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  • @ohstars H and I went to Olive Garden for lunch right after :) I just want to go home a lay on the couch for the night.
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  • I had my glucose test this morning too, and now I'm at work until 9:30 tonight. I should have thought this through. I didn't remember the crash!
  • That stinks. I'm sorry @scifichick09
  • Oh and my bitchfest is that my dog was so excited for me to come home today, she took her 50+lb self and jumped right on my belly. I don't think she hurt anything but she managed to jump directly on that right round ligament and I can't kick that sharp pain. :/
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  • Another +1 to the no action list going. My libido was up maybe a month ago, but has since taken a nose dive again. I'm grateful my DH has been understanding.

    I think my real BF is that I have a cold for the second freakin' time in my pregnancy. Once again thanks to hubby bringing it to the house. Boo. He tried like the dickens not to give it to me, but I suppose my immune system is still down. My next few morning shifts are going to suuuuuck.

  • I've been on "pelvic rest" since the positive pregnancy test. With my previous incompetent cervix and the cerclage I got at 12.5 weeks, it's a potential risk for infection. So no action here! :(
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  • The new VP of my dept decided that my entire team of 20 workers is a "redundancy that needs to be eliminated" yesterday so we are getting laid off. So he can use our pay to build glass conference rooms in the office. Yea.....ASSHOLE ASSHOLE ASSHOLE. Who calls people that after laying them off and so you can purchase useless shit?! Who wants to hold a meeting in a see-through room?! At least pretend you give a shit about people losing their jobs. Unreal! My coworker friend got called at home on her due date since she is out on mat. leave to find out she has no job to return to. AND they asked us to report to normal work until Nov 18th b/c they have to distribute the many daily duties we do to many other people and need time to do that...even though we supposedly do nothing useful. What a joke. And I have to do it in order to receive my severance package. DH says someone should sneak in and leave dog shit in his office.   
  • Oh no @BlondePeanut! Was it your H that was just laid off too?  I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this stress!
  • @Ifrank12 - yes he was laid off 2 weeks ago! We both got hit. But he is lucky to have a degree and certifications in a good trade so he has had some companies wanting to pull him in. That is our saving grace. 
  • @BlondePeanut that's awful! Is there nothing that can be done? Fingers crossed you can get something else sorted quickly!
  • @Janefelicity - in my case no. They eliminated my entire job, so all 20 of us got canned and they aren't offering job placement just severance. In my husband's case, he has several opportunities with good companies so he will be back to work soon enough thank goodness. I have good experience and computer skills just no degrees, so I can probably find an office job somewhere after I have the baby. I joked to DH that if he becomes a big shot at one of the companies, I can be his stay at home secretary....but boy that would actually be pretty cool if it happened. I am looking into some at home options for we will see what is on the horizon. 
    The way we were laid off at my job was just rude and cruel, but the big boss is a known asshole so we expected him to be classless about the whole thing just not to that degree. 
  • @BlondePeanut  eff all that noise. layoffs right before the holidays!?!? that is some next level scrooge type shit. i'm sorry you're going through this. 

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  • @cruffino - my thought exactly! our last week to report is the week before Thanksgiving. How kind of them. Scrooge is right!!!!! 

  • @BlondePeanut That is such an incredibly rude thing to say! How could he think that is an appropriate thing to say after laying off a whole team? Even if you think it, there is such a thing as professional courtesy for Pete's sake.
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  • @kswiger06 - you are right about that. and yes that is what I am hoping.....when one door closes another opens. You always see the bright side in things <3

  • @BlondePeanut Shit. That stinks I'm so sorry. I'm glad H has opportunities. I hope the next few weeks go by quickly and you get a good severence check!
  • @BlondePeanut - Sorry you're going through that.  
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  • @Gretchypoo - thank you! the severance check is decent, so we will save that up. and I am so grateful DH has  some good opportunities knocking. Phew
    @MLRocha - thank you, I am doing my best to find positives....

  • @TeacherMom2517, I'm sorry your mom was trying to pull the feel bad for me card and trying to butt into all the plans after she said she didn't want to deal with it. That's ridiculous and I'd be annoyed as hell too. I hope everything ends up going great with your shower despite that.

    @yogadevil, that insurance stuff was making my head spin just reading what you are dealing with. I really hope the patient advocate can help you get that resolved because that really is insane. I'm so sorry you're dealing with that crap. You're not dumb at all for being confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out and keep track of payments and whether or not accurate billing codes were used and bs through your insurance. That's not your job. Somebody dropped the ball bigtime on that and it sure as shit wasn't you.
  • @marriedhamstermom, your H's cousin sounds like a clueless moron. Is he a lot younger, like an age where one might not even be thinking about having to manage finances and family/household financial responsibilities? Either way, he needs to learn to mind his own business and keep his comments and assumptions about your jobs/money to himself. 

    @scifichick09, I'm so sorry you're having to handle the stress of all your sister is struggling with and then on top of it you have your mammaw guilt tripping you about the amount of time you have left to spare after dealing with all that. That's ridiculous especially since she's fully aware of what's happening with the situation. Anyway, you must be a pretty great person to do what you're doing for your sis and also for the fact that even though she's mentally act where she is, she's still choosing to confide in you. 
  • What absolute garbage, @BlondePeanut. I am sorry you are going through this, but it sounds like you're keeping your spirits up. Every time I've had a job fall through, something so much better has been waiting in the wings. Hoping it's the same for both you and your H!
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  • @MoonOverGoldsboro - thank you! I am hoping that myself. My goal since we got pregnant was to try and be at least a partial SAHM since I have been working full time and ot for the past 8 years at the job I just got laid off maybe that will be in my cards finally

  • @BlondePeanut that's insane. How does unemployment vs maternity leave work in your state?
  • @PerraSucia - you can't be laid off as a solo person during maternity leave, BUT if you are part of an entire team or dept that is removed, they can lay you off. Depending upon when your effective lay off date is, you may be eligible for maternity leave for a certain period and then your lay off takes effect. my coworker who started her leave last week will be permitted to stay on paid leave until dec 31st, and then she will have to file for unemployment. In my case, I wouldn't be starting leave for a while so I will be allotted some time to keep my insurance as part of my severance package...I can keep my current lower rate for medical insurance until mid feb and after that I can remain with them for and additional 18 months at a higher rate of cost. I will still get my free breast pump once I hit 28 weeks and a severance check.   

  • @BlondePeanut I am so sorry that happened to you. That is so much crap! I can't believe they did that to you guys.

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  • @BlondePeanut here in CA if you get unemployment you have to sign a biweekly thing stating your actively job hunting but people lie all the time to milk that income. I assume if I was laid off while pregnant I'd just use the whole unemployment time as maternity leave? But there is no way we could afford that as our only income. 
  • @PerraSucia - ours is a weekly agreement that we are able to and actively seeking full time work. I will be eligible for 6.5 months of it. I am going to try and use it all as my leave if we can afford it
  • cruffino said:
    @BlondePeanut  can you wear a scrooge shirt on your last day? maybe all of your coworkers can have the same t-shirt made and pose for a picture on the 18th? i don't know about dog poop, but this needs to be commemorated in some way. fucking ridiculous.
    Bill Murray Scrooged shirts, and no dog poop. Maybe human poop.... ;) I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I hope it works out for the better @BlondePeanut
  • @tentacular - LMAO thank you for that fantastic description of this fuckhead! 

  • @BlondePeanut ; Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and you are able to take a little longer leave and find something part-time and/or at home! That would be awesome.

    And i GUARANTEE this will come back to bite him in the ass.  There is no way 20 people are doing a job that is redundant.  There is obvoiusly a need for the position.  Screw him!  And a glass conference room is dumb too.

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