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Baby names and a mother who hates all your choices...


Re: Baby names and a mother who hates all your choices...

  • Your and DH's opinions are the only ones that matter. We stopped talking names with our families because we got sick of them criticizing our options - I would tell your mom to drop it and avoid talking about the names with her from here on.

    And just to maybe reassure you, my mom wasn't crazy about my nephew's name because she had a bad association as a teacher. She also wasn't crazy about DD's name because it's similar to her own (which was on purpose on our part) and she hates her own name. Now she has said that she loves both names and couldn't imagine a better name for either kid.
  • Just keep in mind that you may never hear the end of it if you use a name your mother hates. 

    My uncle's name is Roberto Gabriel. His son is a Jr and goes by Gabe. My grandmother HATES it. When we point out that she technically chose the name, she gets very grouchy and reminds us that she likes Gabriel the way it's pronounced in Spanish and that she hates Gabe. The same goes for my brother. My father's name is Arturo Miguel, my brother was named Michael after him. She HATES Michael. My cousin is 26 and my brother is 30 and this conversation still happens. But it's your baby and ultimately your choice. 

    I can tell my mother isn't crazy about our names, but she keeps her opinion to herself, so I'm sticking to what I really want.

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  • I don't like the names either but it doesn't matter what I think or mother thinks, it's your baby....that's all that matters. I'm naming my girl Emily, most people I know hate it because it's simple.....who cares what anyone thinks as long as your happy
  • I love your name choices. We originally told my mom we wanted to name our baby (if it were a boy) Desmond, she hated the name and it crushed us. We've now told everyone our lips are sealed until baby is here!
  • Not a fan of Rylan at all. Sounds like it comes from a Pinterest board...but that's just me.
    Penelope is adorable. BUT- I could see how a grown girl/woman would hate it.

    That being said- it is YOUR decision what to name your kids. I am on team MIL Can STFU. This isn't her kid.
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  • Ugh I'm in a similar position and majorly regretting telling anyone before the baby is here and papers are all signed. To anyone who hasn't either told family or asked for opinions yet, please spare yourself and don't do it! I def did not anticipate it being such an issue but it is :(
  • Both names are fine to me, but you must choose what you like. Everyone who doesn't like it will eventually get used to it and no longer care what you named your child. I let people talk me out of a name I loved for my child and now I hate his name. At the end of the day nobody really cares what your childs name is but you.
  • This is exactly why we don't share our chosen named until after the baby is born and officially named. No one is that much of an ass that they'd say anything negative at that point
  • I like both!
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  • its not your mom's baby. we're not telling the gender till our shower because we dont reallt want name input and we're not sure if we're sharing our LO's name then. my mom and MIL weren't liking the possible names we threw around for either gender but they're not raising LO so they don't get to decide. pick a name YOU like
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    I teach kindergarten and I have a male Rylan and a female Rylyn . I also know a few other Rylans so it's not a made up name and it's cute :)
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    Necromancy is bad.

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  • Everytime I hear Rylyn or any variation I think of the redneck scene from Harold and Kumar Escape from GB when the redneck couple are brother and sister. Not a good association. Totally hick and tacky. 

    Also, it's a good time to let this thread die. For reals. 
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