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  • I think I clearly miss understood what TTC meant...
  • Of what? The message from your lulu person? Read. I said she sent it to watch that unravel. And it did. Entertaining.

    So you admit to trolling? Which is what that is... What say you @BumpAdmin ?

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  • @MrsValerieWood : you can unstar the post if you don't want a bunch of notifications.

    Trust, for all the flaming I've had over the years. This one bit of troll bait makes me giggle!

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  • @PrimRoseMama people clearly get very heated in the TTC board. They need a board where you can ask questions about where to post questions. lol
  • @ALittleCountry I liked the knot but this seems like a totally different beast. Luckily I spend enough time on forums to not let the hazing bother me. lol
  • @PrimRoseMama They need to write a "What to expect when you post on the Bump".
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