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What is your baby's Sex?


Re: What is your baby's Sex?

  • Hello I am on 11 weeks days and I am due February 24th and for some odd reason I have a strong feeling I am having a boy I can't picture a girl in my mind only a boy I am a FTM  on my dad side it mostly boys and on my mom side it's mostly girls so it's like a waiting game my brother is having a girl all my cuzins have girls so I think it's team blue
  • Congratulations @CornchipLA!!! 

  • **Note: To keep this thread from getting too crowded, let's keep all posts limited to the sex of your baby only. Love tits are always welcome and are very much encouraged.**

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  • Won't be able to find out until my anatomy scan on the 23rd. Very jealous.. 
  • Congratulations HeatSparks!!! That's awesome! 
  • They are making me wait another month! :(
  • Has anyone tried the oldwives tale of the necklace to determine the gender? If it spins its a girl & back and forth is a boy. Just curious on how accurate it is. 
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