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Stupid Questions December

I feel like we haven't had a "stupid questions" thread in a while, and with all these new babies coming, I'm sure at the very least I will have some!

Re: Stupid Questions December

  • I'm in the same boat! What does a contraction feel like? How can I tell if my water breaks? That sort of thing
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  • @AbriannaO and @karalynn95 For me contractions felt like riding a wave. Starting slowly in my lower pelvis and getting stronger and more painful as it went up and around my uterus and then slowly calming down. They are definitely different than Braxton Hicks which aren't painful (for me) but are just really tight. 

  • I've never been in labor, so I really can't answer from experience, but another thing they say about real contractions is that the pain wraps around your back. Also, in my birthing class we were taught that a good way to distinguish between false labor and real labor is to take a shower. If things slow down, it's not time.

    Here's my stupid question...or maybe I just need input: I've been trying to avoid caffeine through 3rd trimester because I don't want my baby to be addicted when he comes out, and I also want coffee to have the max effect when I need it. Right now I'm down to drinking a cup of green tea in the mornings, and the occasional half-caf coffee. But Kellymom says that the half-life of caffeine in a newborn is 65-130 hours! So now I'm thinking it would maybe be best to have the baby sensitized to my daily cup of coffee and not have to deal with a crazy newborn...

    What do you guys think? Go back to my cup a day habit? Keep on with the green tea?
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  • @PensiveCrayon I'm glad you brought up the caffeine question, because I've been bothered by this, too. I always feel such guilt when I have coffee, and I really don't have that much - maybe 4-5 cups a week. I can't tell you how many times I've read that one cup of coffee a day is fine, but still, it does nothing to settle my guilt. 

  • For the labor question, I can honestly say that early in labor, I could not tell I was having contractions at all. Not even Braxton Hicks. If I happened to feel my stomach, it was hard, but I didn't have any pain at all. It wasn't until the pitocin started kicking in that things got painful in any way. I remember thinking that I was glad my water broke because I had no idea that I was having timeable contractions and wouldn't have known to call my doc/head to the hospital. There was no "you'll just KNOW" moment for me. 

    As for caffeine, I am with @DiFazette and @sourlemon - even in the third trimester, I was having some caffeine almost every day and I don't see any side effects. I am also having a cup of coffee now, but I did wait until after I pumped just in case... I don't think it's necessary though, just me being superstitious/overly cautious.

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  • As far as logging your baby daily for feedings & changes, how are you planning on recording it?  Will/have you printed out a daily record log to write on? Are you planning on using a phone app? If so, which one, and how will DH help with that?  I'm trying to get organized with a record I can at least attempt to keep track and am not sure what way works best.
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  • Caffeine! I am on the same fence ladies. I was going to cut down to nothing or just caffeinated tea for the last month... then I realized I have 2 kids. So while I have cut down the intake, I'm still having 1 or 2 shots of espresso a day. (Non pregnant it would be 3-6 shots a day). 
    So I've got 6 days until Lucas is born. Haha... ha. 
    I drank the brown stuff my whole pregnancy with DD2, and while bfing for a year. She seemed fine, a little intense, but that's just her personality. She's 5 and still an intense ball of joy. 

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  • @temmetime I'm using an app called Baby Daybook (android only) and just asking my husband who has an iPhone to tell me what he does and when. It lets you log info and times for diaper changes (wet and dirty), pumping (ml), feedings (ml), weight, height, head size... I like it but I'm thinking we will only use it while she is a newborn because it is tedious. Our doctor told us we needed to be vigilant with feedings and monitor diaper #s because of all the weight she lost after coming home, and it does do a good job of keeping track of that info. 
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  • @temmetime I know lots of people use apps, but I hate looking at electronics at night so I refuse. with dd1 we used a whiteboard and wrote down the time the feeding started and amount (we formula fed). that way DH or myself could glance at it...he didn't have to learn and app on my phone and I didn't have to use electronics at night. we did not track diaper once we left the hospital. 

    We plan on the same system for this kiddo. the whiteboard is command stripped to the fridge waiting to go! 
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  • As for contractions, the early labor ones were not that bad and I didn't realize I had been having them for weeks leading up to labor. Once in active labor with pitocin it felt like my pelvis was being ripped in half at the peak of contractions. It was a feeling that I'll never forget. 

    Caffeine - I drank one cup of coffee a day throughout my entire pregnancy and see no effects on the baby. She's super chill so far. 

    I use the baby tracker app on iPhone for feedings, diapers, and pumping. It's super easy to use but is already tedious so hopefully our pediatrician will let us stop tracking soon (she never lost any weight after birth).
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    @kbduke wasn't your little girl over 8lbs? And they're worried about tracking her weight when she hasn't lost any? Hm. My kids have been 8 1/2 lbs or more and they both lost 1 lb, but doctors weren't concerned as long as their weight went back up to birth weight within 1 week. I'm no pediatrician, but it seems like you are doing a darn good job! 

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  • @yellingbanana yep she was 8lbs 2oz and actually gained before we were discharged. She is very vocal about her dietary needs lol. 
  • We aren't "tracking" feedings. Keeping a count of wets and dirties but for feedings, I watch for his hunger cues and I feed him as long as he wants. I try not to let more than 2-3 hours go between each feeding but he's hitting that 1 week growth spurt now so he slept for 4 hours earlier and made up for it by eating every hour for 3 hours when he woke up. His doctor is fine with the way we're doing it. He's gaining his weight back, 4oz up from his discharge weight today. So he said whatever we're doing is working and to keep it up.
  • kbduke said:
    @yellingbanana yep she was 8lbs 2oz and actually gained before we were discharged. She is very vocal about her dietary needs lol. 
    What?! That is so strange that they'd be worried or have you tracking everything. Her weight speaks for itself. I wouldn't worry at all, you are just fine. I mean, again, no pediatrician here, but sounds like she is doing better with her weight than the average baby. Psh, you are good. 

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  • ALL THE CAFFEINE for me! (Just kidding, one cup a day). I drank one a cup a day with the first my whole pregnancy and he came out the sleepiest, cuddliest baby ever. 
  • I'm glad to hear others haven't had caffeinated babies, I've been wondering if I should be avoiding coffee in these last few weeks! Glad to hear I can indulge in my daily cup without worry.
  • @dmontgo I'd say every baby is different, but I'd imagine the sound of the vacuum wouldn't be too loud for a baby considering all of the muffled noises they've been hearing from the inside. I can see how some babies might find it soothing. The best test is to try it out and see how he reacts.. 
    when DD1 was born we were living in an apartment right next to a fire department and every day at noon they would set off an alarm. She was never bothered by the noise at all! Anyway, I say all that to say I'm pretty pro-noise when they are little. I think giving them the opportunity to adjust to sleeping in various atomospheres can be beneficial to future sleep patterns. 

    PS you're going to do great❤️

  • @Christinaruth74 I got to thinking about it and I realized how loud the NICU was. Alarms were going off all the time, so I figured he would be ok...I was right! Now I feel a lot better about him being on the ground. :)

    Thank you <3
  • Since clean carpets and tummy time came up...when do you start doing tummy time? 
  • My friend gave me a large flat "tummy time" bear pillow to use. I figured I would use that and blankets to avoid direct contact with the carpet since we have dogs and they'll never be super clean.
  • I second @yellingbanana with using a blanket or a playmat. we have dogs. hair on the floor, hair on the couch, hair on the bed, hair on the carpet is rough. and my kid was a super spitter! it's so much easier to wash a blanket than shampoo the couch!  
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  • We have a couple of mats for tummy time that I am excited to use! I wouldn't put him straight on the carpet because I am paranoid about his immune system right now. >.> 
  • I second all the blanket suggestions. Getting a playmat or blanket is great. When DD1 was itty we would also use the boppy for some tummy time. She wasn't a fan of tummy time in general, so being propped up made it a little more tolerable. We would just prop her with her arms and head over the front of the boppy, if that makes sense?

  • @slartybartfast ya, we didn't do nearly as much TT as was recommended.. it was always sort of an after thought. But we never had any issues with flat spots and, although I wouldn't call DD a rockstar developmentally, she still hit all the marks in her own time. 

  • I'm looking at breast pumps, and my insurance covers the Medela starter set, which seems fine, but then for an extra $95, I could get the upgrade to the tote or backpack with cooler and extra containers. I'm going to be at stay at home mom for at least the first 9 months, so I'm not totally sure if the extra money for the cooler is necessary, since I won't be pumping at work or anything. 

    Has any other stay at home mom gotten any decent use from the extra cooler to make it worth the $95? 

  • @slartybartfast we weren't huge on tummy time because dd1 hated it so much. but the Dr said having them on your chest while you are leaning back "counts" if they are lifting their heads. I'd say 80% of true tummy time was like that. but all floor playtime was on blankets due to super spitter status...until she was walking lol. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • @Lisa3379 the pump my insurance covered had a cooler and all of that... I'm a SAHM and I don't think I ever used it. If you're going somewhere for a while and feel the need to bring a cooler, any one would do, really. 

  • On the caffeine, I tried to stop when I was pregnant with DS, and got horrid withdrawal headaches-so I asked my doc about how I had heard the baby won't sleep, etc, if I keep drinking coffee and she looked at me like I was a crazy person and told me to drink coffee if I was having like, migraine level withdrawal headaches. DS slept through the night at like, 3-4 weeks (I had to wake to eat until he hit his birth weight, but he would have slept through), and was not hyperactive, so I basically agree with others. Go with coffee!

    I agree with @acreight13 about contractions...literally the SAME experience I had with contractions. It kind of started out as super bad digestive issues and turned into something that I had to lean over the counter to deal with. That's how I knew it was real.

  • @Lisa3379 I went back to work, but I never used the cooler. The extra bottles though were awesome. I had a set of 3 for and 3 for work.

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  • @Lisa3379 we must have similar insurance! I upgraded to the Medela tote bag for $95 because it had a battery pack, extra bottles and the tote bag itself. While the cooler is nice, I was actually more sold on the battery pack. Plus when it arrived at our house DH mentioned it was big enough to also be a diaper bag for when we are out for long periods of time. I love dual purpose items. 
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