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  • @allisonsmith6212 Reading this I thought I was doing something wrong because I'm doing none of these things and actively trying to keep baby in for at least another week, haha. 
    He, however, appears quite ready. Last night he was shoving off of my ribs with his feet and slamming his head into my cervix. I made salsa last night (just because I like salsa) and now I'm a little worried he's going to shoot out sometime this afternoon ;)
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  • I've been chasing after 2 young kids
    harvesting a garden at my moms
    taking gentle birth oil since 35 weeks 
    bouncing on my yoga ball

    Despite all my effort, they couldn't even find my cervix in L&D last night so it must be high. But the babies head is like right there he said so that explains why I walk like a penguin. 

    I'm going to pick up some evening promise oil tonight and start inserting those vaginally. If I go into labour before my scheduled c section they will let me vbac.

  • I swear sex works! Last week, I was not dilated or effaced at all. Last night, we had sex and this morning I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. That is the only thing I have done any differently. 
  • @books&;icecream I was thinking that same thing last Friday when my husband suggested going to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I of course agreed, but was thinking "are you trying to get this baby to hurry up?". 

    But we're still pregnant, so spicy food didn't work ;) 
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  • @books&;icecream Ooooo, salsa sounds so good. I kind of gave up on spicy foods cause it was causing digestive problems, but salsa with some kick to it sounds amazing right now. I guess I'll just have to try that today.  ;)

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  • emmaaa said:
    As someone who would love for this baby to wait until next week to come, I am avoiding everything y'al have mentioned!
    I'm in the holding on club with you! 
  • I agree ^^ at this point I want an October baby so I can wait until Saturday!
    proud pagan 
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  • I think sex and hip circles on the birth ball were what helped me most during my last pregnancy.  I'm also convinced the chiropractor helped me last time by creating space for baby to move down... or I might be crazy.  I have never heard of curb walking but am keeping that in mind!
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  • I'm good with waiting too. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in 2 more weeks. 
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    IT'S A BOY!!! 

  • @SpaceBurger - I get the biggest kick out of thinking about you and your coworkers! That one you tooted in front of was the best lol. 

    @emmaaa - I want an October baby, too, but I've felt this entire pregnancy that she'll be late and I don't want that! 
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  • @CopperBoom86 they all know now what a hot hot mess I am
  • @CopperBoom86 Yes, I've had my heart set on an October baby but now I feel like I'm going to shoot myself in the foot and go two week over lol
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  • I secretly hate all of you who are having sex, my hubby is too afraid of hitting the baby.... ugh 
  • Ditto to @emmaaa and @ashleyp625 I need this babe to hold on till monday.  Then it's on like donkey kong. But for now, legs crossed, no fancy baby inducing nonsense!
  • I'm gonna count on this hurricane to do the trick now. 
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  • I am determined to not waste any of my maternity leave before baby arrives, but we were going over next week's schedule today and I was thinking... I seriously cannot do another week!  My due date is Tuesday and I work Tuesday through Saturday, so labor better get started between now and Tuesday morning!   

    I'm planning on doing lots of walks, hip circles on the yoga ball, sex, doing squats and cat/cows, eating dates/spicy stuff and drinking RLT. Most of that stuff probably won't induce labor but I can at least feel like I'm preparing somehow!  So ready for this little guy to get here!
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    It's a boy!

  • you guys my cervix was so not having it that i couldn't even get cervadil and pitocin to make this baby come out!!! 
  • When I was in L&D last night my cervix was still high and closed. Doctor was stumped, said basically nicely that it will probably just suck for me the next week until baby comes out. My contractions are medium strong, close together (5-7 minutes) and really should be doing a whole lot more than they are. 

  • I'm 2.5cm. 80% and -1. But my cerix is still high. Doc said to try sex with semen on hands and knees. Also she recommended nipple stimulation. She said its ok to pump before baby, because it stimulates more than manual stimulation. I did this for a few days with only a few contractions that stopped once i stopped pumping. At this point, I've stopped tryimg to coax him out. He's gonna stay til he's ready to come out. And at this point, what's a few more days? 
  • I have not been able to sleep for weeks. I get maybe 3-4 hrs a night. Sex? Ha! No. Every part of my body hurts. I can not sit, stand, walk or roll over without something hurting. I am miserable. 

    Now my first pregnancy? It was great! No issues, I felt awesome. She came on her own at 38 weeks (the day before my dissertation defense). She was welcome to stay as long as she wanted. This time? I'm at 38 weeks now. So over it
  • Sex? What's sex? Im
  • @lizakate1213 @SpaceBurger @krzyriver Count me in the completely miserable club.  My first pregnancy was easy and I tolerated waiting until 42 weeks, but my experience is completely different this time around m This pregnancy is so painful.  Walking hurts, sleeping hurts, breathing hurts, using the bathroom hurts.  
  • Agree with everyone.  It's not like we want to hurry up baby because we are just getting impatient.  It's just so darn uncomfortable.  Swollen feet, walking hurts, sciatica, swollen hands, back pain (oh the back pain), hemorrhoids (joy) and sex?  Sex is impossible right now!

  • Yeah.  I'm sure I'd be a happier camper if I could feel my hands and get more than 2 hours of fitful sleep because of it.  This baby can get out, now.
  • F47 said:
    vcabbyw said:
    You guys are nuts. I'm just enjoying myself by getting enough sleep and having a bunch of sex. Baby will come when he wants. I declined a cervical check unless I get the induction threat. 

    and if it matters, I started labor last time after quitting my job, going for a really long walk with my friend and getting Chinese. IMO, just relax and enjoy this time as much as humanely possible. 
    Must be nice to have had it so easy. I have too but to say that people here are nuts rubs me the wrong way and I'm not even too bad. Impatient yes, but no shit baby will come when it comes. Do you think anyone doesn't know that here? 
    BUT HEY EVERYONE QUIT YOUR JOB, get laid, and eat Chinese food. 

    That's a novel idea. Sign me up! Oh wait...mortgages, bills and life in general says that's a no go. 
    I couldn't even quit if I wanted to. I'm a SAHM. Like hey hubby I quit. So your gonna have to come home from your job out of town so I can leave mine. It's been two months now with you gone working your ass off and I have yet to have a warm meal or any me time. 
    But yup I'm gonna quit. 

  • @OrangeEv ditto! Ready to start getting back to my "normal" body.

     I still keep forgetting I'm 39 weeks + and I turn to the side to sneak by things when I end up crashing into things with the bump instead. 
    I do this too! The other day, I turned to walk past something and my husband said "Do you actually think that helps?" I realized how unbelievably stupid I look.  :|
  • KarenBM13 said:
    @OrangeEv ditto! Ready to start getting back to my "normal" body.

     I still keep forgetting I'm 39 weeks + and I turn to the side to sneak by things when I end up crashing into things with the bump instead. 
    I do this too! The other day, I turned to walk past something and my husband said "Do you actually think that helps?" I realized how unbelievably stupid I look.  :|
    Someone parked too close to me in my parking garage this week. I turned to the side to try and squeeze between the cars to open my door, then quickly realized I'm slimmer facing forward than sideways. But, it's a hard habit to break! :D
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