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  • Hey everyone!! 
    I'm 25. I got my BFP Sept 27 yeah still trying to let it sink in. EDD May 31st. This is my first so I'm really scared
  • Thanks @tumbleweed & @MamaMiller. Glad to know I'm not the only one.  I know my husband is nervous that I'm not all bubbly and shouting it to the world, but personally, I just like it being more private.  I already have my mother texting me every day asking how I'm feeling, I don't need random Facebook to do that as well.  
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  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm 30 years old and I got my BFP on Sept 23rd followed by an HCG on Sept 27th that confirmed my pregnancy! This is our first and we are very excited/nervous! My husband and I live in Queens, NY and our EDD is May 26th, 2017! 

    Very excited to be on here and share my experiences and most of all learn from everyone elses. :smiley:

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  • Hi Everyone! I got my BFP on August 30th. My due date is May 3. We have on awesome little boy that is almost 17 months and are beyond excited to expand our little family.

    My first pregnancy was pretty rough. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and spent the first trimester getting my diet under control.  At 6 months I developed kidney stones, had a Stent put in and was on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Also, it took 3 days of being induced to have our first.

    I am hoping and praying that this one will go a little smoother.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone! 
  • Hi!  Finally introducing myself.. I am a second time mom, have an almost 4 year old son.  I got my BFP on 9/5 and my EDD is 5/15.  We live in NYC and I work in the insurance industry.  My husband is a SAHD.  It took us a while to figure out whether we wanted to go for #2, but now that it's happening, we couldn't be more excited.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone. I still keep up with a great group from my December 2012 BMB.  I will likely be more active on Facebook than here, but thought I should introduce myself!  Oh, should also add that I am on the older side- will be 39 when I deliver.  But I'm feeling good and my OB doesn't foresee any issues based on my age at this point beyond the usual additional screenings.  
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  • @mandapanda806 that sounds like quite a pregnancy.  FX this one goes better for you!
  • Hi everyone! 

    BFP 9/7/16
    EDD 5/15/17

    My DS will be 10 months old this week. Baby #2 is a surprise, but we are thrilled and can't wait to expand our little family! 
  • @NotAPlaya-JustCrushAlot

    If you stopped being a troll maybe I would
  • Hi everyone!  I'm coming a little late and shocked as hell to this party.  I got an IUD in June so...I am shocked to be here.  I went in to my GP last week because I thought I had a never ending stomach bug and "guess what mommy".  I have had 3 miscarriages and 2 stillborns, so I am cautiously optimistic.  Because of my risk factor I have my first appointment with my OB today at 4:45 and they have scheduled me with my former MFM for Friday. I live in Oklahoma and my fiance moved to Providence in June to work on his PhD.  I have only seen him twice since June so, this is a BIG SHOCK!

    I am not sure about my actually EDD, I am thinking somewhere between 05/21 & 05/27.  I am hoping my OB can give me more details today.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone! 
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  • Hello! I'm still waiting to confirm my edd with an us Thursday, but I wanted to intro so I can start replying to threads. I was an active member of ttcal in 2011-12 and pgal in 2013. I have a 16 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I had a mmc in 2011 before having him, so I am cautiously optimistic. I look forward to getting to know you all! 
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    BFP #1 9/1999. DD Born 6/7/2000
    BFP #2 10/2011. EDD 7/11/12. MMC discovered 11/2/11. D&C 11/4/11.
    DX PCOS 10/2012.
    BFP#3 1/11/13. DS Born 9/17/2013
    BFP#4 9/30/17. Grow baby grow! 
    ~Everyone Welcome~
  • mamasmurf12mamasmurf12 member
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    Hi Mamas! I'm late to the game but I am 34 and 8 weeks preggo with baby #3! I was in the October 2010 Bump group for DD#1 (now almost 6) and the February 2013 for DD #2 (now 3.5). I found out before my missed period but waited until I saw heartbeat to join so I have lurked a bit here already. Looking forward to the next 9 months with y'all!
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    "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?...But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:26-27&33-34
  • Hello! 

    Late giving my intro - wanted to wait until after my first ultrasound to confirm my little jelly bean! Will 8 weeks pregnant this Thursday with baby #2! Putting my due date at May 18ish - but I will be a scheduled c-section before this time. I first joined the bump as an August 2015 mama and had my DD. Looking forward to interacting with all you on this board this time around! :) 

  • The bump was giving me problems on my phone and it somehow posted twice. Is there a way to delete one of the posts? 
  • Hello. I'm due May 5th but will schedule a cesaren a few weeks before. I am 34 and will deliver at 35. So that makes me "elderly" in childbirth world. Lol. My husband is 46!! This was a suprise blessing. Lol Morning sickness lasts all day. Ive lost 2 pounds. I go tomorrow for my ultrasound. I have a 7 year old little boy who is a very good only child. Lol  I hope he isn't jealous. I'm already trying to keep him involved. I look forward to this journey with you all!! 
  • @mommydoc I am so sorry about the passing of your father. Praying for comfort and joy with your new journey.
  • Hi Everyone!

    I got my BFP on the 23/24th of August- the week after my sons second birthday.

    EDD: 5/5/17- exactly as predicted as I was charting my temps. 

    We had been seeing a Naturopath to help us get pregnant and were booked into to a Fertility Specialist for our first appointment two weeks after I got my BFP. It was great to cancel that long awaited appointment. 
    We are very exciting to be giving our DS a sibling!! 
    Congrats everyone! 
  • @Mommydoc I'm so sorry. My dad was battling terminal cancer when I got pregnant with DS and he passed away when DS was three months old. It's so hard to grieve while also experiencing the excitement of new parenthood.
  • Hello all, my BFP was September 6 and EDF is May 8th. I will start my 11th week tomorrow and have my first ultrasound on Thursday. This is my first pregnancy ever so everything is very new, exciting and scary. Still not telling any friends though I'm dying to talk to someone about my experience and am hoping to find that support here.  I look forward to connecting with all the Mayor mom's to be. 
  • Hi ladies! 

    My EDD is 5/17 

    This is my third baby. DS is 4 and DD is 20 months. 
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  • EDD 5/29! 
    I am 26 yr old mom of 2, hubby is 29. We have been together 12 yes and married 6.
    This is out 4th pregnancy; 1st was a miscarriage of twins @10 weeks, we have a son now 3yrs old, and a daughter 19 months old.
  • MelThuMelThu member
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    Hi everyone! I got my first BFP on 9/15 and my EDD is 5/30, although I will most likely be induced at 37 weeks again due to a history of pre-eclampsia. This is my second pregnancy. I have a 17 month old daughter.
  • At my first appointment my doctor changed my due date from June 5 to May 17th, so I suppose it's proper for me to change boards.  I thought I was 6w6 but baby measures as 9w5 on ultrasound.  I'm not sure how it's possible based on my lmp but, hey, happy to be here!

    So hello, everyone! I am a ftm, and due on May 17th with a single baby.  I got my BFP on August 21, which was the first day of a missed period.  I guess this explains how I started MS at "3w"... Since I was actually over 5w!  

    WELCOME <3:)

     23 y/o;
    First time mommy <3 [05/06/17]

    90% of the way there :D

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