July 2015 Moms

*July 2015 Birth Announcements*

***Please do not comment on this thread unless it is your birth announcement***

Please use this thread to share baby's name, birth date, pictures, and any other details you would like to share as well as a link to your individual announcement thread.
Keep in mind there is a 30-day limit on editing anything you post, and pictures cannot be deleted at this time. Any photos and/or information posted becomes proprietary to The Bump, granting the XO Corporation rights to use this in any way they choose (see https://www.thebump.com/terms.html).

"Love Its" are welcome and appreciated on this thread, but please refrain from commenting with anything other than your baby's details.
If you'd like to comment, please follow the link to the individual's announcement thread and comment there.

Wishing everyone short, healthy, and happy births!!
(Credit for text used above goes to A14, N14, D14, J15, F15, M15 and May15!)

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  • @BumpTara Can you please sticky this as announcement for our group?
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  • @taruuh congrats on your little boy glad he's doing better oh and what I do to post a picture since the app won't let me I linternet through the Internet