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Monday B*fest

It's Monday, you know the drill.

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Monday B*fest

  • I haven't thrown up in two whole weeks. I was extremely happy about this - morning sickness has been the bane of my existence, as it has many of yours. This morning I wake up and spend 15 minutes dry heaving before I can finish getting ready for work. Boo hiss.
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • I woke up at 5:30 this morning and thought "ok, pee time"...  It was two hours later than normal because we were up till midnight watching TWD and TD.  As soon as I got up I was hit with the WORST gas pains ever.  I almost cried.  They wrapped all the way around my back and stomach in the most awful way.  Needless to say, I could not get comfortable again and never went back to sleep.  Not a great start to a Monday.
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  • I cleaned yesterday and my back has hurt since 5PM yesterday. Bath didn't help, neither did sleep. Work is gonna be fun!
  • A friend of mine had her baby shower last night. She usually hates that kind of stuff, so it was just a group of friends who got together and paid for a cooking class and had fun. Super lovely, super great, etc etc. Except it was an evening class, so we didn't finish the main dish until 8:45. And let's just say I have learned my lesson about eating a largish portion that late. Oh my god I was up every 20 minutes last night, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, etc etc. Ugh. 

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    Well it's Monday....

    No sex for I'm not even sure how long.... it was me at first, baby was sitting low and I was very uncomfortable. Now it's him same thing happened last pregnancy. The giant bump and kicking baby scares him a bit. Which I get and understand but ya know I miss it still!

    My BS readings were looking great like perfect but now I've had several around 140/150 which are way to high. I'm really bummed that I am going to end up GD again. Not sure how the OB will react tomorrow.

    Oh and the Network guy is in a mood again :/ ugh
    whatever dude.

  • @yogadevil That sounds so messed up. I have no clue about insurance but I would have to guess most people don't have "typical" pregnancies and need extra ultrasounds and all of that. What are all of these people having to do who have your insurance? It doesn't make sense to me. I'm sorry that's happening and you have to deal with all of that. It's always SO confusing! Do you meet your deductible or OOP max at a reasonable point in time? Ugh insurance is so shitty to deal with. 
  • @yogadevil how effing ridiculous!!! That's beyond frustrating and I'm pissed off for you. I didn't even know that was possible! Something sounds really off. I really hope and pray something gets resolved because obviously there is still a ways to go, plus a whole delivery that needs to happen. Do you have an Out of pocket maximum? I'm in disbelief over this!
  • @homemake our deductible is sky high ($6500 per calendar year) but DH's work reimburses anything that is deemed medically necessary. So that boils down to how things are coded as well. We paid OOP for fertility testing and procedures, but now both BCBS and DH's work reimbursement program are both saying the same things about the coding issue tying their hands in regards to the actual pregnancy.

    I'm not sure what other people do with our insurance. It's actually a phenomenal plan when you factor in coverage and the deductible reimbursement, our clinic even deals with BCBS as their preferred provider. I was on the phone with a Blue Cross patient advocate for 40 mins this morning and she agreed with me and apologized for a lot. So emotionally that made me feel better but financially it's the same runaround
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    With my first pregnancy, I was all about the sex in 2nd tri. This time around, I have zero drive and when we get around to doing it, it's actually uncomfortable and doesn't feel very good.... poor H. We still make time to fool around and such, but yeah, sex is kind of a no go at this point. 
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  • @foxrosy thank you, it helps to hear that I'm not being unnecessarily mad and frustrated about this. We do have an OOP max which we'll hit for 2016 right at the buzzer if I'm calculating correctly. But I'm due in January so it will start all over again. 
  • With my first pregnancy, I was all about the sex in 2nd tri. This time around, I have zero drive and when we get around to doing it, it's actually uncomfortable and doesn't feel very good.... poor H. We still make time to fool around and such, but yeah, sex is kind of a no go at this point. 
    I had the not feeling good issue. Tried in the shower--much better. Worth a shot! 
  • +1 to team no action here. H and I just seem to be on different schedules and the last time we tried it was pretty painful for me. So, celibacy it is for now.
  • @yogadevil that's total BS! Is placenta previa considered 'high risk' and maybe the doctor's office needs to label that with insurance or something? I'm so sick of insurance and politics involving prenatal care and maternity care for women! Have you totally gone off on insurance instead of being nice and kind? I'm usually the one who tries to be totally sweet and gets screwed over when really they just need to be chewed out sometimes...
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  • I'm so sorry @yogadevil. That's awful. I'm sure it probably will get sorted out in the end, but you're right, you don't need that frustration. 

    Is there a company that oversees your practice that you could talk to?

  • @yogadevil I second the high risk coding.   My pregnancy was from IVF, so my doctor office codes it "high risk" because there is a miniscule increased risk of heart issues with IVF.   (My doctor said she also doesnt argue the coding because she figures we have all spent a ton, so why not get a small break!)  Anyways, my placena is low, about 2 cm from the cervix, but she said she is keeping the "high risk" label the rest of the time. I have UnitedHealthcare, but they have been covering everything at 100% because of this.  I haven't hit my out of pocket, so they should only be covered at 80% at this point.  But, being a large HC group, maybe they are similar?  High risk i would think would get you more coverage or at least a few more visits!
  • @yogadevil I feel your frustration. I had BS through work, paid a couple thousand towards my deductible. Then left that job and had to buy independently with a whole new deductible. And yes, 2017 I get to start it all over again. 

    I still call BS on something with the billing. I had to fight for a patient who was being charged $400+ for a routine pelvic exam. I spent a lot of time on the phone and it turns out our biller submitted a code that wasn't the most appropriate. I wonder if there is a problem with the billing codes because this all sounds crazy. 
  • We've been doing really well in the action department. Until this past week. DH is kinda being a girl and not feeling so sexy about himself. I'm trying to be supportive, but really just want to tell him "Get over it dude. You're hot! Get on this!" 
  • OMG you guys I would die. I'm the opposite, I want sex like every other day. I cried last week because we went 3 days and DH didn't initiate anything LOLOL can I blame that one on pregnancy hormones?
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  • @yogadevil That is bull! I don't see how they are allowed to decline payment for medically necessary screenings.
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @TeacherMom2517 @leslie1331 I thought it was considered high risk? I was coded that way at around 15w due to contracting and bedrest. Idk what changed. I swear I'm Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to dealing with insurance, I've been sweet and assertive and then a straight up pitbull. 

    @Xstatic3333 I'm waiting to hear back to see what the patient advocate figured out. I've been documenting each phone call to the different companies so hopefully we can get on the same page eventually.

    @foxrosy I swear it's the billing codes too! I ask everytime what they're coding the appointment as to add to my notes. I feel so unqualified to deal with this all (or maybe just dumb). I know it'll somehow get sorted out eventually, in the interim I just need a break from it all
  • tishb said:
    We've been doing really well in the action department. Until this past week. DH is kinda being a girl and not feeling so sexy about himself. I'm trying to be supportive, but really just want to tell him "Get over it dude. You're hot! Get on this!" 
    Seriously! If anything, we are the ones who are supposed to feel not so sexy with all the changes to our body, and they should be cheering us on! So I'm with you, just tell him to man up and keep up with you, LOL!
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  • @yogadevil you're totally not stupid for not understanding the coding stuff. It's hard enough for the people who work in the field! I'm glad you have a patient advocate and I really hope they get this all sorted out. 
  • @yogadevil - that sucks.  My insurance blows too and I paid ~10k for my last high risk pregnancy out of pocket.  My recommendation is to start asking for payment plans for all your bills.  I didn't start asking for payment plans until the end, and before that I was putting everything on a credit card which ended up taking a long time to pay off because I didn't really understand how it all worked.  Someone told me (not sure if its true) hospitals have to say yes to a payment plan.  I had no one push back when I asked, so in my experience, true.  Not sure if drs offices are the same.  But figure out what you can afford before you call, because I was asked how much per month I would like to pay.  Good luck and I'm crossing my fingers that your previa has cleared!!  

  • @Vastra maybe just mirror their grope right back, on their non-pregnant-ness? Make sure you tell them you "just wanted to check what it felt like" because that makes it okay, right? I'm lolling at that imagined exchange.
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  • Okay, based on all this action talk, my second BF is the fact that I have NO INTEREST in sex, and I hate it. I feel like such a wang because my husband is being so respectful and kind and supportive. He is taking such good care of me and expresses the desire to have sex in such a loving non-pressure-y way. And I have absolutely no interest. I WANT to want to, but ugh. Our sex life has had its ups and downs over the decade we've been together, and we were finally getting to a good place with sexy times and finding a balance between procreation and sex, and then we got knocked up, and now it's just... I feel like a jerk. 

  • @poetryandoceans I hear you on that. Generally the idea of having sex while I'm pregnant is nothing but yuck. And when I go for it anyway, I spend the entire time trying to conceal how much I just want it to be done. I hate feeling that way about my wonderful H. The last two weeks or so I've actually had a bit of a sex drive and managed to enjoy me some actual sex, so maybe you'll have a good sex window coming up, too! I'll be sad when my little window inevitably closes. 

  • I went to get my glucose test done this morning. I got there shortly after the lab opened and was told a few people were in front of me. Ok, nbd. H and I sat there for a while before I got called up for registration. That took probably 15 minutes and then we sat and waited for them to bring the drink out. It was an hour from us getting to the lab to me actually getting the drink and then, of course, we had to sit there for the hour of the test. I thought it was just going to be a quick thing this morning but I'm glad it's done. Now I'm sitting at work feeling like I'm going to fall asleep on my desk. I feel awful. I better have passed!
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  • @becbec28 - the glucose test always makes me super tired. Try to eat something with protein, it might help. 

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