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    I have a 4 year old son named Jaxson Cole. You keep saying that Jaxson isn’t a real name yet there is 10 people on this thread alone saying they have a child named Jaxson or Jaxon. All the similar reasons, short for Jax. So sounds like someone is envious of the name and the way it’s spelled bc they aren’t happy with Whatever name you decided to name your kid. My son is a great kid, super smart, great at sports, never met a kid who didn’t like him, goes out of his way to help others, great manners, good grades, always cheerful and he does this all despite in your eyes having a not real name. 
    He didn’t get all those things I listed about manners and politeness from me or his mom. JAXSON was born awesome and I think bc of his name which he loves gives me confidence to be all those things above. But I’m a jerk and I bet your a fat ass eating chips and drinking straight out the 2 liter while smoking cigs inside your trailer in a broken chair petting one of your 17 cats in front of an old ass dell computer with windows 98 on it. I bet your favorite day of the month is the 1st bc that’s the day your government “disability” check comes in. Now put down that 2 liter of Diet Coke (like it’s going to help your fatass) and get up and clean a litter box cunt. 
    P. S.  Jaxson says Hi. 
    November 5