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Welcome to August 2016: Introduce yourself here!


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  • My name is Meghan, I am 32 years old from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I found out I was pregnant the day after Thanksgiving. I am a first time mom, due August 3rd. It wasn't something my husband and I had planned on, but it happened, and I am both very nervous and excited!
  • Hey everyone! We just found out we are pregnant with baby #2! Our sweet daughter is 2 years old and will turn 3 right before we have #2. I went off my birth control beginning of November and was pregnant a few weeks later. We didn't plan on it happening that quick considering it took 8 months with our daughter but we are very blessed and excited!  Congrats to you all!! :)

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  • Hi everyone, we found out yesterday that we are expecting our first! I'm excited and quite nervous about what's to come. Currently living in NYC, we are moving to Virginia middle of next year for DH's job. We only tried for two cycles so I feel like this is too good to be true, we are very blessed and excited. Congrats and H&H 9 months to everyone!
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  • Hey Ladies!! My name is Liz and I'm 27, DH is 34. This will be our third bundle and are very excited to add to our craziness!! According to my LMP due date is 8/19 (still early!). We have two little girls a 3 year old and 1 year old so always exciting around here! In both of my previous pregnancies there was complications so I have never made it full term. Our first was born at 34w due to serve preeclampsia and the second at 36w due to hypertension issues. So we are hoping all goes smooth! I look forward to getting to know you ladies even if I don't make it til August with this little one! Happy Holidays!
  • Hello! Im week 5! Found out last week that im pregnant with my first (boyfriends 2nd) i am a MILso and the next 9 months are going to be hectic. We already had plans to get married in April and move for military by July and Baby J will be here in August. Our pre aceeening appt is tomorrow!! First ultrasound is the week of Christmas. We may have already let the news slip to close family!
  • I did an intro on the main board not knowing there was this thread.

    This baby will be my fourth and I am due August 22.
  • Hi ladies!
    My name is Alyssa and I'm from Lawrence, KS (Rock Chalk!). Hubby and I are both 25 and right now we think I'm due August 6th. We experienced a loss a couple cycles ago after TTC for 5 months. Very excited but still nervous after everything that's happened. I'm supposed to hear back from OB/GYN tomorrow after going in for early labs and then hopefully I'll get in for my first appointment soon. Looking forward to spending time with everyone!
  • Hi guys!

    So my LMP put me at 28th of July but I went for an ultrasound today and was put at 8/9/16 so here I am.

    My name is Stephanie and I'm a FTM. DH and I weren't planning on a having a baby just yet, but here we are and we're both sooooo happy! Will be good getting to know all of you!!
  • Hello, everyone!

    I am so excited, but cautious to be a part of this board considering it's so early. I'm a Texas girl, age 22 and DH is 23. We found out we were pregnant last Saturday (12/5) and according to my LMP my EDD is August 10. I took two tests which IMMEDIATELY came up positive so that was crazy and now we're just waiting on the confirmed lab test from my Dr. I'm looking forward to learning more about this process and hearing all your stories!
  • Hello,

    My name is Jessica, I was a long time bump user when TTC my daughter and August 2014 BMB. I am not expecting number 2 on August 9th. I would love to join in and get to know you ladies.
    I am hoping my ticker works and I have having issues getting my picture to change. The bump has really changed since 2014.
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  • Hey y'all and congrats to everyone!  I'm a 32-yr-old STM, and my precious daughter is currently 14.5 months old.  My husband and I have been married 2.5 years.  We were very fortunate to get pregnant our first month TTC both this time and with our daughter.  I'm due August 13.  My first baby had an EDD mid-September (she was delivered 8 days late after a very successful induction).  Even living in Georgia, I didn't mind the summer pregnancy AT ALL!  I'm actually looking forward to it again.  It's so nice to be able to float in the pool and wear loose, flowy dresses while pregnant :)  but maybe I'm biased because I love the heat!

    I work full time now and plan to keep working after the second baby.  Excited to share this experience with you all!

  • Hey Ladies,
    Both DH and I are 26. We have been TTC for 3 cycles (since our wedding in September) we got of BFP on Dec 3rd. We have our first appointment on Jan 4th and I am excited and nervous all at the same time. According to the calculator on The Bump app, the EDD is August 11th. We haven't told the family yet but plan on doing so as a Christmas gift! Can't wait to see what is in our future!
  • Hey guys, my name is Cassie!  My husband and I are both 29, from NJ and will be first time parents--we are so excited!  I took a test about a week ago and I am 6 weeks today!  I love that I can share this information on here because I am dying to talk all about it, but my outlets are limited as I do not want to spill the beans to family and friends just yet.  EDD of 08/04/16 and my first ultrasound and exam on Christmas Eve!   I am hoping to get picture then and cannot wait to surprise my family that evening with the news!  Best wishes and love to all mommies to be and babies!
  • Hi ladies! So excited to be in a BMB this cycle. This is my second pregnancy. **TW** I had a very short CP at only a few weeks. After a very long wait, I just got my BFP at 17DPO. Hope all is well and have my first OB/GYN and U/S appointment on the 31st. Congrats to everyone here. I wish you a H&H 9 months!
    Me: 23 | DH: 27
    Married: 10.11.15
    MC #1: June 2014
    MC #2: December 2015
    APS Diagnosis: February 2016
    BFP 7/24, EDD 4/5/17
    Previously nweg...7878
  • @lmgibson20 I'm so glad your DH is in remission! And yay for a successful transfer!! Congratulations and welcome!
    me 30; DH 35
    TTC since May 2014.
    Aug 2014 BFP, EDD April 22, 2015. Low progesterone, started suppositories. Loss at 5w6d.
    Nov 19, 2015 BFP at 13 dpo, EDD July 29, 2016. MMC discovered 12/29 (9+4). Natural miscarriage 1/16 (12+1).
    AMH results 0.42, 1.2; FSH 12.1, AFC 10, dx DOR. 
    RPL testing results normal. Nurse recommended progesterone suppositories in TWW.
    Clomid + trigger + TI cycle August 2016 - failed. Thin lining.
    Femara + trigger + TI cycle December 2016 - failed. Thin lining.
    Short LP (8 days).
    Acupuncture & Chinese herbs starting January 2017, lengthened LP to 10 days 

    Summer 2016 LFAF awards: 

    Winter 2016/2017 LFAF awards:

  • Hiiii! My name is Teia. I am so excited to get to know all you ladies. My husband and I have been married for 2 years. We have a 10 month old daughter. My EDD is August 8th.


  • Hi I'm Alison, 35 from south-central Pennsylvania. I'm a first time mom. I'm married to Matt and our EDD is August 17th. We have been TTC for 14 cycles and just began our fertility testing in November. I had an HSG about three weeks ago with a possible unblockage of the right tube done by the dye. So there is chance I'm here because of it. Thankful and just thrilled to be able to start this journey. xoxo.
  • IIIII'm an idiot and totally thought I was posting on this board, when, in reality, I posted another discussion. OOPs. 

    Anyways, if you didn't read my 2 discussions, my name is Amanda. I am 27, DH is 34, and DS is 10 1/2 months. I'm a FT mom in Indiana and DH is a firefighter. I had an emergency c-section with DS and plan on having a scheduled one this time. We decided to start trying for LO about a month ago so we really got lucky. I got my BFP yesterday and we plan on telling family during Christmas. My first dr appt is 1/12/16. Hope that covers it. Happy Friday!
    Married: 1/7/15
    DS: 1/27/15
    BFP: 12/10/15
    EDD: 8/14, but will go for c-section 8/7 

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  • So I got my BFP on 11/17, really the 16th but it was so faint, 5 days before my missed period!

    My name is Victoria I'm 29, my dh is 27, were both from Alabama. This will be our 3 pregnancy this year. We had a missed miscarriage at almost 10 weeks in July and another miscqrriage, at home this time, in October. So hopefully, we're praying, this one sticks! I see the doc and get my first ultrasound on 12/16 and with good hopes of hearing a good little heart beat as I will be 7+2 weeks pregnant. My lmp was 10/26, technically my miscarriage, so our little one should be here 8/1/2016!!!!!
  • Hello ladies! Congrats to you all, and happy to see some familiar faces from TTGP. We got a super faint BFP on a FRER last night, and confirmed it this morning with FMU. It was a nice bold BFP! Last night DH looked at it and asked me how dark it had to be to "count" - lol! He was much reassured by the dark line this morning. Google says roughly between 8/15 to 8/21 for me, so this is where I belong! 
    We've been TTC since last May, but I ended up really sick, and we had to put it on hold. Actively trying for 4 months. 

    My name is Allison, I am 30 years old, and my husband is 38 next month. We had really hoped to have a baby prior to his turning 40, and it looks like that might happen after all! We were married this past summer, and took our honeymoon to Disney World. Yes, that was as much fun as it sounds like!
    We bought our house last year, a 1901 colonial in a very (very) small town in VT. We have two cats, and a corgi. The fuzzies are not too sure about this "baby" thing yet, but they will come around I am sure. 

  • Hey y'all! 

    I am so glad I found this board. I recently found out that I'm pregnant after 10 months of TCC #1 - I'm still in shock in a little. My husband and I have been married for a little over 3 years so we are so excited to finally grow our family! Estimated due date is Aug 12, 2016. 

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's stories and getting to know y'all. 
  • Hey everybody I'm Leen and I'm 4+1 today :) We are so excited to become mom and dad. 
  • Hi ladies! I am Chelsea and I am SO excited to be joining you! This will be baby #4 for us. DS is 7, DD1 is almost 3 and DD2 is 13 months. I am a SAHM and Beachbody Coach.
    Mom to Carter, Kendall, Kiersten and Baby O #4

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  • Hello! My name is Breanna, I'm 31 and expecting #4! We've got "yours, mine, and ours" kids, this baby will make 5 kids in our house! This is mine and DH second child together. EDD is Aug 19! We live in Virginia and I work in DC, we are so excited to finally get a BFP, we've been trying for a long time, this is the last one though! I'm so grateful to have these boards to share with everyone! I look forward to the next 8 months with you ladies!
  • Hey all. I am 29, from Pittsburgh,Pa. I have a son who will be 10 in June. My EDD is August 11, 2016. I am a single mom. I would rather not discuss the details of the father. My period was due 12/03, and i felt weird decided to rest the next day and got a faint plus sign. The next day, 12/05 i got another pack of tests that actually said pregnant or not pregnant. I took the first one, pregnant. I though maybe wrong. Tested again 2 days later and said pregnant again. As for symptoms I have sore boobs/nipples, lower back pain and nauseous every now and then. I remember at this point with my son I did have a ton of morning sickness, but I haven't puked yet *knock on wood* I am also a plus size momma. I don't have a gender preference though I would love a little girl. But whatever is meant to be, will be.
  • Hey everyone!  My EDD is Aug 8 and this is our first.  

    I haven't experiences any of the common pregnancy symptoms (nausea, fatigue, sore boobs) yet so I find myself worrying a lot about mc. Hopefully all is ok...my first doctor appt. is 1/8/16.  It seems so far away!

  • Hi!

    My name is Caitlin. I'm 28, and my DH is as well. We live in CT and this is our first pregnancy! I got the BFP on Monday, 10 DPO. I think my EDD should be around Aug 19, but my first doc appt is on Monday.

    I've been feeling pretty well except for the bloating. No nausea or boob soreness. A little tired here and there, but might be in my head. I had an awful headache on Sunday which was what triggered me to take the test, but I'm only 4+2 so I'm sure that will change :smile:

    I'm so excited to get to know all of you ladies!

  • jeannine163jeannine163 member
    edited December 2015
    Hello everyone
    My name is Jeannine
    31yrs old
    Durham, United Kingdom

    Hoping for a thb I'm 4+5 wks pregnant after losing our little girl to Edwards syndrome in Sept

    Feeling quite well at the moment, nausea and fatigue hasn't kicked in yet but sure it will.

    Early scan booked in 21st Dec for when I'll be 6wks

    Nervous and excited, looking forward to the sleepless nights
  • Hi! My name is Maddi, I'm 23. DH and I just found out we're expecting our second around August 11th! We have a baby girl, Aylah Maria, who was born 1/20/15. We also have a bunny and two gerbils. I am an equine and canine massage therapist. We're super excited to grow our family! Congrats to everyone here!

    Hey @cabee310 I'm not too far from you in Clearwater!
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  • Hi everyone! We are expecting baby 6 and possibly 7 (we've seen 2 gestational sacs so far but not far enough to see heartbeats) I am 36 and hubby is 40. We are excited and a bit surprised for the new miracles! I am due August 9! I have had symptoms for over 2 weeks now..food aversions, exhaustion, sore nipples and boobs, nausea you name it! Nice to meet everyone!
  • Hello mamy's,m'y name is kholoud im 29 years old im form north africa exactly form morocco end im five weeks pregnant edd 12 august 2016 this is m'y second child it was not planned but im happy , I have to mention that m'y son is 11 years old I forgot all about pregnancy
  • Hello!!
    We just got a BFP! My DH is 30 and I am 25. We have two beautiful boys who are 3 & 2! (Irish twins!) we are now expecting #3 with an EDD of August 22nd! Both our boys have their birthdays on the 22nd so we were a little giddy at the thought of all three having the same day of the month for birthdays. I have gone 1-2 weeks early with my boys so I'm not holding my breath for that! We were going to try in the spring but God apparently had other plans!! We are super excited to welcome this bundle of joy and both secretly hope for a little girl this time around! We will be telling my mother on Christmas and family shortly after. Keeping this one off social media as long as possible (until birth of we can bite our tongues that long!) I suffered a miscarriage this summer which put our marriage in a rough spot for a few months and two months ago we got back on track. Kind of nervous for people's reactions since they knew we had trying times. (Anyone have words of advice or support on that matter??) anyways we are over the moon excited to be here and the boys can't wait! They both said its a girl when we ask them! Here's to a healthy, incredible 9months!!!!
  • @megframe16 I think most (probably all) couple goes through tough times, some are tougher, some are more public but powering through those times shows your dedication and should be rewarded not shamed so if you need to remind a few people of that so be it.  Welcome and H&H 9!!
    Me: 31
    DH: 35
    Married: August 2009
    TTC#1: June 2015

  • DoxieLove05DoxieLove05 member
    edited December 2015
    Hello everyone!!

    I am 27 and my husband is 36. We are expecting our first around mid August according to my chart. We received our first BPF on Tuesday the 8th and have been getting positives every day since ( I am/was a testing junkie). Had blood-work Friday to confirm and awaiting the final confirmation from the dr on Monday. 

    Congrats to everyone, I am excited to get to know everyone!

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