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  • First time mommy, expecting May 18th! I am 27, DH is 29. We were pleasantly surprised to get a BFP after just 2 months of trying. Going for an ultrasound on Oct 6 and can't wait to hear the heartbeat! I'm a Kindergarten teacher and am curious how this will all go while teaching. Great to read through all these posts!
  • Hi guys! So I got my long awaited bfp on Aug 26. Been really scared because I have had tests with faint lines only to miscarry a few days later. For some reason at or close to day 41. A couple weeks ago my little bean gave us quite the scare. The placenta pulled away causing massive bleeding. We had our first ultrasound and told we should expect a full miscarriage within the next few days. I told the Dr as sweet as he was (and seriously he was more upset then we were, such a sweetie
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    Hi this will be my second child in 10 years ! Got a BFP on September 23rd. EDD is May 31st. Havent had my first appt yet or US. My appt is October 19th. Im extremely excited and a little nervous as i havent done this in 10 years lol im hoping for a girl for my daughter cause she isnt as happy as i like n i think with a girl to bond with she would be happier. My name is Stefanie i just turned 30 in August. 
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  • Hello! My name is Andrea - I am 34, husband is 36. We live in NYC. Currently pregnant with baby #2, EDD 5/30 so currently 5 weeks. My daughter is 20 months, so they will be almost 2.5 years apart. First appointment is on 10/21 but looking forward to meeting some folks going along this journey.
    Expecting #2 EDD 5/30/17
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  • @loreana you left us hanging there! 
  • We r very similar in our pregnancies!  
  • BFP was September 24 and EDD will be May 27
  • @Mommabear812 Our stories sound very similar (first-time moms, in grad school, hundreds of miles from family, lots of anxiety). We even have the same EDD! Hopefully this community will help us get through it all!
  • Hi everyone!  I got my BFP on 9/16 and EDD is 5/27. 

    H and I have been trying for over a year so I am cautiously optimistic about being here!!  *TW* - I had a loss at the end of July and got PG again right away, PGAL is effecting me horribly!  
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  • Hi everyone! Don't think I have posted in this bmb yet. I was active in my June '13 board. Anyway, hi! My EDD is May 13.

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  • @LadyRouge, I know what you mean about the 72 hour wait period. I just joined a few weeks ago. We had decided not to tell friends/family until after a family wedding (which was last Saturday!), so for the first 2 weeks of knowing I was pregnant, I only had the internet to talk to. I hope TB helps you get the "telling someone" excitement out until you are really ready to tell friends/family. (P.S. I'm also 26 and pregnant for the first time) 

  • Hi everyone! Due with Baby #2 on May 29. We are very excited. DD will be 2 in January. It's nice to finally be able to share the baby joy with someone besides DH :)
  • Hi All!
     DS just turned three last month and apperantly mommy and daddy really celebrated cause number two is on the way EDD is May 12. I'm hoping this one is a little less scary than the last pregnancy but only time will tell. Best to everyone here
  • Hi there! I haven't been on here since my daughter was born in August 2013 (our group moved to Facebook), but I thought I'd pop back in now that we're expecting our second, EDD 5/17. The road to pregnancy hasn't been easy for either. My daughter was conceived with IUI (probably in my siggy, I'm not sure how to change it yet). This one took over a year and actually happened when we took a month off from meds! I feel about as nervous as I did the first time around, but seeing a hb yesterday eased my mind a tiny bit. I look forward to getting to know everyone!
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    Me:31 DH:32 Married 11/06/10
    DD: Born 8/23/13 (clomid+ovidrel+IUI)
    BFP 9/9/16 EDD 5/19/17

  • I don't think that I ever did the proper introduction. So, hi! I live in Richmond, VA, I'm 30 years old, and I'm pregnant for the first time. I got my BFP on September 10 and my EDD is May 17. I'm super excited and crazy nervous. 
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  • Hi @arels483 I also live in Virginia! I am in Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area! Welcome :)
  • Hello! Got my BFP a few weeks ago and EDD is 14 May. DH and I have a super adorable DS (2) and can't wait for him to be a big brother. Congrats all you May mamas! 
  • Hello! I'm 8w+2d with my first, EDD May 10! Symptoms have been up and down, so it's already feeling like a rollercoaster! 
  • Hello! 
    EDD: May 22nd

    My husband and I have been married for 6 years. We haven't been TTC but not TTA. I've had fibroid issues and had to have surgery. We just assumed that it wouldn't happen. Well, you know what happens when you assume.

    Had some bleeding around the time I would have had my period. I knew something was off. It was way too short. Got my BFP September 23rd. This will be our first.

  • Got BFP 9/25 and current EDD is 5/31
    This will be LO #4 for us! All 3 boys!! 
  • @NotAPlaya-JustCrushAlot

    Dude you cheered the idea of her leaving the bump. 
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    @allowachick Let it go. 

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  • Hi everyone.  I'm hesitant to intro myself because I'm still in such denial.  We got our BFP Sept 20 and my EDD is 5/25.  We've been "not preventing" since December 2015.   I'm 30, DH is 32.  I'm still not sure it's real because I feel like I have very few symptoms.  So few, that I wonder sometimes if I've just made them up in my head.  

    I've taken 3 tests and they all came out positive, first appointment isn't until Oct 13.  So..trying to be excited (DH is over the moon), but it's hard to get excited when it doesn't feel like anything is different.  Any other ladies out there feel like this?

    I'm looking forward to talking with you ladies as we all progress. 
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  • Baby #2 estimated DD is May 23. We tried for 2 years before we had Baby #1 who is now 9 months old. Baby #2 is a surprise as we weren't trying for a second yet. We are happy either way and can't wait to meet him/her. 
  • @kbrumbaugh26 I feel the same. I've hardly had any symptoms either. Around 5-6 weeks I had cramping (similar to AF but not nearly as strong) and frequent headaches. I've also had sore BBs, mostly when I've been sleeping on one side for too long. No food aversions, no nausea. Now the cramps/headaches are gone. I also took 3 hpts! You are pregnant, congrats. :) 

  • @kbrumbaugh26- my first two pregnancy I had very mixed emotions.... I was more nervous, scared, unprepared then I was excited. It took time for me to really get excited. I still remember driving to the hospital in labor with #2 in denial (it changed the minute I finally held her in my arms)!  Weeks 18-32 are the BEST weeks of pregnancy for me- you have a cute belly you feel relatively good and get lots of planning comes together! Give yourself time to adjust and maybe start early planning- Pinterest can be addicting! This is the first pregnancy that I have been "over the moon" as soon as I got the BFP. Congrats Mama- this will be the best thing that has ever happened to you!
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