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What are you ladies doing to bring on labor?  Speed up labor?

A bunch of us are ____cm dilated and ___% effaced which literally means jack because "it could take hours, or days".  So what are you doing to speed things up?  Doing anything different?  Eating anything different?

BTDT moms, what are the methods you swear by, if any?

I know a lot of it is just hearsay and most aren't scientifically proven..... but at this point, some of us are willing to try everything/anything (except maybe stripping our own membranes.)

And Go! :) 



  • I'm 1 cm and 50% effaced. I ate pineapple all last week and have been walking/keeping on my feet. Did absolutely nothing for me as I had no change since my appt last week and baby still hasn't dropped  :|
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  • Eating around 4 pineapples in 2 days hahahah. Drinking that red raspberry leaf tea every day, bouncing on a ball at work. I am going on a few walks this weekend too. I have a feeling I'm going to end up being overdue  
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  • @LGW2015, I've been keeping on my feet too!  Walking a bunch (by a bunch I mean like 30 mins everyday).  

    I'm 75% effaced and 3cm dilated as of Monday.  

    I'm doing a bunch of curb walking
    Red Raspberry Leaf Tea drinking
    sex (just once though)

    I think I'm gonna try:
    walking some more
    acupuncture (MAYBE, it's just so pricey!!!!)

    On Friday I have a massage, and I'm gonna tell the masseuse to hit all the acupressure points to get me in labor.  

  • lindzserslindzsers member
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    Oh man, I'm glad someone started this. I'm getting so impatient and I'm so mad at myself for it! I'm 39 + 2 today.  

    I've been drinking RRL tea since about week 34, and have upped it to two cups a day. I've been eating dates since about the same time and am now up to 4-6 a day.  Staying active and still doing yoga and Zumba (which is, quite possibly, the most hilarious thing in the world. Watching a 9 month pregnant woman shake her butt) And I'm eating all the spicy food!  I had some false labor on Monday and we thought for sure it was go time. And then Tuesday, nothing.

    At my last check two weeks ago, I was 1.5" dilated and 80% effaced and I'm not opposed to going to my due date by any means, I'm just getting really paranoid and worried that I'll go over and have to be induced. So I'm trying to take all precautions against that happening.

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  • - 3 cups of Red Leaf Raspberry Tea

    -6 dates a day

    -walking walking walking

    last week I was 50% effaced and not dilated at all. My midwife group wont check again unless I request I guess.

  • I'm a big fat 0. But doctor suggested sex (without me asking). And I'm all for all the Mexican food I can eat. It is supposed to cool off outside so I may start walking too. Guess we will be trying all that to have made some progress for next week's appointment! 
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  • CopperBoom86CopperBoom86 member
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    I'm doing Zumba twice a week (yeah, I'm a sight!) and walking at least 30 minutes all other days. I've also been eating pineapple and bouncing on a yoga ball at night while watching TV. 

    I'm not due until 10/18, but I reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy want her to come some time between the 1st and the 18th. We'll see if it works! 

    Forgot to mention, I was not dilated or effaced at all on the 16th, but dilated to 2cm on the 23rd (she didn't mention effacement at all). I go in Friday for another check. 
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  • Last week he didn't give me a percentage or number just said I was still pretty closed and unfavorable for induction at 39 W.   I took a long walk this weekend and have been trying to walk more each day, tried dancing, put hot sauce on everything, bounced a little on a ball, massaged acupressure points,  and  EPO inserted and taken orally since 34 weeks.   I'm also considering acupuncture if I can find an option cheaper than $150.  I'm desperate to not be pregnant and so over working.  I'm willing to try anything safe (no castor oil)
  • @lindzsers - I totally missed the part where you said you were still doing Zumba, too! All the ladies in my class think I'm crazy, but it's still fun and I'm still able to, so why not?! 
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  • @lindzsers @CopperBoom86, i'd love to see you girls doing zumba!  I bet it's actually super cute! :)

    @MKJeffrey2002 , your hot sauce comment has me just thinking of this (and now I wanna try your trick and put hot sauce on everything):

  • Last week I was 0 cm and 0% effaced and as of today I am 2 cm and 50% effaced. I have been:
    *3-4 cups of RRL
    *eating pineapple
    *doing squats
    *walking at least 30 minutes daily 
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  • I'm 3 cm and 70% effaced and I'm keeping my legs crossed! lol

    Ideas to help things along
    Sit on an exercise ball and move hips in a circular motion
    Eat pineapple or spicy food
    Curb walking 
    Get a pedicure
    Have sex
    Nipple stimulation 
    Castor oil if you're really desperate 

    And just an FYI, red raspberry leaf tea won't actually induce labor. It's purpose is to strengthen your uterine muscles. 


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  • I keep forgetting I have tea! I have Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea, which has RRL in it, along with strawberry leaf, stinging nettle, spearmint, fennel, rose hip, alfalfa, and lemon verbana. I don't like the spearmint part though so I brew it with some regular tea to help even out the flavor.

    I walk roughly 3/4 mile at lunch time when the weather is nice. I need to try to curb walking thing, I always forget about that too.

    I hate pineapple, although I can sneak it into a smoothie at home I suppose.

    I also of course keep forgetting to sit on our ball. I try to sit at the front of my desk chair at work with open hips as much as I can to try to open and stretch them out.

    Keep the suggestions coming! I was 0cm, 50% last week. She told me today we'd check again next week, which will be 10 days before his due date (holy crap that's close! :o) so we'll see where I stand then. Hopefully I'll remember to keep doing some of this steadily between now and then to help!
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  • @annabenanna lol. As long as you don't hate the taste it's still helpful. It can make contractions more effective and help your uterus shrink back to size faster after delivery. 


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  • samkinssamkins member
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    I was 1 cm and 75% effaced last week and as of this week the same. I've been doing hip circles on the ball and rrl tea every day. Walking is tough, Kills my tail bone. 

    I can't stand spicy food and pineapple tears up my mouth.  Friends have suggested primrose oil capsules, I'll try that next week after my ultrasound
  • @waterfall213, i guess that's a good reason to keep drinking it! :)  It's just crazy trying to get this baby to come out. lol.  

  • I haven't been active on this board since first tri, but I keep coming back because I'm SO BORED at work just waiting for this baby! (I unfortunately still have a couple weeks to go though). 

    But I'm a 2nd time mom.. and what worked for me last time was getting my membranes stripped and being on the birthing ball (rolling my hips, not bouncing as PP said). Although I was over a week late :-/
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  • @CopperBoom86 I'm getting the same reaction! Last week when I went, someone asked me when I was due, and you should have SEEN her face when I said 13 days! I can't shake it like I used to but it's still fun and I just imagine all the wiggling bringing the baby down, haha.  

    If I could snap a pic for you @annabenanna I would! I actually can't look at myself in the mirror because I just start laughing.

    And ditto to PP who mentioned the RRL not helping with inducing. I don't think dates do either -  but just help to strengthen everything and hopefully keep your body on track for what it's supposed to do.

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  • @ibabyloveb87 I just laughed SO LOUD. Can't wait to send that to H. 

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  • With DD, sex and vacuuming kicked off labor at 36 weeks (water broke).

    With the twins, I was in PTL since 24 weeks, had consistent/painful contractions from 33 weeks, and the cervix check the day before I was admitted at 35 weeks really kicked contractions up a notch.

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  • @nlane0723 that makes me want to vacuum.  Like right now.  I will when I get home!

    @ibabyloveb87, omg LOL.  DH won't touch me anymore after the last time.  He said "it's just too painful for all of us!  let's not anymore".  

  • My other personal favorite option is labor cookies! Not saying they're effective (DS was a week late) but they are delicious. Plus who doesn't love a good excuse to eat a bunch of cookies?
  • @ibabyloveb87 OMG, that's hilarious.  And so spot on.  And @annabenanna my husband pretty much said the same thing, adding "It's like a real person now, and about to be on the outside...I just can't poke around that close to it right now.  Let's just wait." 
  • I've been bouncing/doing hip circles on the ball. I was eating pineapple but don't care for it so switched to spicy foods for awhile. Today, at 38+3, I was dilated to zero. 

    Doc suggested walking, but my back can't take it. Acupressure, which I started yesterday anyway. And she told me I could try evening primrose oil, which I said I was interested in but then my mother started talking so we got off topic. After a quick Google search, I'm not sure if she meant orally or vaginally. Lol. So I picked some up and I'm debating trying that one. 

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  • @LMNOBaby, part of me wants to say "okay, but can I trade you a bj for some nipple rubs?"  LMAO.  

  • @LMNOBaby my husband has been telling me the same thing for a couple of weeks now about poking the baby around. I'm getting desperate here!
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  • As of Saturday I am 4cm dilated and 75% effaced. We will see what I am tomorrow, though. 

    I have:
    eaten fresh pineapple
    rotated around on a yoga ball
    walked our neighborhood a lot
    hardcore cleaned (stupid. That ends up hurting.)
    nipple stimulation
    walked some more
    sex - even without sperm, was hoping the O contraction would help 
    eaten spicy foods

    I can't remember if I've done more, but basically everything besides castor oil and squats. Castor oil because - that LITERALLY only gives you diarrhea and who wants diarrhea at the same they are in route to the hospital, in labor, or pushing out a baby? If you happen to go into labor after you have drank it, it's coincidental or because your f'd up intestines gave your uterus a push. And squats because, I can get down - but I can't get back up. 
  • I'm curious about the EPO too @krzyriver, but didn't get to ask my doc about it.  She did say my cervix was super duper soft---and I remember reading somewhere that EPO is used to soften cervix.  Does it help bring on contractions too?

  • ashleymn-2ashleymn-2 member
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    last week I was 1cm dilated and she said I baby was in Station -3 and didn't mention effacement this week I was 1cm dilated 50% effaced and in station -2.
    I've been:
    sex whenever I can 
    drinking RLT
    getting on my hand and knees and doing pelvic tilts
    had a pineapple
    did some squats
    every meal I make sure there is something spicy
    and nipple stimulation.

    I was going to try the exercise ball but my SO has hid it from me because he's convinced it's not sturdy enough and afraid I will fall off of it lol.

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  • @annabenanna Based on everything I read, no, EPO doesn't help start contractions. It's literally just to soften the cervix. So if you're cervix is already ready, idk if it would be worth the hassle. They're not expensive but I imagine inserting them vaginally will get messy.  :|

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  • Taking down all these notes!!!!!! I've been walking like crazy and trying to have sex. I'm 38 weeks and I'm soooo over it. Just like all of you ladies!  These babies need to come on!!! Lol oh and I lost my mucus plug this morning so hopefully this show gets on the road soon lol
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  • I am 1cm dilated and 30%effaced.  Baby has moved down and is -1 for station.  I am not doing a ds am thing to bring on labor.. ;) after Sunday I will consider more actively trying to evict her.. I almost went and got my favorite spicy salad today but didn't want to stir anything up!
  • Woohoo I'm 1 cm dilated! I won't be trying anything to hurry baby until we hit full term (next week Friday). 

    I'm on my feet constantly at work, so at least I have the walking nailed :)
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  • Taking notes too, I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and over it!! I've had sex, spicy foods and I do a lot of walking at work. Gonna try the pineapple and the tea, and a girl at work had a boss ball I can sit on. Hoping for progress next week at my appt!
  • Just remember ladies, rrl tea doesn't induce, it just helps labor once it gets going... 
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