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I secretly judge...


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  • devyns2nd said:

    I miss everything ugh. I somehow missed the part where we are the bad guys?!?! I'm guessing the removed posts where super sweet supportive words of just awesomeness.

    Yes they were sparkles and rainbows :)
  • Apparently they left. They all piled into their yellow car and rolled out
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    MommaswizzElRubySammy K
  • Back to the "other" boards they crawled out of ;) 
  • It started out as a respectful disagreement until everyone here decided to defend the bitchiness rather than admit fault. It's one thing to make a mistake by voicing a hateful thought, it's another to defend yourself and refuse to acknowledge in any way that you're being hateful.
  • Followed the bat signal over from The Dark Side so I could witness the mess here. I'd admit to drinking (yes, while parenting), but I'm out, GDI. Only 19 bottles consumed since June, 17 if I don't count the ones I had help with.
    This thread is a hot mess. I feel like I need to add to the judgements, though.
    +1 to the ultrasound pics on FB, no one wants to see baby genitals.
    Lots of WTFs to things like antlers on cars (no one effing cares), leggings on boys (leave the hipsters alone, FFS), messy houses (it isn't your house), and people that look like they lie about eating healthy (ever have a thyroid problem?).

    I mean, come on. Judge something petty, like overspending on organic food and amber teething necklaces.

  • Oh no... :( They left and hid. Afraid we'll go over there now with our buckets of teenage ignorance.
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  • ^^ "knickers in a twist"! I love it. Does this I can use "whinging"?

    Don't bother @Mommaswizz. Stupid runs deep. They won't listen to a voice of reason
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  • Well this talking in circles has really worn me out. If this is the kind of community you want, by all means proceed with your "funny stuff" here. I'm hopping back in my yellow car to drive to my cave where we have plenty of fun without the meanness.
  • at least they came and set us straight. We should really think about what we post in the future guys... Lol yeah right.
  • You guys need to invest in some poo-pourri. All your pooping troubles will be gone.

    It really does work!!
  • @klirwin82 you didn't seriously burn your sons leggings did you? .........

    I can't tell if that was sarcasm or not.
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