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  • @MooFish2364. I may or may not have two ziploc bags under my bathroom sinks with my tests from my two pregnancies.... o:)
  • @MooFish2364  I had to toss my test after the loss.  I was getting so stressed out about seeing it.  And, I have been using pg tests to track my HCG down to 0 and it's like a big slap in  the face every time I see that BFP because I wanted all the HCG to be out of my system.  

    @SoonToBeMommaHowe I took a pic of my pg test zoomed in and  changed the lighting just to see if my line had faded. (I am testing my HCG back to 0)  We do crazy things with babies on the brain!
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  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe funny enough this is how I found out I was pregnant the first time: BFN after the 3 min mark then when I was taking out the trash out the next day I saw a faint BFP that got darker every day. Test tomorrow and keep us posted! FX
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    BFP: 08/20/16, Blighted ovum 9/26/16 (8 weeks 4 days), D&C 9/28/16 (8 weeks 6 days)
    BFP: 12/16/16  => DD born 08/27/2017
  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe  No shame at all and definitely not crazy.  
    @justsuzie  Like you I threw out the positive preg tests.  I kept it for maybe a week or so until I garnered enough strength to toss them.  I would just be triggering myself every time I saw them.  I know me.  
    @kidria - fx that it is too soon.  
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    BFP 9/6/2016 - Missed MC 10/20/2016  
    BFP 5/5/2017  - CP
    IVF #1 - June 2017  - Transferred 1 fresh 4 AA embryo.  7/9 Beta #1 - 161 
    <3 Adam <3 Born on 3/18/18

  • My temps STILL haven't gone up to where they usually go after I O, but I'm pretty sure I go here now.  Maybe 3DPO?  Maybe 2?  I've never had such wonky temps.  Is there such a thing as becoming a slow riser out of the blue?

    @justsuzie I tossed mine too and it makes me sad now.  I've spent so much time over the past months searching in vain for a second line, I kind of wish I had the reassurance that second lines DO happen.

    @kidria When are you gonna test?
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    MooFish2364 . I threw mine away immediately and after the loss I started to regret it. :( 

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  • @justsuzie I also had to track my HCG and it sucked getting BFPs still. You wait all of that time to get one (it took us forever the first time) and then you have to test until it's negative. It totally sucks. 
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    I'm out. The witch arrived this afternoon. Now we're looking at 9 months on the bench, that will put us at nearly 4 years TTC. How, how, how does this stuff happen?!

    I attempted to call the sperm bank this afternoon to see about getting DHs sperm frozen and using it for either IUI or IVF at the start of the new year but I only had 15 minutes and they put me on hold so I got nowhere. 

    Good luck to everyone still in the TWW <3
    DH - 34, Me - 32
    Married 7/13
    TTC #1 since 10/13
    BFP 2/4/15, MC twin boys at 18w3d 5/15
    IUI #1 2/25/16

  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe Sorry that sucks about AF and the phone wait time. I hope that you are able to get ahold of someone, so that maybe you can do a couple rounds of IUI. FX for you!
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    Me 31, DH 30
    Married: 07/2014, TTC since 12/2015
    BFP #1: 1/1/16, MC 1/14/16 (6 weeks), D&C 2/5/16 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 5/25/16, MC 6/23/16 (8 weeks), D&C 6/24/16, 2nd D&C for retained tissue and fibroid removal 9/1/16
    BFP #3: 12/24/16  EDD 09/04/2017
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  • So sorry for CD1 @Soontobemommahowe. GL with the sperm bank! Hopefully they can come up with the an arrangement that works for you!

    As for me, I'm sitting here at 2-3DPO and already feeling impatient...It's going to be a long week and half.
  • Sorry for AF, @SoonToBeMommaHowe. Hopefully you'll have better luck contacting the sperm bank soon so you know what your options are. Take care of yourself in this long benched period.  <3
  • @migdala For better or worse, I have a shorter LP. AF rears her head before I even get to testing time. 

    Noticed some spotting today so that in addition to not having THE feeling tells me I'm out this cycle.  I'll be warming the bench for the next several months while we work out a new plan.  

    Also, I did an experimental temp this morning long after waking up and got a 94.4! I think my thermometer must be broken. 
  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe This is the best news ever! 
  • @SoontobeMommaHowe I'm so so glad you were able to get a plan in place! Extended bench time sucks, so I'm happy you have a way to keep trying in the mean time. 
  • I go here now. Pretty sure I O'd yesterday and temp spike this morning confirms it. I swear ever cycle...sometimes multiple cycles. DH will ask me after relations if I am ovulating or not. Every time I tell him I don't know. It's not like I get a text message from my ovaries. You'd think after a year and a half of TTC he would get it by now. Lol

    @SoonToBeMommaHowe I'm so glad you were able to work out a plan!! 1-2 months is totally better than 9! 
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  • @kidria Ugh sorry about AF and the bench.  And GL on the big move!!!

    @SoonToBeMommaHowe I'm so happy you're not staring down the barrel of a 9 month bench!!!  I've thought about your situation so much over the last few days.  Praying that you have success in the IUIs and that your husband's time in Panama goes by quickly!

    AFM I am pretty sure I'm 4DPO today.  My temps are .5 lower than they usually are post-O, but they're being consistent and they're all higher than my cover line.  I did a vaginal temp this morning just as an experiment after temping orally and it was a full point higher than my oral temp ... I wonder if the cold/dryness and my stuffy nose has led to me sleeping with my mouth open more this cycle, which would affect the oral temp.  I think I'm going to switch to all vaginal temping next month, which I'm sure won't freak DH out at all  :D
  • @migdala Vaginal temps will always be higher than oral temps, whether you mouth breathe or not. So, you can't really compare absolute temp values. If you are mouth breathing though, it will help reduce the rockiness in your chart. You're right though, definitely wait for next cycle to switch. GL keeping your DH from freaking out! I admit that's one reason why I never temped that way - I didn't want to have to explain it to my H, who already thinks I obsess too much...LOL.
  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe Great news! A solid plan for TTCing and avoiding the dreaded Zika bench! GL!

    @RiverSong15 I think you could go into business as a TTC consultant. Only half joking!
  • @soontobemommahowe - that is the best new - what a relief!!!!

    @MooFish2364 - its funny over the weekend when I was trying to analyze all the things to see if I oed I was thinking I wish i could just get a text message to tell me. Hahaha It can be funny how men try but just don't entirely get it.
  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe Glad you were able to come up with a plan! :smiley:

    @MooFish2364 My H is now asking the same question about when I've O'd. I'm sitting here at CD 51 and no clear thermal shift and I'm always "your guess is as good as mine."  Haha.  I've had my cross hairs taken away a few times this cycle.  I second @TScalei - a text message would make things a helluva lot easier!

    @migdala  Sleeping with your mouth open could have affected your temps. I'm thinking about vaginal temping next month, though wouldn't it be so nice/easier to have one of those 'swipe the forehead'-type basal body thermometers?
    Me: 35     DH: 37
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    BFP: 10.3.16 | CP: 10.11.16
    BFP: 12.14.16 | CP: 12.14.16
    BFP:  1.23.17 | EDD 10.6.17 -- DS born 10.7.17 <3
    BFP:  9.9.18 | EDD 5.23.19 -- DD born 5.24.19 <3
    BFP: 9.1.21 | MC 10.1.21
    BFP: 11.11.21 | EDD 7.24.22 


  • @laberge3 This is random but I was actually involved in a patent litigation that had to do with those forehead thermometers ... our experts didn't like them, they thought they tended to be inaccurate.  That was about 3 years ago now so I'm sure there have been advances, but I can't help but still be skeptical!  I caved to the marketing blitz and got the Wink thermometer (not a forehead swipe - just a regular one), which has bluetooth and automatically records my temp on my phone app.  I don't think I can go back to a non-bluetooth one, I love that I can take my temp and then keep hitting snooze without having to open my phone to record it.
  • @migdala I was toying with the idea of getting one of those! My problem is that I always end up waking up about an hr before my alarm and temping (since that's my longest stretch of sleep) then falling back to sleep and re-taking my temp at my regular time to see if it still is semi accurate to my reg temp pattern. Have you had any issues like this while using the Wink one?
  • @szwill86 I *usually* only temp once, but a couple of times I've re-temped after I've slept in more and the Wink only records the first one in my Kindara app.  But I still get an alert on my phone that the Wink has received a new temp reading, and the new reading appears on the Wink screen the next time I open it.  So I can manually change it in the app if I want to.  Honestly, what swayed me the most when I bought it wasn't the bluetooth because I didn't realize how nice that would be at that point - I just liked the way it looked  :D
  • @migdala I might have to look into the Wink - not having to record temperatures manually just might be worth it.  I had always wondered about the forehead swipe thermometers...doesn't surprise me there's an accuracy issue with them, but good to know!  They just look so neat.
    Me: 35     DH: 37
    BFP: 1.6.16 | MC: 2.17.16
    BFP: 10.3.16 | CP: 10.11.16
    BFP: 12.14.16 | CP: 12.14.16
    BFP:  1.23.17 | EDD 10.6.17 -- DS born 10.7.17 <3
    BFP:  9.9.18 | EDD 5.23.19 -- DD born 5.24.19 <3
    BFP: 9.1.21 | MC 10.1.21
    BFP: 11.11.21 | EDD 7.24.22 


  • @migdala Who knew temping would get so innovative.  I love the idea of not having to write or enter any temps into a chart.  Thanks for sharing. 
  • Thank you ladies! I'm so excited to have a better plan than the bench! 

    I never even knew these fancy thermometers existed! Yowza
    DH - 34, Me - 32
    Married 7/13
    TTC #1 since 10/13
    BFP 2/4/15, MC twin boys at 18w3d 5/15
    IUI #1 2/25/16

  • 5DPO right now. I despise, as I'm sure most of us do, waiting to test once there's nothing else I can do. 

    Sorry for everything @SoonToBeMommaHowe. I'm glad you have a plan though!
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    BFP #1: 1/27/13 DS #1 born 10/16/13
    BFP #2: 1/20/16, ectopic discovered 1/23/16
    Surgery 1/23/16 to remove ruptured tube
    TTCAL 3/16
    BFP #3: 3/24/17 EDD 12/5/17
    DS #2 born 12/11/17

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