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Re: Welcome to August 2016: Introduce yourself here!

  • karaszoo1karaszoo1 member
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    Hiya girls ! I'm Kara (gotta figure out how to change this generic pic)
    Due Aug 4th with my third but ill prob end up going late July like i did with my boys . I have a 16 yr old son & a 16 month old son (15 yrs and 3 days apart...lol) so looks like we will prob be adding another birthday to the last week of July lol Super stoked to be pregnant again after a mc last month, positive vibes for a sticky baby this time ! 1st US and appt with maternal fetal specialist Dec 22 and RegOB Dec 23.
    We are both 34 and live in Cleveland Ohio. Fingers crossed for a girl.
    I was more of a lurker on my bm board with my son but hope to not be so intimidated this time lol
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  • @kitkatherine we live in Florida too!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @karaszoo1 Welcome!! Cleveland rocks!! That's where I am originally from. :) My hubby and I now live in the DC area.

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  • Hello everyone. 

    Congrats on all the + tests!! I have had 2 previous m/c. The 2nd was the beginning of October. I had a period on 11/6 and for the past week I have been having odd symptoms. So I took a test yesterday and it was a faint faint positive. I had an OB appointment from the m/c and told the Dr that I had a positive test. He said just to be safe to do a blood test before we do anything else. He is concerned it might be hormones left over from the m/c. However, Im not for sure because I have had a full period since then. So Im hoping that this is a true pregnancy. I have to go on Saturday to do my 2nd round of blood work to see if levels have doubled. Fingers crossed!!!! 

    So with that, I hope I stick around. 

    Here's to a sticky healthy baby!!! :) 

    ** Highschool Sweethearts ** 
    Married: February 14, 2009

    MC: June 6 2010 @ 18 weeks
    DS: December 19, 2011
    MC: October 2, 2015 @ 14 weeks

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  • Hi! I'm newly pregnant EDD 8/12.
    I'm 28 with one almost two year old as well as one baby that we lost around 8 weeks pregnant last March. Very excited to join you ladies.
    I do have a question... I have had a 21 day cycle since last miscarriage. Last period started Nov. 6th and I found out I was pregnant November 24th.im having trouble figuring out how far along I am since the pregnancy is usually counted by a 28 day cycle. Any help?

    Hi there! Because EDD is based on a standard cycle with O on day 14, they add the two weeks between AF and O to your pregnancy. I would add in an extra week for you and say you're 4 weeks along. I ran into the same problem with this pregnancy. I ovulated on CD9 and got a BFP on CD17. So when I called my OB I just told them that my last period was one week earlier than it had actually been, otherwise they probably wouldn't believe I was pregnant even though I obviously was and was at 3 weeks, 1 day.
  • kitkatherinekitkatherine member
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    @WinchesterGirl best place to be :D great to have another Floridian
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this online community thing. I am a young mom at 23 with two girls of my own and my partner has two girls of his own. Now we are expecting our 5th child together due in August....it's insanity. His oldest is not bilogicaly his but we financially pay for her back to school stuff, birthdays, Christmas dances you name it we pay for it. We live in a two bed room with the three younger children ages 9, 7, and 5(Oldest is 14). This baby is very welcomed but also unexpected. I'm excited as well as terrified.
    Congratulations to all mom's to be.
  • Hi Everyone.
    Congrats on your pregnancies!
    I am 32 and DH is 37 we are from NYC.
    I have a 4 y.o. DD and a 21 month old DS (he is a Christmas baby). This will be our third child.
    My son was a rainbow baby, so I really didn't get a chance to enjoy being pregnant last time. I was always afraid of another loss. Looking forward to enjoying it this time around. Last time I was more of a lurker, looking forward to contributing more.
    Due date is August 2nd. FIrst doctor appointment is December 15th.
    Married - 8/04/2006
    DD - 7/31/2011
    MC - 12/4/2012 (10.2 weeks)
    BFP - 4/15/2013 * Due - 12/20/2013 (Team Green!)

  • DataMomDataMom member
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    Hello and congrats all!
    I'm expecting my first on 8/8/16! This feels so unreal! I'm 32 and my DH is 35. DH and I lived apart for 3 years (for work) so we're just now able to start our family. We're both scientists and can't help but marvel at all the cool biology involved with this life changing experience!
    I'm very excited but also pretty anxious about pregnancy and childbirth. Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts. :smiley:
  • Hi Ladies!

    So excited to be over here! I am 32, DH is 31. This is our first. We've only been trying since May, but it felt like forever. I haven't had my OB appt yet, but online calculators put our due date at Aug 4. I'm still a little bit in shock, but so excited we are going to be parents to a real baby, rather than just to our dog and cat. We're moving next year, so the OB I'm seeing now will not actually be my OB for the whole pregnancy (which makes me sad because I LOVE her), and we'll be 3 hours from my family (we currently live in the same place as my family) and still a plane flight from his, so we're going into it with not a lot of support nearby. Still very excited!

    Married May 2014
    DD born August 2016
    Baby #2 due December 2017
  • Hello,

    I just found out Wednesday that I'm prego for the first time, due Aug 3rd according to the Bump calculator. DH and I have been trying since May. I'm 30 and he's 39. He's ecstatic but I'm having trouble feeling anything but anxious. We live in Hudson Valley of New York and have two fur babies, been married a year and a half and together for seven years.

  • @leonard&tina Congrats! We are due date buddies :) ..
  • Hi all!  This is my fourth pregnancy (I have 2 boys ages 2 years and 5 years old as well as one angel baby. I had a miscarriage August 2012)  My huband and I are both 26 and we are very excited to be welcoming our newest additon.  While we went back and fourth on whether or not we wanted 3 kids I guess there is no going back now :) Initially I was in shock but really I could not be anymore excited!! Fingers crossed for a girl but having 3 boys does sound very exciting!  We found out November 26th about our little peanut and using the online calculations he or she will greet us around August 2nd.  My first appointment is already set up for Jan. 4th.  We have told one person about baby, but other than that we are waiting until Christmas to tell our immediate friends and family.  We will wait until I'm 15 weeks along to make it "facebook official" though.  I wish everyone has a healthy pregnancy.  I'm already throwing up twice a day and the early bloating has my sciatic nerve hating me, but all will be worth it!! No complaints here!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!
  • @lalalorelai I am so happy to see you here!!! Did I miss something in LFAF? Go be an AW, girl! :)
  • Hello! My name is Alexis, wife to Chris, mommy to Holden (almost 11 months) and fur mom to Clover & Joey. We are pregnant with our second (SURPRISE!) baby and I'm 4w5d currently with an EDD of August 9 (or 10, there's been some debate lol).

    My husband is in the navy and we live in South Carolina. I'm a WAHM (I sell LuLaRoe clothing) and Holden is a crazy tornado of fun! He's been crawling since 6 months, walking since 10 and is probably going to take over the world as he has our home. ;) That's all for now, I guess. 

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    Just got a bfp this morning. I'm still a little surprised because I had spotting starting at 7dpo every cycle, including this one, since I had the iud removed in July. I thought I was crazy to even test. My due date based on LMP is 8/16, but based on ovulation 8/14.

    MH and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary, and we have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is obsessed with dinosaurs. I was only mostly a lurker on my last BMB, but I'm looking forward to being more active this time around.

    H&H 9 months to everyone!

  • @holdensmama15 I was just introduced to LuLaRoe last month! I already have 4 pair of leggings and a classic tee! So excited that I can wear them as maternity clothes too!
  • srenk08srenk08 member
    edited December 2015
    Safe to say this isn't another chemical! I got this this morning with FMU :) I am estimated 3weeks and 4 days along according to the ovulation date my BBT chart gave me.
  • @srenk08 I took one this morning too at 3w 4d. My last pregnancy was a chemical and I couldn't turn a digital! I was so excited when "pregnant" showed up this morning.
  • @andrea0418

    I know! It's pretty exciting lol....my maternity clothes will be much more stylish this time around ;)

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  • @andrea0418 how exciting! Seeing those words are probably the most reassuring thing to see especially when you've had chemicals.
  • mommylove2013mommylove2013 member
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    Congrats to all growing bumps!

    My name is CC. I'm a mother of 2 (soon to be 3) and 5w2d. My EDD is 8/5/16 and I'm super excited about it.
  • Congrats ladies my name is vivian I'm a morher of two. My expected due date is 08/09/16. I'm 4w and 5d according to my lmp.
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