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AW Ultrasounds! (Post em here!)


Re: AW Ultrasounds! (Post em here!)

  • Our little lady was on her stomach, face down last sonogram... How do they flip around?????
  • I'm so jealous of all you ladies that get to see their babies grow! Our last u/s was at 9+5 and my OB is making us wait until 20w for the next one  :/ only 7 more weeks to go! Lol 
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  • I'm so jealous of all these 12/13 week cute profile shots!!!  My placenta is anterior so we didn't get any good pics for our announcement.  Cute babies everyone!!!
  • Had my NT scan on 12/12. Measuring perfectly at my estimated 12 wks 1 day. NT measurement was 1.29. Baby behaved perfectly and the tech got all of measurement in under 10 min. Woke baby up by coughing a bit to get cute shots of the legs. My favorite pictures are what I'm referring to as the "demon" shots of the face. I think they are hilarious. Had the Harmony test done and I'm waiting for results now!
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  • @halfthetree they're so cute!!!!  Your tech got a great pic!!
  • @lmudra She sure did!! She showed us their little bellies, faces, toes and ears. So cute! 

    The one on the bottom was getting some kicks to the head, poor thing 
  • I love this thread! I have to wait until week 20 for 3rd ultra sound.  :-(
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  • Only 9 weeks in this one. I'm 16 weeks now. Patiently waiting my 20 week u/s[
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  • I have my next ultrasound on the 31st.  This is the first one I had.  I will have plenty more throughout the pregnancy since I am high risk.  
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