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GTKY: What do you and your SO do for a living?


Re: GTKY: What do you and your SO do for a living?

  • I'm a team lead in the warehouse for a major Canadian sporting goods store (think Bass Pro Shops, but not) and DH is a heavy equipment operator. He currently operates backhoe for a company that rents out equipment with operators to construction companies. In the winter he will be doing snow removal for the same company. We plan for me to be a SAHM once the baby comes, if we can make it work! I also intend to homeschool. I'm super excited to start my career as a SAHM homeschooler!
  • I'm a secretary in the construction/mining industry and my husband is self-employed, has an online business that keeps him busy all the time, in the winter months he has a firewood business that I help him with, and he is also working on his future goal of operating his own tree nursery.
  • DH and I both work in Oil & Gas - I'm in environmental, he's in construction.
  • I'm a manager for a Tmobile corporate store and my SO is in Internet sales department for autonation Honda! So we are both sales junkies!
  • Hi there!! SO and I are both in the car business! I've sold VW's for 3+ years and he works for Landrover. Love love love my job but terrified about the months I'll be out of commission with a big ol belly!!!! Can't wait though:):)
  • I'm starting my sophomore year of college. Doing online this year & also a SAHM with my littles who are 4 years old and almost 6 months.

    & my hubby has been in the military 6 years and he plans to stick with that <3

  • I'm a SAHM (taking a hiatus from teaching middle school science to raise my kiddos) and husband is a pharmacist. Between the two of us we know too much science.
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  • I'm an occupational therapist and my husband splits his time as a floor supervisor/table games dealer at the casino in town.
  • I'm a special education teacher (elementary) and DH is a State Trooper. I'm hoping to take the rest of the school year off as well!!
  • I work at a physical therapy clinic and my husband works at Ford building cars. :)
  • I am a regional group health insurance representative, and my husband owns a strength training and mindset performance business.

    Both of our jobs require a lot of hours and evening work :( but we've been fortunate to have a lot of help with the kids from family so far.
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  • @ICUnurse255 yay, another Pure Michigan bumpie here too!
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  • Up until last October I was a camp director for a non profit organization. After 20 years I became a sahm mostly due to health issues. Dh is a union electrician.
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  • My boyfriend is a sous chef, and right now I'm a server/bartender but I recently finished school to be an EMT so now all I gotta do is get my butt in gear and take my state written test.
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  • I'm a radiographer, but starting tomorrow, I'll be a full-time sonography student! The temptation to scan baby before my first appointment is going to be something I'll struggle with.
    DH is in management with a large retail chain. He's on overnights until March, so I'm hoping he gets kicked back to days then.
  • I'm an Executive Assistant at A university. My husband is a 2nd year apprentice electrician.
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  • DH is a Correctional Officer at a prison and I am a Dentist. And our DD is a professional 3rd grader. ;)
  • I am a Medical Float Nurse and my husband is the Manager of a branch for an electrical supply company.

    I am also in school full-time upgrading my nursing diploma to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.
  • We're actually both college students. It is scary we will be having a baby while living on loans.
  • I am a stay at home mom but I also homeschool . We have had 3 girls this is our 4th baby . My husband is in his 2nd year of Med school becoming a doctor only 2 years to go and 4 years of residency til he's complete .
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    I'm also a photographer and make home goods
  • I teach college English and my husband is an IT Technician. 
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  • Hi! I'm an insurance claims adjuster and hubby is in retail (but looking for something different). We have a almost 4yo and this one should be here in time for us to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! It still seems so surreal since we haven't had our appointment yet!!
  • I am a SAHM. Dh is a sprayer specialist for a tractor company. He travels in his territory showing farmers how their sprayers work, telling them how to fix them or make them more productive, and selling them. Right now is his busy season because of harvests coming up and tons of farm shows.
  • I'm a Restaurant Manager for an upscale casual dining restaurant. I love my job but the hours are killing me!! My husband is a lead cook for a fine dining establishment, hoping he'll be sous chef soon! Needless to say, i never cook so thats a bonus. We have a 4 yr old little girl and can't wait for this little one!
  • Me - Operations Manage at a trades company
    DH - Programmer


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  • @campbaby76 I swore you wrote your husband was a "unicorn electrician". I was like "Whaaaaa???" 


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  • I'm a pediatric physician assistant and my husband teaches high school, and coaches wrestling and football.
  • I am a WAHM. My husband and I run a construction business together. Him in the field, me in the office. Makes for some interesting late working nights.
  • I'm a mental health therapist and college professor. My husband is an electrical engineer that works on nuclear submarines being built. :-)
  • DH and I are both government contractors - I do research on the human side of cyber warfare and DH is an electrical engineer
  • I am the Marketing and Special projects Coordinator at a nearby hospital and my husband is the head athletic trainer for our universities football team! 
  • Both my husband and I work corporate jobs- I'm a marketing manager, he runs a trading desk in the treasury department. We leave the house by 7:30 every morning and often don't get home til 7 PM- my job includes a lot of travel.... Over 25% - but I'm also lucky enough to have some flexibility around working from home at least one day per week. We'll have to figure out how to make it all work soon!
  • I'm a social worker and hubby is an engineer.
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