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  • I'm confused. OP, you're still five days before your anticipated period, yet you're freaking out because taken 10 tests due to an itchy uterus and you've gotten a BFN every time? Even FRER notes that it only shows a positive in 76% of pregnancies this early. The percent goes up to 99% as you get closer to the missed period.

    10 tests so early followed by panic seems a bit overkill to me. (And I'm someone who tests ridiculously early because I have no self-control.)
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  • First of all, I am also #TeamBorg. 
    Second, to answer your question, @missylee1979, No, I have never had an itchy uterus. And considering both the negative hpts, and the fact that you've been having this sensation since 4DPO, it's definitely not pregnancy related. It could be all sorts of things. Gas, endometriosis, or maybe just a referred itch of some kind(when a stimulus on one part of the body creates an itching sensation on/in a different part of the body.

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  • Lol. You seem very uptight. No just letting you know i sympathize. Ive had miscarriages too. Sorry you see it as a one up. Maybe its time for you to move on borg. Good luck
    WTF? Borg was nice to you. You've been here all of five seconds. Not exactly prudent to try to fob off a loved regular that gives very thoughtful, empathetic advice on the regular. No no, the Borg can stay. #TeamBorg4lyfe
    haha. Cute.
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  • WTAF is an itchy uterus?

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  • The OP is:

    But I love everything else about this thread.
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