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2nd Trimester

What do you call your baby to be?


Re: What do you call your baby to be?

  • We call him bubba
  • We've been calling our little boy or girl "Baby Bear" since bear rhymes with our last name (:
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  • I call him my Tiny little turtle.
  • We call our baby Taco. We were calling it something new every week based on what size it was...blueberry, raspberry, etc. There was one evening where I was craving mexican food so bad, I was ready to kill for a chile relleno (my favorite mexican dish). My husband made plans to go to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner and since then, there have been no cravings. So my husband and everyone in our circle calls the baby Taco
  • We call ours sweet pea!
  • We've been calling her demon spawn.  All of my cravings have been foods that my husband loves, even things that made me gag pre-pregnancy. So I've accused him of collusion with his demon spawn. 
  • Sprout.  But "baby" probably comes out more often since that's the term easiest for the 2 year old.
  • Eh I guess we aren't that creative. We just refer to her as "the baby". 
  • Before I found out the gender I called her Coconut. Since my family is caribean and I wanted a neutral baby name. But we found out she is a girl but I still call her Coconut and her big sis call her baby or Coco.

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    My husband calls our baby the gopher from caddyshack because of the dance moves our baby had at our last ultrasound lol
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  • We have been calling our baby the Bean since the beginning.  (Not the most creative name, but it has stuck.  In fact, my FIL claims he will still refer to the baby as Bean even when she's out.)  In the first ultrasound, she really did look like a bean!
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  • I call my baby peanut! He looked like one in his first ultrasound with tiny arms and legs!
  • She's our little nugget. 
  • At first our little one was tagged "the alien" due to something that was happening that looked and felt like baby was suddenly standing straight out! And the likeness to a sceene from the movie alien and spoof of movie "space balls" now that that is under controll and we know we're expecting a girl we say the littleness or her name .. But often it's
    "little miss littleness" 
  • Baby Fergie. My last name is Ferguson. 
  • Our last name starts with Mc so for our second we called her McNugget. I sort of call this one that too, though my four year old calls it Baby wah-wah😆
  • Poppy,  and  bug 
  • odinaniodinani member
    Even though we're all pretty sure it's a girl I keep referring the baby like he's some cool guy I know. 

    The little dude
    This guy
    Your kid
    The baby
    The mechwarrior operator (he seems to have a control panel of buttons to make me sleep or eat his foods of choice. I no longer have volition... lol)
  • We call the baby little potato (my strongest craving).  My fiance's mom call the baby peanut....just like she did his niece. 😐 
  • Mr. Mango because of the baby is the size of fruits and mr. Mango sounded the best. 
  • We call ours Chia, because we found out we were pregnant when it was the size of a chia seed 😂.
  • Ours have been dubbed our Baby Bee or Little Bee. 

    I called my S/O Bee and he calls me his Little Bird. I have a tattoo of a small emoji bee behind my left ear for him, too, and when we found out we were pregnant it just came naturally. 

    For the baby shower, I'm wearing a shirt that says "We're bringing home a baby bumblebee".

    It even fits with our name pick, Sofia Beatrice which will nicely nickname to Sofie Bee!  <3
  • Im calling mine an Alien Parasite  B)
  • We usually refer to it as Blue, short for Blueberry.  When the baby was the size of a blueberry, somehow that name just stuck around.  Almost 13 weeks in and we still refer to it as such, lol.
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