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2nd Trimester

Our Favorite Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Moms-to-Be

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We know our Bumpies love sharing recipes for meals to make and store in the freezer - while baby is still cooking! Once your LO arrives, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is whipping up dinner (or ordering take-out). 

You can never have enough great recipes, or enough delicious frozen meals ready to be enjoyed! Check out our favorite recipes for make-ahead freezer meals here. Get inspired...and get hungry! What meals will fill your freezer?  

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Re: Our Favorite Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Moms-to-Be

  • My mother and I just had a food prep marathon.  We prepared and froze many meals from 1 turkey.  
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    Well, these recipes are great for anyone who wants to go on a carb binge. Yikes!! @BumpAdmin, how about an updated list with healthier choices?
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  • I am looking for some recipes that we can prepare before our little one comes. Any ideas?
  • Right after this Holiday week, I plan on making a shepherds pie, and a few other casserole type dishes that include chicken, or ham or turkey quinoa, or rice, and various vegetables. I also think I might make a lasagna or some italian dishes. Maybe a few crock pot recipes portioned in some mason jars, ready to pour the day I want to eat them. Especially since I hear in the first couple of months cooking is a chore.
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    @horrordoll-does the pasta get mushy after being frozen or absorb all the liquid it's with? I always worry about freezing pasta in soup. Otherwise your recipe sounds delicious!!
  • Sloppy Joes, Homemade Buns, Cookies.....throw in a salad or roasted veggie when you have the meal.
  • How early can we start preparing meals for after baby? 
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    I have a day marked on my calendar to plan my freezer meals, then a day set aside to cook those meals, so I will be following this board.  One thing other than whole meals that I want to keep on hand are energy bites.  I found this recipe for anyone else interested...whether or not you end up having lactation issues or not, I think they are healthy.
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  • When is a good time to start prepping the freezer meals. I don’t want to start to early and have the food taste freezer burnt. 
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