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2nd Trimester

What do you call your baby to be?


Re: What do you call your baby to be?

  • After 5 miscarriages, i hardly even dared believe i was pregnant till 12 weeks, and at 12 weeks, a baby is supposed to be the size of a lime, so the name stuck. Definately not lime sized now though! Im 25-26 weeks now and just huge at least i think i am :)

    So happy for you that you got your rainbow baby!

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  • Peanut, because that's exactly what it looked like on the first scan (@ 6w4d).
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  • We picked a unisex name so we've been calling our baby Riley since 9 weeks and now we know Riley is a little boy!
  • Docboy. Thanks to my 3 year old who loves Garfield. We don't know the gender yet, but I'll feel guilty if it's a girl and we've been calling her docboy the whole time!
  • Due to my tilted uterus all our first trimester ultrasounds were vagial, so they couldn't label which twin was A or B. They were just left and right. So I started calling them Lefty and Righty and it stuck. As lame as they are, we are team green so that will probably be their nicknames for the rest of the time.
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  • My best friend called my little girl 'tadpole,' and it has stuck ever since :)
  • We've been calling ours Batman.

  • Peanut is ours :)
  • Our daughter has been Doing the nicknames every since I'VE been12wks. Started with sweet pea(she was hoping for a sister) , @18wks. found out sex - boy. Sarah changed the name to Rabbit , and she finalized it last month to Prince! His nickname is Prince!
  • I made it! I'm officially 2nd tri!! I call mine Lil Babe :)
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  • I call our little girl by her name we have already picked for her jumariah
  • The Oncoming Storm

    Because we are nerdy Doctor Who fans. 

    We are too and occasionally refer to our little one as Stormageddon
  • Hubby calls baby Gus, I call her Little Duck, haha
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  • We're calling her jalapeño. It was one of the first "fruits" we got and I just like its spice. We also kid around and call her Lilith because my husbands last name is Smith and it just sounds horrible together. Watch it grow on us.
  • My little baby is called "Pookie" lol Fiancé said it one day and it stuck!
  • At one of my first chiropractor appointments after finding out we were expecting, Doc asked if I had been given any name suggestions yet. He's a jokester and shared that he thought "Archibald" would be a great name. I said we would call baby "Archie" for short. Shared this story with my mom and now she insists on calling the baby "Archie".
    DH usually doesn't call the baby anything, usually just gives the "him" or "her" pronoun (we're Team Green). But I have been calling LO "Lil' Bugger" ever since our first ultrasound when baby wouldn't hold still long enough for the tech to get a heart rate and she said "Come on, stop moving you little bugger!"

  • he is known as Little Man... it has now become the theme for the baby shower too!!

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  • We are just calling it "bb". Short, simple, easy to type and it just sounds cute.

    Also - "it". I know some people hate that and I've been lectured about addressing the baby in a better tone. But to me, I don't consider it to be a negative connotation. It is an "it". We don't know sex, it's personality, anything! "It" encompasses everything and I like it.
  • @HoneyBear40 My sister-in-law did the same thing! We were looking up baby names and she was picking out all the names she knew we would never go with (mostly just to annoy my husband), and all of a sudden she got really quiet and then said "Archibald Francis Charles something-or-other Lastname!" DH and I couldn't stop laughing and after that we referred to the baby as Archie until we knew the sex (it's a girl!) and after that referred to the baby by the name we are actually using. 
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  • We call ours "baby" because we don't want to reveal the name before he is born. We don't want to hear other people's opinions on the name we chose.  :)
  • My husband started saying "boo boo" every time he would talk about our baby. I thought it was so cute! it stuck with us ever since!  :)
  • We call ours Seamonkey.

    My mom showed my husband my baby book and I'd never noticed before but apparently she called me "baby Ramone" the whole pregnancy. Wasn't going to name me that, boy or girl, just thought it was hilarious. WTH mom?!
  • Our first ultrasound at 8 weeks, baby looked like the shape of a potato lol, so my family calls him/her "Spud" and my boyfriend calls him/her "Tater" whenever I get sick he says, "Well, Tater's gonna tate." Cracks me up lol.
  • I call him my chicken nugget. 
  • Is this something a lot of people do? DH and I say "the baby." I guess last pregnancy we called DD ninja baby, but that was because she NEVER stopped kicking.
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  • We call our baby "nugget" or "chicken nugget"
  • My sister has nicknamed the baby "Cash" because it looked like a little cashew at 8 weeks! It has stuck since then. 
  • His name, Preston. I was convinced I was having a boy right away so once we found a boy name we liked I just started calling him it. Idk what I would of done if they told us it was a girl! Haha 
  • For a while I was calling them Nemo and Dory (twins).  I have no idea if they are male/female, we are team green.  It just sounded cute in my head. :)
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  • ShortyBeanShortyBean member
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    Husband always called me Shorty Bean, so our little one is Bean Sprout!

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  • KASGKASG member
    Now that we know for sure, we (I) call her by her name. Although, admittedly, I've always referred to her by it lol
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  • We call ours little potato or ketchup.
    I had a friend ask if we had any names and when I told her no, she suggested ketchup. I guess it stuck. Lol
    And because I'm not sharing our name choice with anyone, it's my answer to the name question now. :)
  • mayischmayisch member

    On my 12w scan I saw him/her and looked like an alien, so I started calling my little alien, or baby alien.

    I'm now 17w and will have a scan in 2 hours, I hope to find out if is a girl o a boy.

    It's my first baby so I am pretty anxious about it.

  • We were calling my twin boys Jellybeans of course till we found out they were boys.
  • RCloudRCloud member
    My son's name is Finnegan, so we just call him Finn. Before we discovered the gender and chose his name, I was referring to the baby as simply "they", because calling him an "it" didn't mesh well with me. 

  • We call our baby "bubby" "little bug" "monkey" and just plain old baby sometimes lol

    SO and I have been together: 5 Years+
    BFP: 03/10
    First Baby: 10/20/2016
  • jellybean :)
  • ''the baby''. same with, DS. eventually just ''he''.... til we decided on the name. once we find out this one's gender -- the same
  • We have been calling ours the brain, that was from our first 2 ultrasounds the head was just so massive but he/ she has grown into it. 
  • Everyone gets mad at us for it, but we call our baby "Spawn", because we are indeed spawning life. Most of my family thinks it is insulting, but I love it. And my sister refers to our baby as the "Womb Nugget". I don't know if we will refer to baby by name when we find out gender here soon. So many opinions on names, and Spawn is now a thing.
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