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  • @MamaSquishyB yup I've got those. It's dried colostrum
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  • Ok, the white ones sound like colostrum, but the scabs are different.  Very dark, but not on the nipple.  More around the edges and on the areolas.  They are pretty easy to sluff off.
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  • @MamaSquishyB I have both of those things.  My colostrum with my son was rust colored at first, which is the color of the scabby things so I figured that's what it is. 
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  • ashtasht member
    Colostrum isn't white it's clear to Amber colored. Again the white is the lube you body makes to protect your skin, leave it on there
  • @MamaSquishyB I had scabs on my left nipples last night and was wondering what the hell they were! No white ones though so I don't think mine are colostrum. I have noticed that nipple is itchy so who knows?! glad I'm not alone though!
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  • MojieJoMojieJo member
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    @mamasquishyb (TMI) I've got scabs on my nipples (or rather my left areola), too.  

    Mine are...weird, though.  They're sort of rectangular and thin and if I peel them off, they come off pretty easily except for one end, which seems to be attached like superglue to the underlying skin and bleed when it's finally ripped off (which takes a fair amount of effort).

    I have no idea what's up with them.  They look almost like hyperpigmentation spots, but have a scabby texture and aren't securely attached except at the one end.  

    They're bizarre and I kind of feel like a freak. :anguished:

    ETA: Maybe mine are weird skin tags?  I've never seen a skin tag that looks quite like them (they're very flat until I peel the loose end free), but that would explain the coloration and why they're so firmly attached at one end.

    I wouldn't be surprised by skin tags since all of my moles have gotten bigger since getting pregnant and I've got more freckles now, too.
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  • RG1RG1 member
    Remember when all the apps said you lull your baby to sleep when you walk and they'll be more active when you're at rest? I wanna go back to that. Every time I'm walking my dog, I get what I *think* are contractions, then the baby moves so much. I have to just stop walking so I'm sure I look like an idiot
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  • @MamaSquishyB @MojieJo I have some skin tags/ dark spots on my areolas that look sort of scabby (especially on one side) and some less dark skin tags around my breast and armpit area. I definitely meant to ask about those as well.  
  • I'm SO sick of throwing up. Oh my god. I swear to all the people who told me it would be over by 12 weeks can kiss my booty lol.
    2 days ago I forgot to take my anti nausea and I threw up for hours.
    and then today I just puked again.  Why. I drank lots of water. I took my pill. 
    There is no reason for this nonsense
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  • Sorry @Megan324!  I have no words of wisdom for you but hope it goes away soon.  

    Today's Question:  Anyone have the severe pelvic pain of baby just constantly sitting on or headbutting your pelvic bone go away?   I had the pain for 3 weeks straight and OB confirmed babys head was down so it was normal.   Well it's gone away for the last three days and although the lack of pain has been great, i'm worried the baby turned.   Can the baby still be head down without the constant pelvic pain?  My next appt is tomorrow so i'll find out for sure then, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  • @Megan324 I'm sorry you're still getting sick. It may not go away before he's born, but you're so close to the end now! 

    @LakeR2014 I don't know if this is the same, but I've never had constant pelvic pain with them being head down. So maybe it is possible baby is still head down, but moved off of the area that was causing pain. Really hope baby is still head down for you!

  • @LakeR2014 @camichael84 thanks ladies. Sometimes its just nice to complain a bit :)

    And laker2014-- all my pelvic pain went away bit I think it's because he is now soo low that he isn't hitting the bone the same way.
    Hopefully your baby is still head down, but if not you still have time for them to flip back!
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  • ansley0319ansley0319 member
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    I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and my first cervical exam. 
    I'm basically posting to ask if anyone else has had this kind of experience and if anything came of it.

    I have been having a good deal of discomfort and pressure from baby, it starts in my belly and goes into my legs and is constant like a bruised muscle or like someone kicked me in the crotch. I figured from reading others posts that it was just babies head already descending. At my appointment she went to do the strep swab and commented on how low the babies head was confirming my thoughts and prior to this exam I was no aware they would be using one of those mechanisms for the swab to "open you up" like they do for a routine pap smear. I HATE PAP SMEARS. Anyways when she did it she was saying that there would be pressure but to relax - I never felt any discomfort but felt an odd wet sensation. She makes a strange face then says "some people do experience some spotting after these.." okay. That's fine. Then we begin the cervical exam which was kind of horrific to me. She said I was already thinned and baby was applying pressure to cervix but no dilation yet. Well I was so uncomfortable with her hand up my business that i was kind of squirming away from her, kind of holding my breath (i guess) and also laid completely flat on the table. She had one hand in and the other hand out kind of pushing my stomach and baby towards her. Well when she was finally done she said baby is in position, he is ready to go at any time, we just need him to try to wait a little longer. She said this very jokingly, I even laughed despite how I was feeling. I looked over my belly as she was taking her hands off of me and noticed she had blood on her gloves (which she said wasn't uncommon) then noticed the wet sensation again. I asked her at this point, am I bleeding? She said yes a lot of people will spot and then she looks down and makes another strange face and I literally feel blood dripping. I absolutely panicked and nearly fainted. I threw up, I sweated through my clothes, the whole 9 yards. I don't know what came over me besides shear panic. I have never had those sensations in my life. She checked my blood pressure after what was supposed to be a 30 minute ordeal then turned into 2 hours and it was 80/40, i felt great at that point compared to during the issue so I can't imagine what it was earlier. She sent me home to "get my blood pressure under control" and asked for someone to come get me. She also stated they probably shouldn't have had be flat on my back and that under no circumstances should I lay flat on my back again at home or otherwise, that it could be a serious issue for me. I have been doing my best to not lay on my back but the way she said it was really scary. 

    The issue is that she said to really watch the bleeding for any signs of "new, bright blood" or any signs of contractions since what happened and that upsetting the cervix could send me into labor and also that baby was "ready." I plan to opt out of further cervical exams if they allow me to (they said they won't do them weekly but again at 39 weeks) but my question/concern is has anyone had that much bleeding or have they gone into labor shortly after their cervical exam per what they feel was upsetting to their cervix/ bodies?

    Sorry this is so long. I thought the whole story may help. :hushed:
  • RG1RG1 member
    @ansley0319 No advice or experience, but that sounds horrible! I also hate Pap smears and get very uncomfortable during them because I have vulvodynia. I wonder if you might have that? It's basically really sensitive nerve tissue in and around the vagina. Sorry this happened! Sounds very scary 
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  • @RG1  It was kind of horrible. I'm sure not in the big scheme of things but for the very little that I have experienced- I was very upset. Now I am just on edge with the pressure like I was yesterday trying to pay attention to any cramping that I may feel. The bleeding has stopped, the exam now has been 24 hours ago, but I'm still worried that something could change at any time while I'm at work. 
  • steministsteminist member
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    @ansley0319 I didn't end up having bleeding, but my OB warned that the "spotting" after a cervical check could be more than I expect. She said to come in if it was heavier than a normal period, but that otherwise it could be considered normal. I think the part about laying on your back is more to do with your blood pressure than the post-check bleeding, since baby can squish nerves and cause problems there. Same reason they tell us not to sleep on our backs after 20 weeks.  I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon!
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  • Swollen bleeding gums right here.Probably the worst pregnancy symptom I've had because they hurt sooo bad when brushing my teeth. :neutral: 
  • @Jabreen Right ! And I totally get that the blood pressure thing is with the laying flat and not the bleeding. I may not have worded it well- I meant that since I came so close to passing out that she made me go home to lay down to get my blood pressure under control. She never said I bled "too much" that sensation is just what sent me down the panic attack road. I'm just wondering (with the susceptibility of panicking in mind) if due to a rough check and disturbance if that will make me more likely to go into labor earlier than planned since baby is already in position and thinned signficantly for 36 weeks.
  • @ansley0319 I'd try to take it easy since stressing about it won't make a difference. The no laying on your back is only because of your blood pressure, not because it could cause bleeding or labor or anything like that. Baby is heavy and will press major vessels and this can cause dizziness, headaches, belly pain, nausea and low BP. It is normal to bleed after a cervical check, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, depends on how sensitive your cervix is. Pregnancy already makes your cervix ultra sensitive and if you add extra blood flow, it can mean some bleeding. I can tell you, having GD and poking for blood every day, I can bleed a ton when I poke for blood. Also bled a lot with the TDaP (TMI, soaked through the bandaid and all over my shirt sleeve) and with blood draws, lab techs have asked me if I'm on blood thinners. Don't worry until you have something to worry about.
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  • I have been having floaty spots in my vision most of the day. Is this something I should call in about or just bring up at my appointment in the AM?
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    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • ashtasht member
    AmMcc12 said:
    I have been having floaty spots in my vision most of the day. Is this something I should call in about or just bring up at my appointment in the AM?
    Call on all vision changes! 
  • @AmMcc12 I'd definitely call
  • @AmMcc12 for sure call
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  • @AmMcc12 call always! It could be nothing, I've had floaters with headaches for a few weeks and no issues so far but I did go in to L&D on my doctor's advice when it started.
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  • Thank you ladies. I called the nurse and they had me go take my blood pressure at a pharmacy. BP was 101/72 which isn't bad although on the higher side for me (usually 90s/50s). They told me to take Tylenol for my headaches and call if gets worse but otherwise they will follow up at my appointment in the AM. 
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • ashtasht member
    Take some caffeine with it. If that don't work you could also do Benadryl 
  • Has anyone else noticed their skin feels bruised? I have noticed on the palms of my hands and my knees, when I use either to climb up in bed or push off of something, feel like I took a fall in the last few days and I'm sure I didn't. I wonder if it's related to swelling? It's not really painful or worrisome or anything, just a little puzzling.
  • Yes @jas1982 I have that on the top of my left foot/ankle. I mentioned it to my OB this morning at my appt and she thought it was swelling related
  • ashtasht member
    It is swelling related as it is stretching your skin. One can't touch my feet/legs without it hurting
  • My stretch marks which are all below my bellybutton and most I've had for weeks have just started itching like a mofo.  I am going crazy. They are also looking angrier aka turning darker and darker. 

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  • Anyone else have a return of uncomfortably sensitive nipples? It went away after 1st tri but now it's back. The thought of bfing when they're like this makes me nervous. Youch!
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    DS due 9/28/16

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  • @ajn092 yes! It's so uncomfortable
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  • Looks like I might be joining the Pregnancy CPS club. My fingers have been feeling sore, though only in the morning,  but this past week the fingers on both hands have stayed pretty tender in the knuckle area all day, Then, last night I kept waking up because my fingers were asleep/tingling. Hasn't happened at all while I've been awake today, but I figure It'll be a commonplace feeling at bed time for a while.

    My pregnancy insomnia has changed suddenly too. Whereas before, I would wake up because I felt restless and then be miserable because I was still so exhausted and sleepy but couldn't get back to sleep... now when I wake up, I'm wide awake. Feels like I got a full 8 hours in even at 2am.

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  • Ditto on the sleep thing @Bibliobebe, especially if my husband also wakes up if our dog needs to go out. It's like I'm full on ready to go for the day at 2am and turn into even more of a chatterbox than I already am. :wink:
  • @Bibliobebe ~ I am in the same boat with tingly hands and feet! A heat wave in Seattle where I live is not helping at all!! 

    Weirdly enough, I have also had an increase in pregnancy insomnia!! I am 37 weeks along, I don't know where you are in your progress.  But... I am feeling your pain!!!

    Wah!  I've heard the last few weeks of your first pregnancy feels like they go by slower than your entire 2nd pregnancy.  I am taking each day at a time!!
  • Has anyone noticed their babies' startle reflex in there? I don't remember this with DD1, but it's kind of adorable. I don't know if her being breech makes it more noticeable, but I can feel her jump or startle when my tummy growls or when I pat my bump where her head is. Even sudden noises outside will startle her. I guess with her head being up she is susceptible to more sounds and stimuli? Anyone else notice this?
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  • @TheTamedShrew yes! The last time we went to the movies, every time there was a loud noise he would kick me. It was the cutest thing.
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  • Today has been the worst day. It was like a blast from the past from the very first weeks. Cramping, nausea, fatigue, congestion; all of it all at once. I tried to take a nap before work to ease the cramping and I couldn't fall asleep because I couldn't breathe!
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  • Baby girl has been crazy active today. After the baby shower we headed over to BIL's house to visit with other BIL, MIL and DN which was great. My MIL is an amazing guitar player and singer. Baby girl was having a snooze I think, and as soon as MIL started playing she was rolling around like crazy!! It was super adorable, MIL teared up a bit; I think it almost made her forget the last few months that we've been having to put some boundaries up that she didn't like. 
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