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  • Introducing Emmett Jack M. 
    1st due date: Sept 29 
    2nd due date: Oct 4 
    Actual Birth Date: Fri Oct 2 at 2:13am 
    Weight: 9lbs 3oz 
    Length: 20.5 inches 
    Birth Story: contractions started Thurs at lunchtime, 20 mins apart. Painful by dinnertime and 8 mins apart. Midwife came and checked me at 8:30pm and I was 3cm dilated. She came back at 10:30pm and I was 5cm dilated and contractions were 4-5mins apart. We got to the hospital just before midnight. Had contractions in the ER, in the hallway, in the elevator, the mat ward, finally got to a room. Was able to labour in the shower/tub on the ball. Thank goodness for the grab bars in the shower and thankfully the laughing gas was able to reach me in the shower. By 1:45am I was 9cm dilated and over to the bed. I pushed "wrong" for 20 mins (into my legs instead of my bum). Once I was able to reach down and feel his head I was able to push "properly" for 10 mins and finally got him out at 2:13am. Then wow, we were all so surprised at how big he was (9lbs 3oz. Big sis 4 yrs ago was only 7lbs 1oz). Only needed about a half hr of stitching (2nd degree tear) which was great compared to my daughter where I'd had an hr of stitching up 3rd degree tear with internal damage. So grateful for my hubby, doula and midwife. I couldn't have done it drug free without them. SO painful but SO worth it. We are so in love with our (not so) *little* man!
  • Name: Susanna Marieke 
    7 lb 2 oz, 20.5 inches
    EDD: 09/07 
    Born: 09/09

    Here is Susie at six days old. This is the best time of our lives!!
  • Hey ladies! I was one of the first mom's on here (pre-conception!), but after getting pregnant our first cycle trying, I got bullied by some of the TTC mom's and left. Thought I would update though with my little September squish.

    Born: Sept. 23rd, 2015
    Name: Malia Thérèse 
    7lb 15oz & 20inches

    I live in Canada but am from the US, so my mom decided to come up for the birth to help me and meet her first grandbaby! She had 2 weeks. She had arrived 40w2d and I still wasn't close to labor! I walked malls, went to tourist spots and did stairs, squats, I still can't believe I was so mobile! At 41w the midwives offered a sweep and I agreed, thankfully it worked and that night around 10pm my labor began. It wasn't super painful, so I wasn't sure if it was real.  As my husband was timing them though, within an hour they went from 10 minutes to 4-5 minutes! We called the midwives and began filling up our birthing pool as we planned a homebirth. The midwife was at the hospital with TWO mom's in labor and she said she would get another midwife, my back up. We'll she called back and my back up, and my second back up were both I attending births. She had one midwife who was free!  I was in a bra (only)  pacing my living room when she met me! Thankfully she was super sweet and so kind and great, but it was initially quite stressful! Labor was hard, but smooth and I never made a peep (you're welcome neighbors!). I labored in the birthing pool and then pushed on a birthing stool for about an hour before she was born at 6:17am!  It was such a positive, uplifting experience.  We are planning to start trying this summer for baby #2  and can't wait to work with them again.  Malia is now 7 months old and such a fun, sweet lady. It's amazing how much your heart grows and how much you can love another person in ways you never imagined. Well, that's me!  I am loving reading all your stories, they are beautiful! Anyone trying for their next or expecting?!  :) 
    TTC: Dec. 2014    -     BFP: Jan. 3rd, 2015    -     EDD: Sept. 15th, 2015   
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