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2nd Trimester

What do you call your baby to be?


Re: What do you call your baby to be?

  • My husband's name is Barry, whom I refer to as Bear. So we call the baby Baby Bear. :) Before 9 weeks he earned the title 5ab as that was his embryonic grade before he was transferred into my ute.
    Started TTC 7/12
    BFP on 7/27/12.
    Suspected Miscarriage on 8/14/12 @ 6w1d..
    Ectopic found & removed from right tube on 9/7/12 @ 9w4d.

    Continued trying for another year.
    HSG Oct 2013 shows Left tube clear, right tube blocked.
    BFP Nov 2013. Miscarriage at 5w3d.
    BFP Jan 2014. Ectopic- found and removed from left tube 6w2d.

    On to IVF.
    Hydrosalpinx found in right tube. Oct 2014.
    Remaining portions of Right and Left tubes removed 1/6/15.
    Started BCP FEB 24,
    started stims Mar 18.  Antagonist protocol. (menopur, bravelle, cetrotide)
    "Slow responder" - stimmed for 14 days.
    Triggered with 5,000IU norvarel.  8 Follicles. 5 Retrieved. 4 Mature. All 4 fertilized w/ICSI.
    OHSS- Transfer cancelled.
    2 Embies made it to day 5. Both 4ab; frozen.
    FET Scheduled for May 20th!!
    1 5ab frosty transferred.
    BFP @ 4dp5dt
    Beta: 12dp=248 | 14dp=648 | 25dp=7,442

  • We are boring and say the baby, but we've been pointing the baby out ro my son who will be 2 in September. He now refers to all bellies, including his own and random other women who are decidedly not pregnant, as "baby". He likes to touch and kiss those "babies".
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  • Our little guy is fondly known as 'the olive' or sometimes just olive
    Might stick around, we are considering the middle name of Oliver
  • My fiancé is asian, so we've been calling it the baby panda.
  • We call our little boy earnie for a nickname - partner said it as a joke and that was that ;)
  • We call ours scoober hahah! I had a guinea pig when I was younger called scoober, and I recently dreamt that I gave birth to my baby and called it scoober, so for now, that's it's name haha!
  • We call ours #TheUnborn
  • We call our the alien...since the u/s pics really back it up...lol
  • catgrazcatgraz member
    edited August 2015
    If it's a boy, his name will be "Tom", if it's a girl, it will be "Marie", so for now we have mixed the names and call our little one "Torie"...should know at the organ screening next week who from Tom and Marie wins! ;-)

    Edit: had an unexpected scan: welcome Tom!!!! :-)
  • I call him a gummy bear or by his name. I call my DH a bear and the baby is his little gummy bear
  • We are calling it little fish. Fish is my maiden name plus we are due March 15 so likely pisces.

    Me 35 DH 40
    Married April 2013
    BFP #1 - Natural MMC at 10w, 4/10/15
            BFP #2 - EDD 3/15/16      
  • 4N6s4N6s member
    Baby :)
    My husband calls it whatever fruit it is for the week haha
  • I am currently 15 weeks and I call mine " Jelly bean" but I am thinking of changing it too "gummy bear"
  • Our baby has been nicknamed nugget and I'm starting to fall more and more in love with the nickname I'm constantly calling her the samething
  • Flipper ! When we saw our first ultrasound he/she just had arm buds and was waiving . Looked like it had flippers and it stuck
  • Bean.  I've always been 'Jilly Bean', so it just fits.  
  • We call ours little peanut :-)
  • When we got our first sonogram photo, my husband thought it looked like a little piglet, so that's what we are calling baby so we don't slip up and say the gender! (We found out weeks ago but won't tell the families for another couple weeks.)
  • We've been calling him jellybean since we found out I was pregnant because I have an addiction to pomegranate jellybeans. We more so call him by name now that we have one picked out, but I find my friends calling him jellybean still.
  • Our little girl is Birdie. I don't know why, but I have a feeling it's a nickname that will be with her for a long time to come.
  • I call mine "my little baby". Sounds better in the language we speak at home:) my sister and her hub called her first "pingy" cos they thought he looked like a penguin on the ultrasound!
  • We call her Rexy, even though we know what we are having and have her name picked out. Sometimes we'll use her name when we are together since it is a secret, but we usually just call her Rexy... It's short for T-rex which is an inside joke between my hubby and I.. And one ultrasound showed her w/ two fingers by her face (like a t-rex) so it stuck.. :D
  • When DH and I first started dating (down in Louisiana), we invented imaginary redneck children that would fetch us beers in bed and such.  We named the imaginary redneck boy Reggie Ray.  Since we're having a boy, that's what we've nicknamed the baby.
  • My husband affectionately(?) calls our baby Cornelius...LOL No clue why!
  • At our 8 week ultrasound hubs thought she looked like a dinosaur (obviously before we found out she was a girl) so he said "baby shall forever be known as Little Foot" only later did we remember the sad story behind LF's mom.....we just choose to forget that part!
  • I'm just entering into my 2nd trimester and my husband likes to regularly put his ear to my belly and "listen" for baby. I've been eating pickles like crazy so one night when he was listening I said "it's just pickles" - so not we call the baby "Pickles" - our 7 y/o DD loves it and calls the baby Pickles as well. :) 
  • We call ours Peanut but my parents call it Meatball because my hubby is Italian.

  • I call my baby Chunky Man :))
  • Friends and I call mine Puppy. Because before I announced i was pregnant we could talk about the baby and everyone thought I was getting a puppy... Rather than a baby.
  • The Oncoming Storm

    Because we are nerdy Doctor Who fans. 

  • gemini2005gemini2005 member
    edited November 2015
    We've been calling the baby Cocoa. It's kind of a spin-off of the girls name we've chosen even though we are team green this time. It will be a huge surprise to all of us if our Cocoa turns out to be a boy!
  • I was trying to explain to my SO why I couldn't do something (because of my pregnancy) but the people in the room with us didn't know I am so I said due to my Ronoplosmosis disorder (lol he used to call the baby Ron) so that kinda stuck. His last name is Sauer (pronounced Sour) so we call It our Sauer Patch Kid <3
  • By her name now :)

    She is getting nicknames now. "The Ball" "The Doll" and "The Stomp are all popular right now. Also "l'il Chunks" because she's gotten so pudgy :) She's a healthy little 37 weeker

  • before we knew the sex, h was calling it Brunilde and Ignatius, depending on the day and whether he was feeling girl or boy, which then got shortened to Bruny and Iggy Pop.  now that we know she's a girl, we call her Bruny.  :)
  • My husband calls our little one "baby girl" and our son calls her "sissy".
  • quirkywife15quirkywife15 member
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    Because we have a sick sense of humor, we've been calling the baby "It", "Alien" or "Parasite".

    My MIL calls it "L'il Punkin'" and for some reason, it drives us both nuts. She even pronounces it that way when she says it out loud.
  • So in the beginning before we could see anything and my bloating was horrid I called it a alien bc I felt like it was about to bust out my stomach like Jim Carrey on SNL. But now that it started looking more like a baby and we still haven't told our family (telling at Christmas) we call it BB short for baby binder so no one knows what we are talking about ;) .......but after reading these if it's a girl I might steal June bug super cute nickname!
  • We call our baby "Shrimp" :)

    Weeks ago, a pregnancy calendar said baby was the size of a prawn, and I had to laugh because I won't eat "prawns", but I'll devour "shrimp" all day long.

    DH thought I was stupid until I explained that I know that they're the same thing. I just HATE the word prawn.

    Dumb, I know, but that's why our baby doesn't have a cute nickname like "bean", or "nugget". Oh well.

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  • Jokingly, "Cletus the Fetus". Last time around, I called DD that to annoy DH until we knew sex bc he hated it lol

    Me: 29 / Hubster: 31
    Married July 2010
    DC #1 Oct 2013
    DC #2 EDD June 2016

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