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I secretly judge...

I'm in a judgy kind of mood. I guess it could fit into FFC, but let's be a little more specific. I'll start it off.

I secretly judge...picky eaters.
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Re: I secretly judge...

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    Sammy K said:

    @ashleymc09 I'm interested in what conclusions you draw!

    Haha I guess I should have been more clear by saying you can tell a lot about someone's personality based on their taste in tree decorations. I think you can tell if someone is sentimental, logical, fun, messy, uptight, easy-going... For example, my mom always has to do something different to her tree every year..seems like last year she either did spray paint a little gold on the branches or maybe she just thought about it.. She's really creative and it shows in her tree every year. I though prefer predictability so my tree has been the same every year. I'm also sentimental so all the ornaments I have mean something to me or were given to me. And then my mom has a friend who is extremely logical and straight-laced and her tree had been decorated for a few years now and she just wraps it in plastic and sticks it in her garage til the next year..

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  • ^^ i cant decide if voice to text is the best or worst thing ever. On one hand, i can get shit done... on the other 90% of what i say needs to be fixed for grammar or misheard words lol
  • Omg, I judge so much. I am awful. Here it goes-- loving animals sooo much/eating meat, acrylic nails, having a bunch of kids, Hummers, using "alot"-- yeah, I know.
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  • I judge people who don't put socks on their babies....... Even in the summer.

    I'm so weird about socks.
  • I judge people who openly judge people.
    A friend of mine posted something about hitting parents who don't spank their kids and I went judge city. Who are you to judge people like I'm now judging you? Lawd.
  • @klkonwi I never put socks on in the summer .... And I feel like she missed out on wearing some of the cuter ones!
  • @lovethatcolosun my father babysits 2-3 days a week while I'm at work. Never in the evening or night though because he and my stepmom are always out on the town! They have a better social life than DH & I before LO.
    I used to judge co sleepers too but not anymore. I haven't had to do it too much lately. LO has been falling asleep in her crib much better.

    It seems kind of weird to me when parents baby wear an older toddler. I've got a bad back though so even if I wanted to I couldn't baby wear that long. My LO is going to have to learn to be independent as soon as she can. Luckily I can already tell she has a feisty independent spirit anyway. She's not into being held when she can be moving around exploring. Who knows though. We all make do & adapt as we need to.
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    I judge FB dirty laundry airers (but totally love hearing it), kids with bottles & dummies and I super judge people who have rude children. 

    I cant stand when I see 3 year olds drinking from the same bottle as my newborn daughter was drinking from so much so shes 6 months old now and hasnt had a bottle in 4 weeks. Shes on the sippy cups purely because of my judgemental attitude to children who drink from bottles.. 

    And rude kids. Ohh my, I cant even hide that I judge them. I dont even try to hide it. Why do you think its okay to raise rude children? 
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