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What is your baby's Sex?

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Some of us have made it to the exciting point of finding out the sex of our babies!

The poll is obviously for science.

But, also be sure to post whether you are having a boy, a girl, or are remaining team green. This will help @fourPsinapod keep the spreadsheet updated and allow us all to show you some love. And, please feel free to update it yourself if you can. 

**Note: To keep this thread from getting too crowded, let's keep all posts limited to the sex of your baby only. Love tits are always welcome and are very much encouraged.**

Oh, and Congrats!!!

*Parts of this were borrowed from Sept16 & June16 BMB*

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What is your baby's Sex? 193 votes

38% 74 votes
41% 80 votes
18% 35 votes
Team PURPLE (boy/girl twins)
2% 4 votes
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BFP #5 1/5/2018, MC/BO 2/17/2018
BFP #6 7/15/2018, CP

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