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  • Wow!! @starbeck77 what a story!! Congrats & I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers :x
  • Thank you! Hugs!
  • eclohoecloho member
    edited August 2015
    @VCamacho125 sounds almost exactly like my birth story! I did get to 10 finally after being stuck at 7.5 for quite a while, but babies heart rate was showing distress so I also went in for an emergency C-section. I also wanted to go unmedicated but ended up with Pitocin, Fentanyl and the epidural
  • @ecloho yeah very similar..I also wanted a natural child birth but this goes to show that things don't always go according to our plans. Idk why it happened the way it did bit I have to learn to accept it and be grateful that my baby girl is finally here.
  • @KAR8706 sounds a lot like my story! Congrats he's cute!!!! :x
  • Congrats @jessicalynnortiz81 =D> Wow 64 hours!!!! :((
  • @hankhunter wow! Congrats on your big beautiful baby girl!
  • Aawwweee @kdubb89 She is so tiny and cute!
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