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Welcome to August 2016: Introduce yourself here!


Re: Welcome to August 2016: Introduce yourself here!

  • Hi all,

    I'll start off by saying I'm due July 27th with baby #2! I was induced with DS at 38 weeks so I'm unsure of wether he would've naturally come late or not :) So I figured I'd get to know some ladies on the August board in case my little makes a fashionably late entrance. DS is a year old (as of 1/29/16) and DH is a Marine :) That's my family! 
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  • iambrisusiambrisus member
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    HI all, I'm new to the forum.  My name is Brianne (just turned 31) and married to a wonderful guy, Ryan (almost 32) since June 2010. We live in eastern Ohio (but grew up 10 minutes across the Ohio River in West Virginia). We've been TTC since October 2012, and while on our journey, suffered a loss in March 2014 which resulted in a D&C.
    After testing procedures for the both of us and trying several rounds of Clomid, I finally got a BFP on 12/13/15 and our EDD is 08/22/16! After over 3 years of trying, we're very excited and hoping for a happy, healthy baby... as this will be our first child. Doctors did have me on Progesterone until the 12W mark, so I'm glad that is over with! 
    I'm currently 12W4D along and all signs are showing great results according to the doctors. I haven't had any morning sickness, but my bathroom habits have certainly changed! 

    Looking forward to getting to know some of you ladies! 

    TTC 10/2012
    BFP#1: 03/01/14, EDD 11/14/14, MC 03/06/14, D&C 03/12/14
    BFP#2: 12/13/16, EDD 08/22/16

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  • I'm 98% a lurker, but I check our board a few times a week and read most threads.  Hi!  I'm PenguinSocks, and I have two other children, 2 and 3, and a recent loss in October.  I'm glad to be here!
  • Hi everyone! I'm pregnant with my first baby whose due date is August 16th. I'm 31 and my husband is 32 and we live in Northern California. Happy to be part of the club!
  • Hi everyone!!!

    so after my first ob appointment we know this will be an August baby vs a September baby!! My Edd is 9/3 but they will schedule a rcs at 39 weeks but hoping I'll go into labor before that and get to have a successful vbac. 

    Ds is 18 months and is bringing toys to my belly!! It's adorable, although not sure he will be so excited when he realizes the baby is staying lol 
  • Hi everyone! DH and I are both 32 from Charlotte, NC expecting our first due August 4! I have been lurking for a while and everyone's posts just make me smile.  :) I am so excited to be here! 
  • ****loses mentioned

    Hi! I'm quite late. I'm Cat, due with my 3rd August 31st. DD is 7 and DS is 18 months. We've had a miscarriage and an ectopic in the mix as well, so I'm a little nervous. Last appointment, was quite early at 11 weeks, but we didn't hear a heartbeat. So, we go back this Friday to check again.

     I'll be 30 in April, married for 3 years this year. 

    We're team green again and going for a natural birth.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  • Hi! DH and I are from Charlotte, NC, 30, and expecting our first 8/27! I have waited to post because it took us a little while to conceive and we've had a few scares I. The 1st trimester but everything has turned out fine so far. I'm hoping things are smooth sailing from here on out!

     I've enjoyed reading the boards so far...thank you to all who post!
  • sammy520sammy520 member
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    Hi all! My name is Samantha and I'm pregnant with my second child, due 8/8/16. I found out after taking a home pregnancy test back on 12/6. This pregnancy is a bit of a surprise, but I'm super excited about it! I live in MI with my hubby and 22-month old son. We recently found out, via Verifi genetic testing, that I'm expecting a baby girl! Today I'm 17-weeks pregnant! I haven't had an ultrasound since December, confirming my pregnancy. So I'm eager for my 29-week anatomy scan, scheduled at the end of March! 
  • Hey Everyone!! My name is Megan and I am pregnant with my first child.  The estimated due date is August 1st.  I am 29 years old.  My husband and I just announced our upcoming arrival on Facebook yesterday.  We are very excited yet nervous for our first one.  Congratulations to you all!! :)  I look forward to talking more and more with you all!
  • Hi everyone! My name is Emily, I just turned 28. This is our second child due 8/25/16. We were TTC for about 7 cycles, and found out a little before Christmas. I live in Texas with my husband and 3 yo DD. I am a middle school English teacher (yikes!). I decided to forego any quad or blood screening, and we are going to try and remain Team Green... provided my husband can last. My first pregnancy resulted in a C-section at 37 weeks due to IUGR and low amnio. Hoping that will not be the case this go around. I lurked and participated a little in the January 13' board, and found it really helpful and "therapeutic". I hope this board will be the same! 
  • Hi !My name is Christine and I just turned 24, pregnant with my first.  EDD is August 1st 2016 and my boyfriend and I are thrilled! (And also terrified! But who isnt?) Found out today we are for sure having a girl (: yayy. I don't have too many mom friends so looking foward to hearing from you guys !
  • Greetings! I'm Mary, 30, from Oregon. Hubby and I are expecting our first on August 5! I'm epileptic, with a history of miscarriage, so this has been kind of a scary ride so far but I'm glad to find some extra support here!
  • Hello ladies, Im Nia. I am from MI. This is my 4th pregnancy but I only have my 2 yr old sons here with me. Due Aug 28th! Ready to have some interesting discussion with you ladies!
  • We are expecting our 2nd Aug 31st. I was sure my EDD would be 9/6 but baby measured a week bigger at my 8 week appt. We have a 4 year old son who is so excited to be a big brother. He's hoping for a little brother. We like in Pa. I also have a horse, Ranger, who is like my oldest kid. He's 14 now and I raised him since he was 10 months old. 
  • nikkimayeuxnikkimayeux member
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    Hey everyone! I'm way late in the game to be getting active on this thing, according to most of these introductions, but here goes!

    I'm 29 and due third week in August 2016 with my second kiddo. My daughter will turn 4 during Baby #2's due date week. I'm a bit of a pregnancy and birth nerd/junkie...I'm that chick that's "totally thought about becoming a doula" and drinks a lot of herbal tea. First birth was unmedicated hospital birth, and I'm looking forward to home birthing with a midwife this time around, provided I stay low-risk and healthy. 

    I'm pretty active and like to stay that way during pregnancy as much as possible - weight lifting and aerial/circus arts are my favorite fitness activities. I got really fit post-baby #1 and am definitely working through a lot of anxiety/preoccupation with seeing the scale go up and my shape change this time around, so if anyone else is on that struggle bus I would love to connect and support each other. 

    Love from New Orleans,
  • Hey everyone!
    I am 32 and expecting my 2nd in August (14th). My first is 23 months. I am 18 weeks and just getting over the sickness. Phew!! I truly thought it would not be as bad this time. 
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  • Hi Ladies!  This is my first post on the Aug 2016 board! I'm 20 weeks (and 2 days;due Aug 2) along with a baby girl. I have three other LOs: boy (5rs), girl (3 yrs), boy (1 year), and excited for #4 to complete our family. This is my 6th pregnancy (two mcs; one at 14 weeks and one blighted ovum). I've been dxed with complete placenta previa. Hoping it clears, but preparing for it not to (which would be/will be my first C-section). I'm married, live in the 'burbs of KC, and am a full-time university professor and health researcher. Excited to join you all!
  • Hi all, I'm Val. Due August 24th with my 2nd child. My first is 19(!) and I found out on her birthday. This is my husband's 3rd, as he has 2 boys from a previous marriage. It's a ,girl, which I know because I did the genetic testing my ob recommended. So far no complications at all, and my only complaint is that I'm too tired to do everything I need to do in order to get ready. :smile: 

    I'm a clinical social worker in public mental health. My husband is planning to mostly be a stay at home dad, though will continue working part time to make sure his boys' needs are covered.
  • Hi! My name is Naomi and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am due 8/28/16 with my first child. Currently, I am 17 weeks, but did not know until I was 9 weeks that  I was prego. We were planning to wait another year before trying, but after 11 years together it seems that their were other plans in store for us. We are super excited and scared. 
  • MrsBecker627MrsBecker627 member
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    my name is ashley 
    im 28
    i got married to my husband 6/27/15
    we have been together 5 years
    i have a 17 year old stepson
    i am a correctional officer in an all male prison
    i have 3 dogs who are my babies
    i have endometriosis and was told i would never have kids
    i am due with my first baby in august 
    due august 12
    we found out we are having a baby boy

  • I can't remember if I ever did this, so hope I'm not double posting!
    I'm Maureen and am 33.  I've been married since 2010 and will hopefully have a newborn by the time our 6 year anniversary happens this summer!  We have an almost two year old son and a fur baby Puggle named Finnegan.  I am an attorney that works in regulatory compliance for consumer finance. We are not finding out the sex of this baby because I had a c-section with our first due to him being breech and needing him to come out at 38 weeks.  I was diagnosed with cholestasis at 37.5 weeks and am really hoping it doesn't repeat this pregnancy! 

    Good luck to all mamas!
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  • ::waves hi::

    Just wanted to pop in to introduce myself. My I'm actually due Sept 16th, however I have a few conditions that will cause me to have an early baby. According to my OB our goal is 35 weeks (Aug 12th) however could be earlier. I probably won't be active on here for a while as I'm still a few weeks behind all of you guys, but eventually I'll have to jump over closer to when baby comes. Anyway hope you all have a happy and healthy 9 months. 
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  • Hi everyone. I'm Jen. I'm 31 and currently 18 weeks 6 days pregnant with my 2nd baba (who I believe after an early gender scan is a girl) EDD 23/08/16. I already have a 3 year old Son and live in the UK with my husband David, 48. Never been a member of one of these groups before so am a little shy and just wanted to say Hello 
  • Hi everyone I'm Jen im from Wisconsin. Im 39 and will be 40 when i deliver. This is my first :) and probably my only. I never thought id be a mom so i can't wait to hold my baby in my arms..:). Dad and i opted not to find out the sex of the baby.  Delivery date is Aug 23rd.
  • Hello all. I'm late to join this but I'm a first time mom due Aug 30. Live in Iowa with my husband and super spoiled Doberman
  • Hi everyone,

    I know I'm late to the group, but I'll probably be around now that I'm here. My name is Jasmine & I'm from the Southeast Michigan area. I am currently pregnant with my second baby. I'm 22 years old and married to the love of my life. Hope to get to know you all soon! 
  • Heavenly16Heavenly16 member
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    Hi everyone, I am Zara, 29 years.  This is my first due August 26th. Quite late to the group but excited to share with everyone this beautiful experience  
  • Hello all! I enjoyed reading everyone's intros. I am very late to the game but thought to introduce myself so I don't seem like a lurker if I like one of your comments. 
    This is my second time on the bump, first time was april 2014 with my son Liam. My due date this time around is August 18th. So that puts me at 24 weeks. 
    As crazy as it sounds I didn't even realize I was expecting till week 20. 
    We moved in November and are living with my Inlaws until our house is built. I travel almost weekly for my job & it's high stress so I never gained weight or had any symptoms Etc. my DH and I are beyond excited to welcome another little boy. He's unexpected but a blessing. We reside in Oklahoma. 
  • Hello everyone, 
    I'm Alex and I'm due August 24th with my first baby boy.
    I was born and raised in Southern Wisconsin. I'm super excited to be in this group.
  • Reintroduction- 

    I was around in the beginning, but was a little overwhelmed lol.

    I'm Sabrina, 35 expecting our 3rd, August 11th. I have two boys, will be 14 in July and 16 in August, and this is dh's first. We are expecting a girl, Taylor Grace.

    I work full time and help my husband with our remodeling business as well. We live in Florida and we are in the process of renovating our home/mini farm we just purchased, and will be moving next month.

    Looking forward to connecting with other moms. 

  • Hi everyone! 
    My name is Judi. I'm 24 years old and 28 weeks pregnant with a due date of August 5th. My husband and I already have a 19 month old daughter named Serenity, whom we call Rini for short. We live in Rock Hill, SC. With this pregnancy, we are expecting a little boy. Since this is my 4th pregnancy, I will be getting a tubal done while they are sewing me back up during the c-section. 

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