 Cancelled due to no mature follicles) (2 attempted IUI's with mature follicles)  

    IUI # 2 June 2016 and July 2016:  Met 1000, Estrogen (21 days), Progesterone (5 days) Femera 5m 6/28/16 Ultrasound CD14 = 25 follie. Pregnyl Trigger CD14 IUI 7/13 1stBeta (DPO 15): 7.6 (Surprise BFP...but Low #'s) 2ndBeta (DPO 17): 18 3rdBeta (DPO 19) 52.8 Progesterone Prescribed (spotting) 4thBeta (DPO 26) 6.9 Chemical Pregnancy BFN

    IVF and FET (diagnosed with PCOS) 204 pounds at start of IVF
    IVF # 1 October and November 2016: CCRM - Minneapolis 10/14 Consult and CD 3 testing, 10/14 started (OCP Antagonist - BCP) BCP, 10/21 1 day work up, Doxycycline 100mg 10 days, 10/24 stop bcp, Bloodwork US 10/29, 10/30-11/8 Stims 2 vials of Menopur, Dexamethasone, 225 of Gonal-F daily (dropped to 120). CCRM Vitamin Cocktail (like 20 of them), Monitoring (11/2, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8), Retrieval 11/10 (38 eggs, 30 mature, 16 fertilized ICSI), 11/16 8 Blasts 11/30 CCS testing results 3 Normal 5aa's (2 boys and 1 girl) 1 Unknown 4 Abnormal (All girls) 

    Fet #1 January 2017: CCRM - Minneapolis bcp/lupron/suppository/p4 in oil QOD AF 12/7, 12/8 start meds. 1/3 lining and blood work check 14/15 mm, BW check 1/6. 1/9 transfer with acupuncture 1 CCS/PGS Normal 5aa hatching Progesterone around 26ish? Lower estrogen level 207 (wanted above 300 but over 200 was acceptable), started 1 estrace, progesterone in oil every other day, vivelle dot patches 4 every other day, 3x estrodiol daily, vitamin cocktail. POAS: - 4dp5dt and 5dp5dt, 6dp5dt frer very very very faint line. 7dp5dt and 8dp5dt + on Accuclear. 8dp5dt pregnant on a clear blue easy digital. 214 pounds at FET
    1/18 #1 Beta 91.1
    1/20 #2 Beta 215.9
    2/3 6 week US 2 sacs? Twins? but only 1 heartbeat/pole good heartbeat Stopped taking baby asprin Added in DHEA Veg Vitamin (also got the report that they transferred a girl 5aa eggo) 
    2/10 7 week US 2 sacs (likely vanishing twin) only 1 heartbeat/pole etc good heartbeat 137
    2/24 9 week US 1 eggo sac good heart beat 182 1 very small fluid sac (shrinking) 
    2/24 9 week 2 days start weening. Graduated from RE (CCRM is now starting weening as soon as 8.5 weeks)
    3/7 10 Weeks 5 days  weened completely of FET meds A1C 5.3% (Normal)
    3/9 11 Weeks 1 day my progesterone level was 15 and my estrogen level was 881 (I freaked out!)
    3/16 12 Weeks 1 day baby heard on doppler 164 HB
    4/14 16 week 2 days Ultrasound baby is looking good with all good numbers sized 17 weeks. Also got to hear her on the doppler for a few mins too. 

    5/5 19 Weeks 2 days going in for "20" week anatomy ultrasound got measurements but need to come back as wasn't able to get all the measurements
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 4.6 cm 19 weeks 6 days* (78%) HC 17.0 cm 19 weeks 4 days* (70%) AC 14.5 cm 19 weeks 4 days* (69%) Femur 3.1 cm 19 weeks 6 days* (63%) Humerus 3.1 cm 20 weeks 2 days (84%) Cerebellum 2.0 cm 19 weeks 5 days
    CisternaMagna 6.2 mm Nuchal Fold 4.5 mm
    HC/AC 1.17 FL/AC 0.22 FL/BPD 0.68 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 309 grams - 0 lbs 11 oz
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 19 weeks 5 days +/- 10 days.

    6/9 24 Weeks 2 days Glucose Test 1 hour (Failed) 190
    6/16 25 Weeks 2 days Ultrasound and 1st Baby Shower 
    6/20 25 Weeks 6 days Glucose Test 3 Hours (Failed) 95 (95), 183 (180), 213 (155), 198 (140) etc
    6/21 26 Weeks Recommended to a perintologist
    6/22 26 Weeks 1 day start monitoring blood sugar levels 
    6/30 27 Weeks 2 day A1 (blood sugar test ordered)

    7/5 28 Weeks Echo and 3d Ultrasound
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 2.6 Q2: 3.2 Q3: 4.8 Q4: 5.6 AFI Total = 16.3 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal 
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 7.2 cm 28 weeks 5 days* (60%) HC 26.4 cm 28 weeks 4 days* (48%) AC 23.3 cm 27 weeks 4 days* (36%) Femur 5.2 cm 28 weeks 0 days* (36%) Humerus 4.8 cm 28 weeks 0 days (49%)
    HC/AC 1.13 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.73 Ceph Index 0.77 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1142 grams - 2 lbs 8 oz (37%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 28 weeks 1 day +/- 14 days.

    7/10 28 Weeks 5 days Dietitian Appt and Lactatcian Consultant and A1 blood draw 5.4% (normal) 218.5 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks GD consult. 6 Lantus at 7pm daily. Novolog 1 unit for every 15 gm carbohydrate if consumed more than 30 gm at brkfst or 60 gm at lunch or supper 215.6 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks Transferred care to OB due to high risk. 216 pounds

    8/2 32 Weeks Ultrasound (not cooperative and still breech) and then weekly NST's
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.0 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (44%) HC 29.2 cm 31 weeks 6 days* (22%) AC 26.9 cm 31 weeks 0 days* (24%)  Femur 6.3 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (57%) Humerus 5.7 cm 32 weeks 6 days (71%)
    HC/AC 1.08 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.78 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1808 grams - 3 lbs 15 oz (29%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 31 weeks 6 days +/- 18 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.4 Q2: 2.9 Q3: 2.9 Q4: 4.4 AFI Total = 13.6 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/8 32w6d upped to 1:10 for dinner 
    8/11 Baby Shower
    8/13 Baby Shower
    8/16 34 weeks NST good reading Upped to 8 at bed for fasting and 1:7 for dinner 
    8/18 Dr Appt

    8/24 35 weeks 1 day (was suppose to be scheduled for 36 weeks) Weeks Ultrasound/GD Dr Appt/OB Appt 
    Frank Breech
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.9 cm 35 weeks 6 days* (67%) HC 31.7 cm 35 weeks 1 day * (35%) AC 30.2 cm 34 weeks 2 days* (33%) Femur 6.9 cm 34 weeks 6 days* (57%) Humerus 6.0 cm 34 weeks 6 days (64%)
    HC/AC 1.05 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.80 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 2494 grams - 5 lbs 8 oz (39%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 35 weeks 1 day +/- 21 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.3 Q2: 3.8 Q3: 2.4 Q4: 3.8 AFI Total = 13.4 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/31 36 Weeks
    9/7 37 Weeks
    9/10 Water broke...I got it tested at the emergency room it it showed it was negative. More water breaking and didn't go to the dr.
    9/11 37 weeks 4 days Called the Dr and got retested for water breaking...
    10:30pmish Baby Girl Born via Emergency C Section (Frank Breech Baby) 6lbs 3oz  -
    9/13 Dropped to 5 pounds 10oz and had jaundice 
    9/13 38 weeks

    9/22 39 Weeks 2 days C Section Scheduled for 10am (arrive at 8am) Equinox/Solstice
    EDD 9/27
  • We told our parents and immediate family before Christmas with a little postcard with the news on it :) Then we told our aunts, uncles and cousins the day after our first prenatal appointment (we were 10 weeks and we heard the heartbeat). We shared with our closest friends that day too! Today we are 12 weeks - I wore a t-shirt that says "We're hoping it's a kitten" in the belly area to "announce" to my co-workers. So the cat is out of the bag now! We're excited along with everyone else!!
  • Hi ladies! 

    We announced to immediate family early. I had JUST had a conversation with my mom the week before my bfp about how my FS was putting me on clomid for my December cycle and she was all worried. Then like a week later we found out we wouldn't need clomid and since my DD knew and would be at grandmas for the night we had to tell or she'd spill the beans. So, I bought a "grandkidS" (emphasis on the s) pic frame and put a note inside that said Grandkid #2 coming August 2017 and wrapped it up like an Xmas gift. This was about 10 days before Xmas. She was confused when I gave her the gift bag and asked if it would explode because it was Xmas yet, lol. She had a super shocked face and then cried when she read the note. We told my in-laws the next day bc they too would be alone with our DD that weekend. We did the same thing, frame with a note and I put a "living the good life at grandmas" onesie in there too. My hubbys mom is not emotional, like at all, so her reaction was a little anticlimactic. His dad was excited and started chanting "boy, boy". We'd have the first grandson or the sixth granddaughter. And hubby is the only son so he's expected to keep the name alive. We told my dad and his family on Christmas when we were with them. Dad and stepmom solo, grands and aunts/uncles/cousins at Xmas dinner by giving my grandparents a card that said they've been such great, great-grandparents that we wanted to give them another great grandbaby. They knew we'd been trying over a year and my gpa was so surprised. Everyone then asked us one million questions, lol. we didn't tell my best friend (maid of honor and best man at our wedding) until 8 weeks because we couldn't get together in person until then. We had a shirt for my DD that said "only child expiring 2017" and met them for brunch, she was wearing the shirt and we asked her to be subtle and let them notice it. Best man got suspicious when he asked what I was drinking and I said apple juice (they had mimosas, hubby had a beer) then he read DD shirt and kept quiet but gave us a look. I said "she hasn't noticed yet" and we all laughed a little, he then told the MOH that there was something on DD shirt, she thought we meant there was food on HER face and kept rubbing her face. Lol!! She FINALLY read DDs shirt and burst into tears. They also knew we'd been trying a long time and seeing specialists. A few coworkers know bc I'm close to them, one knows bc I am a chemist and had to tell that I can't do certain tests any longer. 

    We plan on doing a public announcement on Valentine's Day, probably a photo shoot. I'll be embarking on the second trimester then so we'll be ready to share the news with the world. 
  • @cltweed omg the safety pins! So cute! 
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  • We announced to our dd on christmas. She opened a gift from Santa that had a bottle, pacis, 2 sleepers and a book. She was so excited.

    We posted about it publicly early then I would have liked but DD isn't good at keeping it a secret :)
  • We got our BFP on Dec 1. Since it was so close to Christmas, we wanted to wait until then to tell our parents.  My group of best friends figured it out before though and pulled it out of me.  11+4 today, and pretty much all of our friends know and some of our extended family.  We found out the gender yesterday through NIPT, and I'm even more bursting at the seams to tell the world now!! I think we are going to wait until the end of February to do a facebook announcement.  We live in the south and that's Mardi Gras time, so we want to use that to announce it.
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  • edited January 2017
    I'm so excited - we finally to DS last night he's going to be a big brother! He jumped up and down and asked to touch my belly. Then asked if the baby could sleep in his bed, haha. He just turned 6 so he's very excited to help, well as much as a 6 year old can. We were holding off telling him until I made it through first tri and we got a good bill of health through genetic testing. I'm so lucky to have such a sweet boy who's going to be an amazing big brother! 
    As for the rest of the world we will do a photo session with our son and let him "announce" if for us :-)
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    I want to announce on Valentine's day. I will be 12w by then. My MIL cannt wait to announce our baby. I am not as excited. Dont want to drag negative attention to my baby! 

    (Edited for i had shared too much)
  • @TalorSTroyer you got gorgeous little girls! Hope baby#4 is a boy!!!
  • Thank you @andressab! My oldest is pulling hard for a boy! Lol
  • @TalorSTroyer i can imagibe she is. She doesnt want to share her clothes, accessories and makeup a few years down the line. Hahhaaa
  • We've only shared with some family now. Sent them this pic of my youngest. She wasn't being super cooperative. 
  • @lmyrmo her hair colour is fabulous! Where did you get that shirt? Been looking for something similar for dd
  • @BabyFeld thank you. We got the shirt from the Mama app. It's similar to/linked with Unfortunately shipping takes a long time though.
  • dmbfan46835dmbfan46835 member
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    @jwatt5 super cute! I get not announcing. We aren't even close yet either. Is scary! 
  • This will be the public announcement in a few days. Nothing fancy. I am just not that creative

  • This is ours. It will go up the day before Valentines. DS is 6 and has that awkward smile phase going on, haha. But I love it 
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