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  • Any time @absbubbs! I knew I'd figure it out at some point! :smile:
    I ended up searching for it! 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • mommachannermommachanner member
    edited November 2016
    I'm late to this. But My EDD IS MAY 5th with baby2. I have a 10 month old. This pregnancy I have been very sick and just starting to feel semi human. 
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  • Hi everyone! got my BF at the end of September and have a due date of 5/31/2017. we are first timers and conceived through IVF at 37. excited to be here at 11 weeks 3 days!
  • Hey y'all Sort of late to the party...I got my positive on September 2nd! This is our first pregnancy, and our due date is May 14th :) 

    I'm glad to have a place to chat with other ladies at the same point in this journey!!
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  • Hi everyone, 

    My name is Dina. I have 2 daughters already, 11 year old and 2 year old. I'm due on May 30th. Hoping for a boy this time! 
  • Hey ladies so my EDD is May 11 this is number 7.
  • Hey everybody, late to the party because I had no idea when I got pregnant, till nursing DD1 so I didn't notice till I started getting heartburn, lol 
    dd1 is 14months
    edd for baby 2 is May 13th
  • I'm a total lurker, due 5/22 with #2, but just in case hi! DD is 4 in a couple weeks. I love you gals already! <3
  • Looks like my post was deleted in the big purge on Wednesday. Hi! Another latecomer here. EDD May 30 for baby #2. 
  • Sweet pic, @slowmo I like your style. 

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  • Hello, new here, EDD May 4, baby number 4.
  • Hi everyone!

    I am a first time mom-to-be due May 26th! It was a slightly bumpy road because we had to do IUI and I had some cysts we had to resolve before trying, but we were incredibly lucky and got pregnant with our first IUI attempt.

    The past few months have been amazing as a journey, but riddle with all day morning sickness and strong aversions. I look forward to chatting with you all about this exciting adventure!

  • Welcome everyone new!  Join in :)
    Married 6/5/14 in Ireland
    1st Baby 5/12/17, Henry
  • Hi all - this will be my first - edd 5/23.  Super excited and slightly terrified.  I'm 29 from MA.
  • Hello ladies. I'm Angie. I'm not really new to the bump I created an account couple years ago when I got pregnant with my son but I was never really active.

    I'm now pregnant with baby #2 due May 19th. I don't remember when I got my bfp but it was back in September.

    This is my second pregnancy with gestational diabetes and I will be having a repeat C-section. I am both thrilled and terrified that this baby is a girl. All I know is boy so any girl advice would be appreciated as we only have Boys in my family!
    DS born via c-section 8/1/2015 
    DD due May 2017 (RCS)

  • I'm way late to this. EDD may 13th. Got a positive August 31st (our anniversary!). Was our last round of just femara before we were to do IUI. So happy!
  • Hello! Second timer here, due 5/13. My first was born 5/19 so we'll have two with very close birthdays, two years apart. I live in the Pacific NW and am planning a water birth 
  • Also super late. First baby EDD 5/6/2017, BFP August 24th. I'm 38. So many May babies! 
    Me: 38
    Day 3 FSH: 10.9
    AMH: 0.49

    DH: 35
    Vasectomy Reversal Aug 7, 2015 (successful! - 10/15/2015: 39 million, 60% motility)

    IUI #1: 10/15/15 - 100mg Clomid with 3 mature follies - BFN
    IUI #2:  11/14/15 - 100mg Clomid with 1 mature follicle - BFN

    12/15 - taking a break to finish grad school
    8/24/16 - Surprise BFP! EDD 5/6/2017
    It's a girl!

  • Hello everyone, we got out BFP in August!! This is our first pregnancy and baby praise the Lord. We were trying and started trying in May. We are super excited about our new bundle! I am starting a blog and possible a channel on youtube to document the remainder of our journey.

  • WxM941 said:
    Got BFP 9/25 and current EDD is 5/31
    This will be LO #4 for us! All 3 boys!! 
    Surprise at ultrasound today - B/B TWINS!
  • Bear0408 said:
    Hi all! Excited to be back. EDD is may 9 with twin girls. These are babies 4&5.we have DS 14y, DD 11y, DS 9mos and pregnant for the last time with our lovely ladies. We are still deliberating on names. Congrats to all:)
    Woohoo! Another twin mama ;)

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  • hi!!

    downloaded the bump app a while ago but didn't get into the forums. 

    this will be my first!  edd is may 17th and I forget exact bfp date but it was very early september :)
  • Whoops...I've been commenting but realized I never actually commented on this board! My EDD is 5/25, and my BFP was on September 14th, 2016. First child for us, and it's a girl. We have our furbaby Bagel, who is my profile picture. 
  • Hello! I got my BFP in September my EDD is May 25th. This is my third with my first two being 7 and 5. We are team pink! 
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  • Hi ladies. I am due with my second on June 3rd, and am expecting another boy! My first is almost 18 months (this should be fun). I'm convinced that he will come early like my first, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to also follow the May club :-). 
  • Hello everyone! I decided to introduce myself here because I lurk this BMB quite a bit. I'm mostly active on June BMB though. My EDD is June 3rd but my MFM has told me I'll be induced at 39 weeks because I'm high risk (I have an autoimmune disorder), which puts us at Memorial Day weekend. Since it's looking like I'll have a May baby, I was hoping to get to know you ladies!

    My TTC history is in my siggy, but in a nutshell, I'm a FTM pregnant with a baby girl via IVF due to MFI (male factor infertility). We got pregnant on our first frozen embryo transfer after 3 unsuccessful IUIs. We feel beyond blessed to be pregnant right now and are so exited to meet our little girl!
    Heyyyy! I remember you from ttgp! We were on there at the same time in the beginning. So happy to see you over here. 
    TTC1: May 2015
    Primary IF May 2016; Failed HSG; Scheduled Lap Sept. 2016
    BFP: August 22, 2016/EDD: April 29, 2017
    DD: May 1, 2017
    TTC2: June 2019
    CP September 2019
    Lap and repeat HSG scheduled December 2019
    BFP: November 24, 2019/EDD: August 2, 2020
  • Hi ladies! I've decided to come out of lurking and join the fun! 

    My name is Brandi, my EDD is 5/18. We're having our second boy. DS1 is 3 years old. I'm excited to get back to a message board after taking a long break, I was active on my Anniversary Board and a few others on TheNest as well as DS1 Birth month board here back in May 2013. 

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