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We can't decide between three girl names

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Re: We can't decide between three girl names

  • Evelyn.

    While Eleanor is lovely, is very over done in recent years. She will be 1/10 Ellie's.

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  • Elizabeth!
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  • Evelyn is a very pretty name.

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  • Eleanor.

    Evelyn and Elizabeth were both ranked in the top 20 most popular names last year while Eleanor was in the 70s. All three are beautiful though.
  • Eleanor will likely be Ellie and I just can't not roll my eyes at another Ellie.

    Elizabeth is great and offers unlimited nicknames

  • Evelyn.

    Unless you were going to use a nn for Elizabeth, then that might change my vote.

  • Elizabeth!
    Because fall

  • Love Eleanor.

  • I am biased because I have an Evelyn. I love her name.

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  • Elizabeth, because I love that you can use so many nicknames with it. And it goes great with your classic boy names.
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  • They're all nice, but I like Evelyn. I've known a couple and they've used the nn eve. I know they're two different sounds, but I really just don't like the evie nickname.
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    Love them all!! But I would spell it Eleanor.

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  • Evelyn. I love the nn Evey...
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  • They are all nice! But I also pick Evelyn. It's beautiful. Elizabeth is a close second for me, it's just so pretty and classic. Elenore I feel with often get misspelled as Eleanor, and tbh it sounds like a grandma name to me.
  • Evelyn is beautiful but it is very quickly moving up the charts. It's always been a favorite of mine, but I would never use it now.

    My vote is for Elizabeth!
  • jenfarm3 said:

    Evelyn. I love the nn Evey...

    I am currently inlove with the nn Evey/ Evie. It's adorable! So my vote is also for Evelyn. But if you decide on Eleanor, I prefer this spelling.
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  • Elizabeth!! Best name ever!!
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  • Elizabeth, no contest. Goes great with ur boys names
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  • Evelyn. I'm sick of the Ellies too.
  • Eleanor.  Nora could be a nn alternative to Ellie. Due 1.10.19
  • I love Elizabeth. You have the option of so many great nicknames. My personal favorite is Birdie.
  • Elizabeth or Evelyn. I personally prefer Elizabeth with the nn Libby, but there are lots of fun choices with Elizabeth

  • 4N6s4N6s
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  • Elizabeth hands down. So many good nicknames to go with it too.

    I know a less than pleasant woman named Evelyn and we call her Evilynn. So that name is kind of ruined for me.
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